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Peter L Martinez à 9 REVIEW

The Awakening Guide For The Children Of The LightBeing a sensitive from childhood then awakening to the fact that most individuals do not have the same sensitivity that was natural to the author life has been a series of awakenings A profound Spiritual Experience in 1987 followed by an injury in 1994 enhanced sensitivity throughout his body that doctors psychologists and psychiatrists could not alleviate After the injury his sleep patterns were interrupted and completely changed and along with this ancient symbols cities especially pyramids and ancient sites were envisioned both in his sleep state and awake state This was very disturbing and for some time thinking that he was mentally ill he could not hold on to reality between this dream and awake state until some of the things that he was writing down and taking notes of started to make sense although his physiology was not improvingHe could feel and sense that there was a book in a golden grid inside his brain Writing things down alleviated the pressure in his head; transferring to paper and eventually into book form this was a profound experience He also became aware of a group of guides who signed themselves off as the Messengers of the Light who helped instructed and sometimes guided and participated in the formulation of the book A Spiritual Experience in 1987 was a catalyst to what was occurring and years later the entire puzzle fell in placeAccording to A Step Into The Light the planet is going through a clima.

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A Step Into The Light

Tic change at the end of the Grand Cycle It is not the end of the world but for some it can be They also state that the planet earth is a school of our own making and that because we are at the end of this Grand Cycle it is similar to a graduation that will take those enlightened ones into the Fourth Density They further explain that there are Three Major Belief Systems on the planet which are the Atheist the Spiritual and the Scientific Humanity must unite as a Divine Trinity Separated these three belief systems will bring about chaos to humanity That the Atheist is valid and resonates to the Mental Body that the Spiritual is valid and resonates to the Emotional Body and the Scientific is valid and resonates to the Physical Body To be in a balanced state and to function above undeveloped animal type man we must have a healthy Mental Body Emotional Body and a Physical Body as a trinity free of Anger Hate Guilt FearWe have remnants of ancient civilizations with the ability to create and manifest structures and anomalies that Science cannot give an answer as to how they accomplished these extraordinary feats Archeologists are finding remnants of Ancient Sites that came to an abrupt end all with cataclysmic events at their end of a Grand Cycle which is similar to the one we are nearing According to the Messengers at their peak they utilized the information contained in this book regarding the Three Major Laws that governs humanity when a certain level of enlightenment has.

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Been reached in this school called Earth The information in this book was a great tool in understanding the information given by the Ancient One in the ancient sky city of Machu Picchu Peru Information contained in this book would have been useless prior to these accelerated times that we live in in the same manner that knowledge of the atom 2000 years ago would have been useless to humanity All the Masters and Spiritual Avatars of humanity speak about what is contained in this book which also includes the Mental Scientific of those of the Atheist and Scientist but at a higher level of consciousness the Atheist the Spiritual and the Scientific has to unite as we are all OneMost importantly they speak about the Children of the Light who have embodied to help humanity in these trying times bringing in the Light of Love Peace Harmony of the Divine Christ Principle That approximately 60 million will embody but only about 5 to 10 million will awaken to their true destiny which is to awaken mankind to the Greater Light The Master stated I Am The Light I Am The Way and he also stated All Things I do You Can Also Do And Do It Better which is a profound statement in layman's terms That all the miracles by the Master Jesus will be awakened within Mental Emotional and Physical Laws which are the freuencies of the evolved Atheist Spiritual and Scientific individual who will radiate Love Peace Harmony from the Divine Source of Light of the Creator The Children of the Light are her.

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