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What if Jafar was the first one to summon the Genie When Jafar steals the Genie’s lamp he uses his first two wishes to become sultan and the most powerful sorcerer in the world Agrabah lives in fea. A Whole New World contrary to what I initially believed is not really a retelling Instead it s of a fan fiction that recreates the Disney film for the first approx 25% down to copying the exact dialogue in parts but then changes a single element of the plot to spin the story in a new direction Being a fan of the Disney movie I found myself saying some of the lines before the characters And the small prologue aside we once again meet Aladdin in the market when he is stealing bread and being chased by the Sultan s guards just like in the movie He even says the same old line to Abu All this for a loaf of bread Aladdin asked exasperated It was actually painfully boring to read the parts that were an exact novelization of the film Why bother when I can just watch the excellent Disney version insteadBut yes after about 25% the story changes when Jafar traps Aladdin underground no magic lamp this time and proceeds to take over and terrorize Agrabah with the genie So don t things get better after that In one word nopeThe novel is contradictory in that it s boring to read it having already watched the movie but the story almost assumes the reader is familiar with the Disney characters They are never developed beyond one dimensional herovillainlove interest archetypes Jafar is nothing than a pantomime antagonist Aladdin has no personality beyond his desire to save everyone elseHonestly there is no reason to read this book Haven t watched the Disney movie Then go watch that instead Have watched the Disney movie Then go watch it again I struggle to believe either fans OR newbies will find anything to love here It moves from darkness and violence into cartoonish territory and back again never uite becoming anything than a messAnd one thing Like most annoying uncultured white people my experience with Near Eastformer Ottoman Empire cuisine euates to basically baklava But if I was going to write a novel set in that area I would at least do a bit of research It s kind of cringy and embarrassing when a white person sets a book in the Near East and shows EVERYONE eating almost nothing but baklava Just sayin Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Youtube

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A Whole New World

Tear the kingdom apart in a costly civil war What happens next A Street Rat becomes a leader A princess becomes a revolutionary And readers will never look at the story of Aladdin in the same way aga. Pre read Man I want to read this so badly that it s not even funny What if Jafar were the first one to summon the Genie you saynote this pre review has no affiliation with Disney or this book but I m just entirely speculatingcoughsIago Ooh ooh ooh I know lemme answer this one PLEASE I am BEGGING youAladdin rubs the back of his neck I don t think I wanna know the answer to this uestionor Iago s answer eitherIago Come ON I know this one I m raising my wing and getting wing cramps over here CHOOSE ME to answer alreadyGenie Iago you sound just a teensy bit too happy over thereIago I m just thinking that if Jafar had gotten the lamp before Mr Goody two shoes prince over here MAYBE I d have my own palace maybe I d have my own entourage maybe I D have MY three wishes and get my own story Is that too much to askAladdin Jasmine Genie and Abu YESIago You guys kill my fun every single timePost readIago 2 stars Whadd ya mean 2 stars This was supposed to be EPIC this was supposed to be EVIL I expected explosions blood creepiness take over the world kinda actionAladdin Iago calm down 2 stars is not the end of the world it just means that it wasn twell the best thing ever in the seven deserts It had some good thingssome bad probably bad than good but it could ve been worse MaybeJasmine I m not sure if any of this was as big as the original storywork it was based on Besides Iago why would you even defend this book if you weren t even in the story most of the time You were only there to show Jafar s manic moods anywayIago That s low That s REALLY lowGenie Uh kids spoiler warning muchAladdin Right uh I guess we ll have to talk about this later See you guys in a little whileReviewer s note I ll think on this one a little bit and then decide how I m going to write it but overall it didn t live up to it s potential really mostly because the first 20% of the story was a rehash of the original movie with incorrect or awkwardly added details then when the new material kicked in the characters were underdeveloped and the conflict was conflated than what the actual stakes in the story were It had some cool moments and ideas but they weren t organized enough to carry the story forward Full review to comeFull reviewI m going ahead and writing it because as much as I anticipated and was excited by the idea and promise of this title the actual story I read left me feeling neutral than anything else There were some awesome ideas here and potential aims for the characters and conflict but the deliverynot so much As you can probably tell by my pre review comments I really enjoy the Disney s Aladdin franchise the movies the characters the TV series the people who were a part of it etc I grew up with it being one of my most watched and favorite Disney movies The last time I watched the original movie was about a year ago it brings back fond memories So when I heard about Disney releasing a YA series with a series of twisted tales based on beloved Disney movies and stories I was pretty much like Bring it And to start the series with one of my favorite movies with the villain being the main player in the story I was doing mental fireworks than the Genie was in the movie when he realized he was free But the experience of reading A Whole New World wasn t really that new at all unfortunately The first problem was that 20 25% of the first part of the novel was something of a direct play by play of the movie with embellished and often not funny or immersive details leading up to when Jafar gets the lamp You already know the story if you ve watched the Disney movie and I d venture a guess the purpose of this series is not to introduce the story but appeal to people who already know the story of Aladdin or the other twisted tales to follow I don t think it needed the space of 20 25% of the novel doing that play by play because it made the story extremely tedious to slog through I ll commend Braswell at least for the prologue because that was an all too brief eye into Aladdin s life as a boy if you know the story of Howard Ashman and the writing of the song Proud of Your Boy for the original movie you ll know that there were plans to go into Aladdin s boyhood but they had to take it out for the sake of the story But honestly if you took out that 20 25% of the novel there d be nothing missing from it and readers would probably be thankful for it because it was a slog even for me to get through and I imagine a teen would probably be like Pfft I know this already this is boring And it often got many of the details from the movie wrong if it were actually being included for the sake of consistency ie Jasmine getting half an apple in the story versus in the movie getting a whole one from Aladdin during their first meeting in his hiding place So what was the purpose of the retracing When the story actually gets to the part of the premise that s advertised for the book that s where the potential of the story took off but at a cost There were some dark moments and I think the only original character from the movie that Braswell got right on the money was Jafar Iago was barely a character which with as much personality as Iago has that was kind of a waste Aladdin Jasmine and Genie had moments where they resembled their original characters but their newer incarnations were much harder to follow because of a severe lack of development And that s what made the following story feel soempty for me I loved the overarching concept and aim but the execution of the writing of the story and the dynamic between the characters felt either forced or lacking for the promise of the potential story Even the character deaths felt empty in places which I think some people are going to be surprised by how uick they happen and to whom it happens In the end a read that I was aptly excited and enthused about ended up not being able to carry the imaginative promises it purported to have That s not to say I won t follow this series though because I think it has a ton of potential to work with I just hope that the journey s dynamic and immersive in future stories than this one was Overall score 25 stars Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Disney Book GroupDisney Press

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R waiting for his third and final wishTo stop the power mad ruler Aladdin and the deposed Princess Jasmine must unite the people of Agrabah in rebellion But soon their fight for freedom threatens to. What a disappointment this book turned out to beYou know when I reuested for this book I did it because I was really really expecting a Disney movie retelling wait is that even allowed Isn t there supposed to be some copyright thingy about modifying a well known commercial masterpiece into something else Can some lawyer clarify this for me please that would literally bring me a whole new world You see there is something that books can do better than movies one of them is characterization With a book you can get into the deepest psyche of the characters and really get to know them in a personal and intimate level we ll be able to know why they feel a certain why or how their feelings or other external factors weigh in their actions and decisionsUnfortunately there were none of that here The book relied on the fact we already knew Aladdin and Jasmine and Rafah and Jafar and then left it as that portraying them instead as very one dimensional characters with no substantial character development Believe what the others say 25% of this book was a cut and paste of the original movie 75% was fanfic material If you re into that sort of thing then this would be right up your alley This book asked the uestion What if it was Jafar who got the lamp and the genie and the wishes Interesting uestion I could come up with a thousand scenarios stemming from that but the book just had to go towards the predictable clich route with cardboard uninspiring characters to bootLike seriously we don t even really get to know Jafar s story or why he wished the things he wished or why he was the way he was This was about what if it were Jafar who got the lamp and yet there were no dedicated chapters about him What the bloody heck We already know what Aladdin would have done if he got the lamp since it s going to be Jafar this time why not give him of the spotlight Why do we have to have a rehash of this romance between Aladdin and Jasmine which we have already witnessed in the fricking original movie which we all have watched a million times already WHERE IS THE BLOODY FUN IN THAT I just don t get it here s the chance to get to know Jafar and all the spotlight is on Aladdin and Jasmine What we get then was a boring ass antagonist who was evil because he was evil And when it was the time to give us a reason why he was doing the things he did it wasn t from his perspective or anything it was from the main characters themselves talking amongst themselves why they thought he did what he did Because that s what he wants she explained More than anything Jafar seems to want to be loved and admired that s why he has those parades and gives all the coins out and make those speeches from the balcony He wants everyone including me to love him What the heck Are you guys Dr Phil now I just found it incredibly lazy It didn t show us this development or these info it simply told us just like that And not from the POV of the antagonist to boot UuughEven then let us do say that it was never intended to show a complex side of Jafar It was all meant to be for Aladdin and Jasmine and how they went their way to start a rebellion to take back the Sultanate of Agrabah I d still say it was disappointing as hell because like I previously mentioned there was absolutely zero character development Aladdin sees Jasmine for the first time and he falls in love I know he kinda does the same in the movie but I kind of expected from this book that it would at least try to give us a meaningful and fulfilling romance Sure it had ample action but without the emotional connection to the characters how would I ever feel the tension and the urgency Not to mention the twists were so so uninspiring that it felt anti climactic Like wow the great plan was to do BIG ACTION A in order to disguise STEALTHY ACTION B Hah I so didn t see THAT comingAll in all it was a disappointing book As Emily May stated in her review it feels like a fanfic and I have to agree with her You re better off with watching the movie instead at least it has songs

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    A Whole New World contrary to what I initially believed is not really a retelling Instead it's of a fan fiction that recreates the Disney film for the first approx 25% down to copying the exact dialogue in parts but then changes a single element of the plot to spin the story in a new direction Being a fan of the Disney mov

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    What if it were Jafar who summoned the genie? What if he became the new sultan was granted a great power no one else could surpass and took complete control of the city of Agrabah?Can you recognize your dearly loved fairy tale in this? I couldn’t Certainly the author’s purpose was to twist the story we all know about and give us a different version of it a darker one And it was Darker that is I don’t rec

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    15 stars Welcome to a new YA series that reimagines classic Disney stories in surprising new ways I deleted my pre review so you can't see but I was super excited for A Whole New World I put a gif with Aladdin throwing money and everything I was ready to love itAnd it crushed that hope Crushed it like Beyonce crushed at th

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    A Whole New World is the first book in Disney Books Twisted Tales series I have always loved the Disney animated v

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    What a disappointment this book turned out to beYou know when I reuested for this book I did it because I was really really expecting a Disney movie retelling wait is that even allowed? Isn't there supposed to be some copyright thin

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    Pre read Man I want to read this so badly that it's not even funny What if Jafar were the first one to summon the Genie you say?note t

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    My actual rating is 35 stars but I rounded up to 4 for a few reasons 1 Because of how much I enjoyed reading it Is it a mas

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    DNF at 49%The first 25% was EXACTLY like the movie—frame by frame line by line It's like someone sat there watching the movie describing EVERY scene to me and regurgitating EVERY line of dialogueI get that this was an Aladdin retelling but c

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    I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThank you NetGalley and Disney Press for the advanced reading copy of A Whole New World by Liz Braswell I can't wait to start this book and hope that I enjoy it after all those l

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