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S in his wake Tia’s were no exception but she wasn’t delusional Love marriage and happily ever after were not part of her fantasy; she just wanted to meet him Just one time One time Confident that just seeing him in the flesh would get him out of her systemSo with her resolve steeled Tia set off on a uest to make it happen while avoiding her mug shot being splayed across the five o’clock newsThe journey no doubt will make for one hell of a story. This book was a lot of fun Tia is a funny character even though she is utterly nuts She has a crush on an actor She decides that if she met him she would find out he was a jerk therefore crashing that crush A little maneuvering lands het at the premier of his latest movie She meets him but instead of him being a jerk he s a nice guy Even after a date she still likes him Its when he shows up on the east coast and comes to her apartment that things get really interesting Of course you figure that you know how this is going to gothey have a romance they fall in love he discovers her lies before she can tell him the truth then they each admit they are in love Not so fast This book has some twists that I didn t see coming Excellent

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#1 Crush

Tia Monroe was smart sassy and successful Sure she could get a little crazy at times life around Tia was never boring but that was part of her appeal And while she didn’t see herself as ‘classically beautiful’ she had no shortage of options in the boyfriend department She just hadn’t found one who held her interestUntil she laid eyes on Eric Larsson and then it was lust at first sightHe packed the perfect mix of smoldering sexy and unapologeti. 4 Crushing HardCore Stars If you are looking for a Laugh Out Loud Read that is Sexy Smart and Current Then This Is For You 1 Crush had me laughing and loving it from the first chapter and kept it up for most of the book It took me on an improbable ride right from the start and made me buy in right away The writing from the start was uick and hit every mark We had a main character who was just so engaging and truly willing to go to the mat for her need to kill the crush she had on this major movie star As I wrote in my teaseshe had this slightly borderline stalking obsession of him and has convinced herself the only way to get over him was to see in person that he was an AssHat Now lucky for her she was a columnist and had all the type of research experience and connections to figure out how to arrange a ticket to his upcoming movie premier Of course this would mean manipulating fibbing and trickery to get to her goal But once she was committed there was no turning backAnd as a readerOnce you had been sucked into this hysterical sexy vortexThere Was No Turning BackYou were drawn in and had to ride this puppy till the very endNow mostly it was a wonderful extremely hot fun and a terrifically written ride I was there every step of the wayand then I was waiting for the shoe to dropIt could have been my mystery reading experience causing my watchfulnessEither way the ride was still well worth itAll of the characters felt real while readingand I iked Eric Larsson our main guy and loved Ryan his childhood friend I think he may get his own book with our gal s Bestie LilaI am glad I found this uick read and still have a grin on my face Before Reading Excited to start Love the idea of this So Let Me Get This StraightA smart New Yorker 29 with a careerHas a tad obsessive crush on an established movie starShe has all the Google AlertsHas a special connection to have all the latest and greatest photos of himAnd somehow during a drunken time with her BestieA Plot was hatchedMeet the object of her desireSee what an AssHat he is and BoomCrush dies a fate worse then deathPerfectOne tiny little problemHe is Wonderful Funny and actually KindNOW WHAT 1 Crush February 20 2017For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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C cool into his blond haired blue eyed ridiculously hot six foot four frame One smile from him was enough to twist her insides making her girlie bits tingle in the most delicious way But it wasn’t just his looks he was smart and funny charming in the most a dork able wayThe only problem was Tia had never actually met himEric Larsson was one of Hollywood’s hottest movie stars rising to the top of his game and leaving a trail of disintegrated pantie. 35 starsThis is the first book in 1 Series Each book in the series are about different characters that you have met in previous books So although they are all stand alone books I would advise you to read them in orderA young woman Tia who is a column writer on a newspaper has long had a strong crush on a celebrity called Eric Larsson Her phone s lock screen is turned on with his photo she has his photo as wallpaper on her computer screen And every day she saves new photos of him She dreams about him day and nightThen one day she decides to go meet him She thinks maybe he is an ashole and she will get rid of this unhealthy crush of hers seeing how he doesn t deserve it at allShe makes a crazy plan with her best friend and arranges everything to attend his new film s premiere She has to tell a lot of lies and fake someone else s identity to be able to get a ticket to that premiereThen she flies to LA from New York and she actually meets him and talks to him at the premiere and in the after party The she talks to him the she realizes that she cannot find even a small fault in him He definitely is no ashole As a matter of fact he is a walking talking perfection He is the dream boyfriend material What is frustrating is our heroine Tia keeps telling him lies believing she won t see him again Then things go in a way she never imagines they would and she finds herself dating with her dream man her biggest crush Again she keeps faking her identity believing it is a few days or a week s affair tops However as time passes she realizes he is serious with her but she is still so afraid of confessing all the lies that have been accumulated that she prefers to keep this charadeThe whole book is told by Tia s point of view She is crazy and hilarious It is so much fun being in her mind I couldn t wipe of the big smile on my face all along the book However the way she kept telling lies got on my nerves at the same time I was yelling at her saying she didn t deserve such a perfect guyAlso I would have preferred that he was the one who initiated the first sex I would have preferred it if she hadn t practically thrown herself at him Even Eric started to call her my little nympho after a certain point she was always attacking him My biggest criticism about this fun and sweet book is about its writing Although it was great fun to be in Tia s mind a great majority of the book is a monologue that takes place in her mind As Eric had no point of view in the book I needed dialogues to understand how he fell in love with her The scarcity of the dialogues is the reason of my average rating otherwise a heroine living my dream would definitely get 5 stars from me I must confess that I was kinda jealous of her Too bad I never tried to go meet my celebrity crushes Yeah I have had lots of them Who knows what would have happened Too bad too late now Anyhow celebrity life is not for me so maybe it is for the best Despite my criticisms I can still recommend this book whenever you need a hilarious love story that is really hot And be patient because she pays the price of telling so many lies don t worrySAFETY Totally safe no cheatingHere are some UOTES from the book I m not sure why but there is something about Eric Larsson that makes me short circuit Like I ve taken stupid pills and my brain cells drop out of my head One thing was for sure I still had no idea what he was doing talking to me Other than to possibly get my name so he knew how to address the restraining order it didn t make senseThis man was killing me Killing Me How the hell was I supposed to say no to that He d plainly explained I d be breaking regulations if I didn t go and as a law abiding citizen I was obligated And if that obligation wasn t enough I didn t want to say no Because this kind of shit didn t happen to people outside of the movies trust me the irony was not lost on me So didn t I owe it to every woman who d hung a poster on her wall wishing that crush would materialize to see this through It was public service A duty and I wanted to very very badly I went back to The Roosevelt the next day but strangely enough they couldn t find a reservation under your name Ah yeah that They couldn t find me probably because Tia Monroe wasn t a guest It was under another name I m in witness protection He laughed Not a chuckle or a polite chortle but an actual deep full diaphragm reuired body shaking laugh I bet he looked good doing it too I wished I could see him Witness protection huh he managed in between laughing Should I worry the call is being monitored No this is a secure line you re safe Seriously I stood no chance If he told me he wanted to light me on fire tomorrow I d probably pour the gasoline myselfI was going to die There was no way I was going to survive this No Fucking Way And I was totally okay with that I d had a great life Achieved a lot Traveled The future was overrated I would die here today victorious What the hell is Eric Larsson doing in your apartment and why does he think you re his friend Drugging someone is illegal Tia Relax I didn t drug anyone And please tell me you didn t kidnap him and now he s Stockholm Syndrome ing you She was still hissing at me but this time her hands were perched on her hips Our parents would not be able to handle the trial and orange would look hideous on you I didn t kidnap him either he is here of his own free will I swear The way his lips pressed against my neck he could have convinced me of anything Want to go see if we can find Atlantis and live underwater Sure show me the way He had been my number one crush A man who had captured my attention before I knew he was destined for my heart Which just proves that even if your dreams are insane so far removed from reality that even you don t believe they are possible Do it anyway

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    5 STARS ”Not any crush either Eric Larsson was my number one” T Gephart delivers a hilariously sexy read with this story I highly recommend giving this a go if you are in the mood for a light on the drama high on the humor type of read The author gifts one extremely nutty heroine named Tia Monroe and one fantastic Hollywood hear

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    4 Crushing Ha

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    425 Hilarious Times Stars I laughed giggled swooned scratched my head in frustration gasped snickered and had uite a few tingles happen in my undies #1 CRUSH was the perfect blend of something It was a hot and sexy erotic Romantic Comedy I cannot believe that this was my first time trying this author but I've already added the rest of her wor

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    I read #1 Rival and I remember I enjoy it very much Now on #1 Crush I am reeling The book is rom com It has that funny sassy conversation Especially from Tia About half of the book I do crack a smile Then the last 50% is flat The comedy not helping at all In fact the comedy makes it obvious that Tia is immature and stupid The romance about

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    So this is going to be so on the short and sweet side because it's mostly me just telling you why I loved this book This author definitely made me a fan This was so so much fun to read I want a paperback copy now for my she

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    35 starsThis is the first book in #1 Series Each book in the series are about different characters that you have met in previous books So alth

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    #1 CrushT Gephart⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I have never laughed out loud in an entire book You think I'm kidding read this book and see what I'm saying is not a complete nonsense Tia Monroe has ha tendency of

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    This book was a lot of fun Tia is a funny character even though she is utterly nuts 🤣 She has a crush on an actor She decides that

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    35 stalkerish starsWhile this was a very entertaining read the absurdity of it kept me from loving it too much

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    45 starsA really good rom com So funny at times that I was drawing in a crowd because I was laughing out loud ag

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