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On could occur who knew about it and who tried to intervene on the children’s behalf The editors show how the emotions from childhood trauma persist into the twenty first century passing from victims to their children and grandchildren Interviews with child survivors also display their resilient ability to fashion productive lives despite family destruction and stigma.

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Children of the Gulag

This groundbreaking book offers a comprehensive documentary history of children whose parents were identified as enemies of the Soviet regime from its inception through Joseph Stalin's death When parents were arrested executed or sent to the Gulag their children also suffered Millions of children labeled socially dangerous lost parents homes and siblings Co edited by Ca.

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Thy A Frierson a senior American scholar and Semyon S Vilensky Gulag survivor and compiler of the Russian documents the book offers documentary and personal perspectives  The editors present top secret documents in translation from the Russian state archives memoirs and interviews with child survivors The editors' narrative reveals how such prolonged child victimizati.

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