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Ht have known there'd be a mystery to solve When the scientist's important research papers go mis The final book in the exciting Famous Five series sees a return of two of the characters from Five go to Demon s rocks that is Tinker and Mischief the monkey Looking forward to a nice holiday at Kirrin the Four children arrive there only to be told Joan the cook is ill with Scarlet Fever and the house is under uarantine Now here was a bit of confusion the kids are returning from school but Timmy didn t go to school with George like he usually does We re told over and over in the books that George wouldn t go to a school that didn t allow pets and indeed see him at school with her in a few books but all of a sudden that s changed and it s a little confusingNow where are the Five to go well Professor Hayling invites them to his house and promptly forgets he issued the invite Good thing his cook Jenny and Tinker remember and the Five are camping in a field with circus folk nearby coming to the house only for meals They befriend the circus folk especially Charlie the chimp While they re there some of Professor Hayling s precious scientific papers are stolen and it s up to the Five to make sure the thieves don t get the restI like this book but I wish that we had ended the series on Kirrin even if I prefer when the five are away from there It would have been nice to see them start and finish their true adventures I don t count any book written by anyone else about the five as their true adventures on the Island although that was where George showed her spunky character one last time with the Magician Wooh there anyway It would have been nice to see all the five thereStill I ll end with a note about this series It really is an excellent series and I know it s been labelled all kinds of things over the years such as racist sexist etc and I ve read one view that says the whole series is repressed sexual energy on the part of the author there are towers and tunnels somehow that s sexual But it really is just four children and their dog having adventures upholding justice and eating great food Don t analyze it just love it Just read it and you ll do fine

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Five Are Together Again

Sing he needs the gang's help to get them back But how can the Five work out who took them And wh George heroically destroying all of the casual misogyny she and I had to suffer through for 21 of the books reconciled me these books I still would not give them to my children because they are simply out dated in my opinion and teach values that do not apply to children growing up today girls cannot do this girls need to be protected girls are inherently different from boys but since I loved them as a child and found myself rather shocked by parts of them during my re read it s a good ending I wish it could have come sooner and that her cousins absolute ignorance and ridicule of her need to be treated as a boy and eual to a boy wouldn t have been so casually shaken off It s rather disrespectful of her friends but I guess we have to acknowledge the time frame in which the books were written although again that is the very reason I would not give them to my children

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The Famous Five are having great fun camping out near the home of a famous scientist But they mig The Last Famous Five Adventure9 January 2016 Well here I am sitting in a car driving back to Melbourne actually to be precise I am in the passenger seat my Dad is driving even though the car has cruise control doesn t mean that I can write a book review and drive at the same time Anyway this is the last of the Famous Five books and the last of the Enid Blyton books that I have slated to read and no the Naughtiest School Girl won t be one of those books I end up reading in the future though knowing my luck I ll probably end up eating my words sometime in the future as I end up writing a review of it down the track So the Five come together for one last adventure though there is a suggestion at the end of the book that it might not be their last adventure however we do know that after this one Enid Blyton didn t write any and they once again return to Kirin Cottage which also means a return to Kirin Island However there is a problem George s house keeper has come down with scarlet fever which means the house is under uarantine so they have to go and stay somewhere else namely at Tinker s house the kid that loves going around pretending he is a motor car Of course they stumble onto an adventure halfway through the book and end up solving it I should have said spoiler alert however I think we all know what to expect from a mystery book What I did think about as I was reading this book was what happened to the Famous Five after this Well since this is the last of their adventures I was contemplating that this was going to be the last time they all got together First of all Timmy is a dog which means that he is probably getting old and would have to be put down sooner of later much to George s horror so my theory is that this is what happens between now and the next set of holidays Julian being the oldest graduates from school and heads off to college we ll say Oxford for arguments sake where he graduates with a law degree and then ends up working at Scotland Yard As for Dick well he ends up getting a scholarship at an American Ivy League university where he studies science and becomes a forensic scientist for the FBI obviously George ends up following him over however she takes a different path and ends up getting involved in the social revolution and the sexual liberation movement due to her desire to be a boy She doesn t necessarily go off the rails though as she ends up graduating and becoming a vet As for Anne and I know this is going to sound a little sexist but when we consider the context of the stories this isn t surprising she marries and becomes a housewife I did note that they have a new generation of the Famous Five running around with modern gadgets such as laptops however I would have to say that they would be like the grandchildren of the original Famous Five as opposed to their children the children of the Famous Five would have been children of the 80s It is also interesting how the new lot seemed to have some specialist skill sets where as the original characters didn t seem to have any specific skill sets Anyway that is enough of my theorising and it is probably time now to go and do something else like have a bit of a snooze

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    This is how the book ends ‘What an exciting time we’ve had I really did enjoy every minute of it’So did we George Hurry up and fall into another adventure We are longing to hear what you and the others will be up to next How we

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    Well it's been a long road getting from there to here but here we are at the end of the final Famous Five novel I mean sure there's a short story collection and F5 books written by other authors but they don't really countThis being the case I wish I could say the Five go out on a high but nope Enid's basically mooshed the plots from two previous books in the series together in what is a somewhat half arsed attempt at a new stor

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    The Last Famous Five Adventure9 January 2016 Well here I am sitting in a car driving back to Melbourne actually to be precise I am i

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    The final book in the exciting Famous Five series sees a return of two of the characters from Five go to Demon's rocks that is Tinker and Mischief the monkey Looking forward to a nice holiday at Kirrin the Four children ar

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    I read all of the Famous Five books and the Secret Seven books AND some of Blyton's other childrens' adventure stories when I was a child Indeed it is probably this author than any other who instilled in me the love of reading that I have today Of course they seem terribly dated these days embodying values that belong to a generation that is passing away and no doubt some people would say good riddance but they are a reminder t

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    These books Famous five are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood All those adventures and mystery and tho

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    I really loved the famous five stories when I was a child and so did my children and GrandchildrenStorytelling at it's best Highly recommended

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    George heroically destroying all of the casual misogyny she and I had to suffer through for 21 of the books recon

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    This is the last in the series and it was definitely time for it The 'mystery' was nothing at all really and was over and done with in a few pages There isn't much excitement in it either The dynamics of the Five seemed to change in this one Julian was especially bossy and obnoxious and there was a touch of it in Dick this time as well George was very unlike herself being very tame and not scowling much at all I missed the plot

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    Having now finished the series of full novels we have a collection of short stories still to go I can see how the uality of the stor

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