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Some nephew at the wheel and an aim for tiny Scrap Texas to embrace memories of her late husband Still grieving she can use the company as a balm for her broken heart So can the empty nestersEmbarking on a journey of hope romance and healing Diana Carmen and Joanie are at a turning point in their lives And with the open road ahead of them it’s just the beginning Carolyn Brown takes us back to small town Texas with a story about women friendships love loss and hope for the futureThe book starts in a suburb of San Antonio close to a military base where three women have found a home and friendship with each other It doesn t hurt that they have been adopted of sorts by another couple on the block Tootsie and Smokey that were never able to have children but welcome the women and their families into their lives Fast forward approximately 12 years and the daughters are all entering basic training and the crux of the story is what happens in about a 3 month periodI found this story to be a bit heavier than most of her books due to the grief of several characters These three women become empty nesters and don t know what do with themselves I see this today with a lot of people that their children become their whole lives and I wonder when they plan to have their own interests outside of their children Diana Carmen and Joanie have each other and it helps as the girls grown up and their husbands are doing their military job they are all on a team together It is a huge eye opener for these three to figure out how to handle life when they don t have their daughters to worry about or at least not as much as they are now young women and on their ownTootsie and Carmen have to deal with the stages of grief Tootsie for the death of her husband and Carmen for the death of her marriage I am glad that the author fully pursued the different stages for these womenDiana has been divorced for five years and enter Luke Tootsie s nephew He is as attracted to Diana as she is to him Her issue the fact that she is 7 years older than him Their story is woven throughout the book and there is a bit of a surprise at the end but one I thought might happenJoanie has a different kind of surprise with her husband but you will have to read the book to find out whatI enjoyed the book but noticed one discrepancy there is a 72 hour waiting period to get married in Texas so two characters might have been in for a surprise arriving at the courthouse and expecting to get married the same dayOverall I enjoyed this book and give it 4 paws up

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The Empty Nesters

The worst of times calls for the best of friends in this sassy novel about starting over from New York Times bestselling author Carolyn BrownDear friends and army wives Diana Carmen and Joanie have been through war rumors of war marital problems motherhood fears joy and heartache But none of the women are prepared when their daughters decide to enlist in the army The Empty Nesters chronicle the happiness and heart breaks of three friends and their friend and adopted mother figure as they transition into empty nesters Brown pens genuine heartfelt emotions of the trials tribulations and triumphs as these friends process grief loss and life altering circumstances while embarking on a RV road trip Unwavering friendship is the tie that binds these characters to the reader The characters find their solace each other s unwavering loyalty to one another Difficult topics heart aching trials knowing when to let go and never loosing hope is written in such a way that the circumstances just come to lifeI received this ARC copy of The Empty Nesters from Montlake Romance This is my honest and voluntary review The Empty Nesters is set for publication Aug 20 2019My Rating 4 starsWritten By Carolyn BrownPaperback 315 pagesPublisher Montlake Romance Publication Date August 20 2019ISBN 10 154204300XISBN 13 978 1542043007Genre Woman s Lit Noble

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Together Facing an empty nest won’t be easy Especially for Carmen With emotions already high she suffers an even greater blow divorce papers Diana understands the fury and tears She’s been thereWith nothing to lose and no one at home the girlfriends impulsively accept an unexpected offer from their elderly neighbor The recently widowed Tootsie has an RV a hand Terrific story of friendship healing and love The story opens in the past as Tootsie and her husband Smokey watch three young families move into houses on their block All three are military families each with one young daughter Tootsie immediately senses that these people will become good friends The prologue spends some time introducing each of the characters and their personalities It also shows the depth of friendship that already exists between Diana Carmen and Joanie as they finish the prologue by sending their men off hiding their heartbreak behind cheerful faces The story picks up thirteen years later as all three women watch their daughters depart for Army basic training leaving them with empty nests That s not the only life altering event either Tootsie s husband Smokey recently passed away leaving all of them feeling his loss To make matters worse Carmen unexpectedly receives divorce papers from her husband As the women come together to support Carmen Tootsie invites them all on her road trip as a way to get away from it allTootsie Tootsie is a warm hearted woman who was deeply in love with her husband She is devastated by his loss but the other women s presence in her life helps her deal with her grief Helping them through their problems provides a needed distraction I loved her down home country wisdom and her straightforward way of delivering it There are some hilarious times ahead for them as well as some profoundly emotional ones Smokey s loss isn t all Tootsie has to deal with on this journey and the other women repay Tootsie s support with some of their own I loved Tootsie s conversations with Smokey They gave a good look at the type of man he was and the relationship he had with herCarmen I loved Carmen and ached so much for her The unexpected arrival of divorce papers on the day her daughter left for boot camp made it especially devastating She s always been a little bit insecure thanks to her feelings of being not good enough for Eli reinforced by her witch of a mother in law and immediately starts thinking about what she must have done wrong I loved seeing her journey through denial grief and anger and seeing her come out stronger on the other side I detested her husband Eli whose true colors were revealed in his phone calls to her There was a funny scene in which Carmen contemplated emulating a book character s revenge on a cheating spouse I laughed because I recognized that revenge from an earlier book by the authorJoanie After witnessing Diana s divorce years earlier and seeing what Carmen goes through now Joanie experiences some guilt about the solidity of her marriage But recent phone calls from Brett have been disturbing and she wonders if the bonds are as strong as she thought I ached for her and her fears Brett turned out to be the best of the husbands and I liked how he came clean about the issue I especially liked his understanding of her bond with the other women Joanie impressed me with her realistic look at the proposition and consideration of all the ramificationsDiana Diana s life has revolved around raising her daughter Mostly by herself as first her husband was gone so much then later as a single mother She showed little interest in dating not ready to trust another man with her heart Having already been through it she is in an excellent position to help Carmen What Diana did not expect was to feel a connection to Tootsie s nephew Luke who is their driver on this road trip She is a bit freaked out about their age difference since he s a few years younger I loved the friendship that grew between them as they discovered things they had in common and how that friendship grew and changed There were some sweet moments between them and some very steamy ones Diana has some issues she has to deal with before she lets herself even consider a future with Luke in it I liked the fact that they kept the lines of communication open even when they were at oddsLuke The lone man on this road trip Luke is a self professed geek who claims limited social skills He spent most of his adult life immersed in the software company that he built Luke recently sold it and now must decide what he wants to do He loves his Aunt Tootsie and looks forward to the memories of his Uncle Smokey on this trip He is taken by surprise by his connection to Diana especially as he usually is shy and awkward around women I liked how the age difference meant so little to him and loved how he explained it to Diana I liked his patience as he didn t try to push Diana past where she was comfortable but still left her in no doubt about his interest Luke also helps each of the other women through some of their problems with some practical advice andor viewpoints from the male perspectiveI loved the journey these five made together with the love friendship and respect that helped each of them through some rough times I loved the end of the journey as they attended their daughters graduation and saw the changes that they too had experienced I enjoyed the glimpses of each motherdaughter relationship as well as the friendships between the three girls I got a kick out of Rebecca s comments to Luke There was also some insight into the three women s husband and how the men s relationships with each other compared to their wives relationshipsThe epilogue was great I liked seeing them all a few months down the road and how things have worked out for them I loved seeing Luke and Diana together and the unexpected twist that capped off the book

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    Check out all of my reviews at if you are lucky you pick up a book at just the right time in your life that every emotion written by the author resonates and you cannot put it down THE EMPTY NESTERS by Carolyn Brown is that book for me The story starts by introducing us to Tootsie and Smokey Colbert Smokey is retired Army and Tootsie is his beloved wife of over 50 years They never had children of their own so they are very excited when thre

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    The Empty Ne

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    Given all the stellar reviews I thought this one would be a good light read nope Instead I found it flat with undeveloped character

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    Well The Empty Nesters isn’t a romance that I am used to reading Filled with a lot of drama a lot of humor and characters that you will fall

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    4 Empty NestersFull Hearts Stars Spoiler FreeThere is nothing satisfying than recognizing women do not stop being vital after a certa

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    Terrific story of friendship healing and love The story opens in the past as Tootsie and her husband Smokey watch three young families move into houses on their block All three are military families each with one young daughter Tootsie immediately senses that these people will become good friends The prologue spends some t

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    Carolyn Brown takes us back to small town Texas with a story about women friendships love loss and hope for the futureThe book starts in a suburb of San Antonio close to a military base where three women have found a home and friendship with e

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    35 Stars Life love and happiness Life one doesn’t have a choice about Love is negotiable Happiness—that’s the tough one This is my second book by this author and I enjoyed it much than the first one It’s one of those books that takes pieces of real life and plays them out in such a way that the reader is an integral part of the story leaving them with a fondness for the new friends they've made and a sense of satisfaction and conten

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    Nine hours of my life that I will never get back The only redeeming uality about the book was the theme of the importance of friends

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    Four stars A delightful story about friendship hope love and overcoming grief Army wives Diana Carmen and Joanie are doing their best to staunch the flow of tears They just said goodbye to their three daughters who are headed to Basic Training These three women know a thing or two about military life as they have all been married to career military men Diana is still getting over her divorce even though it’s been five years and the thou

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