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[Heritage Memory and the Politics of Identity Summary] E-pub By Yvonne Whelan

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The study of the cultural landscape has gained momentum in recent years revealing new insights to geographers archaeologists sociologists and architects The cultural landscape is often viewed as an emblematic site and thus a key player in the heritage process This book explores the overlapping and often complex relationships between id.

Read Heritage Memory and the Politics of Identity

Heritage Memory and the Politics of Identity

To the powerful role of monuments and parades as sites of cultural heritage The focus then shifts to the way in which heritage has become politicized for various ends demonstrating the changing perception of particular heritage sites and buildings and the role that this has played in constructing and reconstructing particular identiti.

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Entity memory heritage and the cultural landscape It provides an overview of new approaches in the study of these relationships combined with evidence from Ireland England Scotland and the United States These case studies demonstrate the significance of the past in the contemporary construction of identity narratives and draw attention.

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