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Confessiones ( ebook ) ✓ Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo ↠ 4 review

Graphy ever written and was an influential model for Christian writers throughout the following 1000 years of the Middle Ages It is not a complete autobiography as it was written in his early 40s and he lived long afterwards producing another important work City of God It does nonetheless provide an unbroken record of his development of thought and is the most complete record of any single person from the 4th and 5th centuries It is a significant theological work featuring spiritual meditations and insights In the work St Augustine writes about how much he regrets having led a sinful and immoral life He discusses his regrets for following the Manichaean reli. This experience sufficiently illuminates the truth that free curiosity has greater power to stimulate learning than rigorous coercion Augustine ConfessionsSublime and OriginalI can t believe it has taken me so long to read Augustine s Confessions I might not agree with some of his conclusions my Christian framework Mormon would be considered a heresy by Augustine but his influence on Christianity philosophy and the West can t be ignored I read this book in little bits on Sunday during Church specifically Mormon church specifically Sacrament meeting You may notice the math doesn t work I ve spent nearly half of the year reading Augustine on Sundays 522 26 26x20 520 and Confessions is NOT 520 pages That is easily explained I have two friends a six year old Cohen and a ten year old Wes with autism They often sit with me when they struggle with the pews at Church and end up being than their parents can handle I must confess I can do amazing things on Sunday with Wes or Cohen mints or candy help but Wes Cohen Augustine never seems to work out well for Augustine Thus my progress has been slowed I think both God and Augustine wouldwill understandI must also confess that I liked the Confessions part of the book than the expositions the last 4 books my Mormon framework Zen Mormon would also be considered a heresy by most Mormons

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The Confessions of Augustine of Hippo Translated by Edward Bouverie Pusey Confessions Latin Confessiones is the name of an autobiographical work consisting of 13 books by St Augustine of Hippo written in Latin between AD 397 and AD 398 Modern English translations of it are sometimes published under the title The Confessions of St Augustine in order to distinguish the book from other books with similar titles Its original title was Confessions in Thirteen Books and it was composed to be read out loud with each book being a complete unit The work outlines Augustine's sinful youth and his conversion to Christianity It is widely seen as the first Western autobio. Are you there God It s me St Augustine

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Gion and believing in astrology He writes about Nebridius's role in helping to persuade him that astrology was not only incorrect but evil and St Ambrose's role in his conversion to Christianity The first nine books are autobiographical and the last four are commentary He shows intense sorrow for his sexual sins and writes on the importance of sexual morality The books were written as prayers to God thus the title based on the Psalms of David; and it begins with For Thou hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless till they rest in Thee The work is thought to be divisible into books which symbolize various aspects of the Trinity and trinitarian beli. Due to unknown and mysterious reasons each and every year chiefly on Labour day at my side always celebrated on 1st May and of course a day off I seem to fall under a moral paralysis while suffering a bit of nervous physical inability which converts me into the laziest person ever Fortunately this seems to last only one day and additionally as per my horoscope s indications this is not my worst fault This year wasn t any different than my collected past So while gazing for an hour or two at a blank wall again fortunately I have only one blank wall in my room all the others are veiled by furniture dozing for a few times under a cosy sweet morning sleep suddenly upon waking up I felt snapping into action and jumped on one of the bookcases and decided for the day to be under maybe a bit not so highly appetizing book Obviously an unconscious prejudiceThe choice for the day was this small light book I don t know why upon picking it up from the bookshop I thought that this is all of it I mean it contains All of the Augustine saint s Confessions But it is not Of course there are many texts chopped and left just with in the parenthesises Reading wise it was very pleasant and smooth transition between the chapters I felt that some things were than reasonable enough to say and write anyone anytime anywhere The areas where ideas were being converted into a heavier block of comments suddenly were not Again some chapters were so short length just 1 3 pages which left me with a very unconvincing insight on the treated theme or subject However overall I really had pleasure reading these passionate confessions In some places I even felt envy towards the saint IF only I could say the same for things that are under my umbrella But hopefully the time is not yet lost In some parts of the book I got under this strong impression that I am re reading something that I once read in God s Pauper Saint Francis of Assisi by Nikos Kazantzakis Under the paint brush of Kazantzakis Francis was one of the most loving characters but so desperately suffering that made me put away the book time and again so to regain some strength for further reading I recall I read some biography of St Francis of Assisi also by Herman Hesse It was also a small light book that gave me some glimpses of the life of this well famous personage but in my memory the images of things imprinted upon it by my former habits still linger on When I am awake they obtrude themselves upon me though with little strength But when I dream they not only give me pleasure but are very much like acuiescence in the act The power which these illusory images have over my soul and my body is so great that what Is no than a vision can influence me in sleep in a way that the reality cannot do when I am awake Surely it cannot be that when I am asleep I am not myself And yet the moment when I pass from wakefulness to sleep or return again from sleep to wakefulness marks a great difference in me During sleep where is my reason which when I am awake resists such suggestions and remains firm and undismayed even in face of the realities themselves Is it sealed off when I close my eyes Does it fall asleep with the senses of the body And why is it that even in sleep I often resist the attractions of these images for I remember my chaste resolutions and abide by them and give no consent to temptations of this sort Yet the difference between waking and sleeping is so great that even when during sleep it happens otherwise I return to a clear conscience when I wake and realize that because of this difference I was not responsible for the act although I am sorry that by some means or other it happened to meI must now speak of a different kind of temptation dangerous than these because it is complicated For in addition to our bodily appetites which make us long to gratify all our senses and our pleasures and lead to our ruin if we stay away from you by becoming their slaves the mind if also subject to a certain propensity to use the sense of the body not for self indulgence of a physical kind but for the satisfaction of its own inuisitiveness This futile curiosity masuerades under the name of science and learning and since it derives from our thirst of knowledge and sight is the principal sense by which knowledge is acuired in the Scriptures it is called the gratification of the eye We can easily distinguish between the motives of pleasure and curiosity When the senses demand pleasure they look for objects of visual beauty harmonious sounds fragrant perfumes and things that are pleasant to the taste or soft to the touch But when their motive is curiosity they may look for just the reverse of these things simply to put it to the proof not for the sake of an unpleasant experience but from a relish for investigation and discovery What pleasure can there be in the sight of a mangled corpse which can only horrify Yet people will flock to see one lying on the ground simply for the sensation of sorrow and horror that it gives them They are even afraid that it may bring them nightmares as though it were something that they had been forced to look at while they were awake or something to which they had been attracted by rumours of its beauty Who can understand the omnipotent Trinity We all speak of it though we may not speak of it as it truly is for rarely does a soul know what it is saying when it speaks of the Trinity Men wrangle and dispute about it but it is a vision that is given to none unless they are at peaceThere are three things all found in man himself which I should like men to consider They are far different from the Trinity but I suggest them as a subject for mental exercise by which we can test ourselves and realize how great this difference is The three things are existence knowledge and will for I can say that I am I know and I will I am a being which knows and wills I know both that I am and that I will and I will both to be and to know In these three being knowledge and will there is one inseparable life one life one mind one essence and therefore although they are distinct from one another the distinction does not separate them This must be plain to anyone who has the ability to understand it In fact he need not look beyond himself Let him examine himself closely take stock and tell me what he findsBut when he has found a common principle in these three and has told me what he finds he must not think that he has discovered that which is above them all and is unchangeable that which immutably is immutably knows and immutably wills For none of us can easily conceive whether God is a Trinity because all these three immutable being immutable knowledge and immutable will are together in him whether all three are together in each person of the Trinity so that each is threefold or whether both these suppositions are true and in some wonderful way in which the simple and the multiple are one though God is infinite he is yet an end to himself and in himself so that the Trinity is an itself and is known to itself and suffices to itself the supreme Being one alone immutably in the vastness of its unity This is a mystery that none can explain and which of us would presume to assert that he can All in one I feel like repeating the same words that Bulgakov The White Guard put in the mouth of a soldier who claimed that one day God spoke directly to him about God s presence and of believers in his faith Well if they do not believe what can you do It s up to each one of them I do not care about this either As you do not care either And they don t care either As for your faith you ought to know that I have neither gain nor loss One believes another does not believe but your actions and deeds are all the same one two and you will sueeze your throats For me you are all the same soldiers fallen on the battlefield That s what you need to understand though it s not in everyone s power And then do not worry about stuff like that Walk healthy and enjoy life

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    I never dreamed that one day I would finished reading a 300 page memoir written by a ancient Catholic saint See how many saints who lived during the first millennium have written himself a memoir?I twice tried to read The Holy Bible once in English and once in Tagalog from cover to cover but failed I just got distracted by too many details and hard to remember names and ancient places and I could not appreciate what wer

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    I am going to take my time with this book It'd be the first time I read this sort of thing just for the joy of it I'm just a bit familiar with St Augustine and while I know this can be a hard read due to my personal beliefs it is always great to read what other people's take on religion love hate and the human meaning

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    Are you there God? It's me St Augustine

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    This experience sufficiently illuminates the truth that free curiosity has greater power to stimulate learning tha

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    Chadwick's translation of Augustine's Confessions note that this is a confession to God while read by men is one of the best It is not costly

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    Day after day I postponed living in you but I never put off the death which I died each day in myself I longed for a life of happiness but I was frightened to approach it in its own domain; and yet while I fled f

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    I suspect most people today would not imagine that they have much in common with a Christian saint who lived over 1500 years ago Remarkably enough however if they read this book I think they'd find much to relate to just as I did Th

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    It was slow it was dense and it was militantly Christian So why is that The Confessions is such an unavoidably fascinating work? Augustine ap

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    Due to unknown and mysterious reasons each and every year chiefly on Labour day at my side always celebrated on 1st May an

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    I have read this book several times both as part of the Basic Program of Liberal Education at the University of Chicago and most recently as one of the monthly selections of a reading group in which I participate Like all classics it bears rereading and yields new insights each time I read it But it also is unch

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