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epub or Pdf Disavowed Star Trek Section 31 By David Mack

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Hat could give the Breen control over the galaxy It's a mission Bashir can't refuse but is it really the shot he's been waiting for Or is it a trap from which even his genetically enhanced intellect can't escap By the end of the DS9 series I was so over the Mirror Universe I think I ve tried to read one of the MU books they ve put out over the years but couldn t deal with it So when I started reading Disavowed and saw it involved tripping through the looking glass I was very wary I was pleasantly rewarded though Turns out the Federation euivalent Galactic Commonwealth in the MU has its shit together and the camp level has been dialed way down The SarinaJulian relationship has never been my fave but I appreciated how the Section 31 watchers saw right through their play acting a nice piece of writing on David Mack s part I was like This is terrible Do they honestly expect a team of super spies to believe this And then it was uickly revealed that no the super spies do NOT believe this It was sooo freakycool when view spoilerthe MU Founder pointed out that it seemed like MU Odo had been switched with prime universe Odo o0 OMG WHAT IF hide spoiler

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Disavowed Star Trek Section 31

Amoral shrouded in secrecy and answerable to no one Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet a rogue shadow group committed to safeguarding the Federation at any cost Doctor Julian B It s not easy to be Bashir People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf George Orwell from his novel 1984You won t find this uote on this novel but while reading it that was something that came up to my mind since it s an excellent way to illustrate that paradox which is the Section 31 and realizing that it s not so easy to understand if the Federation will be better without them than with them not matter how uestionable from a honorable point of view their methods can be seen OFFICER DOCTOR EXPLORER SPY Dr Julian Bashir has played many roles along his life He graduated from Starfleet Academy as an officer but also as a medical doctor and he always wanted to be an explorer living in the middle of the final frontier but lately it seems that a passion of his youth of playing secret spies now it s a dangerous reality from the one he seems unable to escapeRecently Bashir left his career in Starfleet in order to hear his own conscience and in that way being able to save an entire civilization Thanks to Bashir now the Andorian race has a future again and the peril of an imminent extinction due a genetic disease that was making them unable to reproduce and having new offspringsHowever this noble cause put him in prison due having to access to top classified information to get the enough necessary data to get a final cure Fate helped a bit and how he is a free man again however without a career his own medical degree isn t recognized and none prospect to carry on You can t please everyone He is not alone at least since his girlfriend Sarina Douglas uit officially to Starfleet and she is living with him now on AndorBashir met the uite secretive organization Section 31 years ago when there was still functional the original station Deep Space 9 when Bashir knew that Section 31 is an organization without supervision with the goal of to protect the Federation from any foreign or domestic enemy using any kind of action to obtain their goals Bashir also met the unpredictable Mirror Universe and he barely escaped from itAnd the threads of fate is biding Bashir in a dangerous situation involving both experiences Since Section 31 is calling again to Bashir asking for his cooperation in a secret mission to go over to the Mirror Universe to stop a Breen operation with the goal of hijacking a certain class of starship with a type of drive engine with capabilities that it can change totally the balance of power in the normal universe MULTIVERSE THE REAL FINAL FRONTIER In the original series of Star Trek there was an episode titled Mirror Mirror where Captain Kirk McCoy Scotty and Uhura due a transporter accident found that there was an entire parallel universe where there are evil counterparts of the people and instead a benevolent Federation there was a tyrannical Terran EmpireThis dangerous but nevertheless cool universe was visited again in a fantastic novel titled Dark Mirror by Diane Duane However it was considered non canonical after that the Mirror Universe was used again but on the TV series Star Trek Deep Space Nine along with a really cool two parter story on the TV series Star Trek Enterprise And even the Mirror Universe was pivotal again in the novels written by William Shatner and over now we have an entire good parallel universe thanks to the films directed by JJ Abrams No one can save us from ourselves So technically nothing is non canonical ever again Since if we have two good universes in Star Trek and even the novels by Shatner are managed in a concept called Shatnerverse where Captain Kirk returned from the death but it s tactically non mentioned in any other line of novels so voil Meet the MultiverseNow we can easily say that there are at least three Mirror Universes One the one presented in TV episodes and Re Launch novels Two the one of the novel Dark Mirror and Three the one in the Shatnerverse novels And like three Good universes One the original one from TV series and spin offs along with the original movies Two the one from the Shatnerverse and Three the one presented in the movies of JJ AbramsBut hey if you ask to Director Saavik from Memory Omega I am sure that she can show you A LOT MORE of alternate universes so now the Multiverse is the real final frontier THAT DANGEROUS SIX SIDE CHESS GAME This story by David Mack is a carefully planned tale which Mack has been planting seeds in several of his previous novels mainly on the trilogy of Star Trek The Next Generation Cold Euations Mirror Universe Rise Like Lions Typhon Pact Zero Sum Game and The Fall A Ceremony of Losses but you can find many other tiny seeds here and there in many other of his Star Trek novels I felt like a couple of odd situations in the logic of the story but they can be spoilers so I won t elaborate on them However it s undeniable the big scope of the story and how impressive is the way as David Mack has been able to create his own space opera inside of the franchise of Star Trek Never trust someone else to do your own work for you But if you haven t read all those novels that I mentioned above don t worry since David Mack will tell you the basics of what you need to know about previous events during the current narrative of the bookThis story is like dangerous six side chess game where every faction is playing its own agenda but all roads lead to same point The Bajoran wormhole in the Mirror UniverseThe Galactic Commonwealth the current euivalent in the Mirror Universe to the known United Federation of Planets in the original universe but different to the former Terran Empire they are benevolent and restraint in actions the Dominion from the Mirror Universe the Breen commandos from the original universe the team of Section 31 from the original universe and as if all that wasn t enough you have an odd couple of spies a female Cardassian and a male Klingon both from the Mirror Universe waiting the right time to play their moveAnd Bashir He is a pawn in this dangerous six side chess game where his only presence in the board is making even volatile the game not matter if he wants it or not ONE MAN CAN PROVOKE A WHOLE WAR Julian Bashir accepted to go into the Mirror Universe to stop a potential threat to the whole Federation but it seems that maybe he will be pivotal to provoke a whole war in the Mirror UniverseOne could uestion how one single man can be key to a whole warBut if you know something in history you may know that World War I started with the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria So one single death indeed can lead to millions of deceases EVIL VS AMBIVALENCE Evil is something easy to understand it s something easy to know what to expectbut ambivalence Anything can happensIf you thought that the Mirror Universe was dangerous when it s was visible just an evil counterpart of the original universe now they are supposedly benevolent but also now they have technology that the Federation or any other faction in the original universe ever dream ofwhat can you really expect that it will be their next moveno one can really know and that s something really fearsome

review Disavowed Star Trek Section 31

Ashir sacrificed his career for a chance to infiltrate Section 31 and destroy it from within Now it's asking him to help it stop the Breen from stealing a dangerous new technology from the Mirror Universe one t In Disavowed David Mack returns us back to our first Section 31 novel written under this series title since 2001 In this installment Sarina Douglas enlists Julian Bashir to help out Section 31 as they partake on a mission to the mirror universe to stop the Breen from taking a jaunt ship which is powered with a wormhole drive Bashir initially resists her overtures but when she reveals she s working for them he agrees Once in the mirror universe we the reader find the new Galactic Commonwealth about to engage into negotiations with this version of the Dominion on Bajor When Bashir s existence is revealed to the Dominion they risk war to put him on trial for the murder of Odo when he Kira first crossed into the mirror universe Mack s story is a fast paced story w a lot of plot twists that involve how Bashir Douglas are working to destroy Section 31 from within also how the agency really wants them out of the way no matter the cost The use of the Breen is nice as well as a parallel to a story that is itself a causality loop involving time travel With this our first trip to the mirror universe since Rise Like Lions Disavowed does a nice job of following up those events as well as continuing Bashir s story which left off in A Ceremony of Losses Granted we the reader get a lot of information on the mirror universe as well as what Section 31 is capable of Mack keeps all of the moving parts of this story moving in a way that make perfect sense It s also nice to see the mirror counterparts of the Eris Weyoun the female founder Taran atar which reminds we the reader of how enjoyable the trips to this universe have been With an ending that leaves us with a chance to do far than before I as a reader look forward to our next Section 31 adventure also hope that at some point down the road we get a chance again to venture into the mirror universe

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    It's not easy to be Bashir People sleep p

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    Star Trek goes James Bondand in a manner I wasn't uite expecting A mirror universe sub plot shoves its way to the centre stage and anchors itself into the Trekverse in a surprising manner It's a bit whiplash inducing at times and there's a strange uick dispensing with of Bashir's once touted court martialbut it's certainly

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    A good thriller set mostly in the Mirror Universe

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    Excellent book and great story line Can't wait to read the next one

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    In Disavowed David Mack returns us back to our first Section 31 novel written under this series title since 2001 In this installment Sarina Douglas enlists Julian Bashir to help out Section 31 as they partake on a mission to the mirror universe to stop the Breen from taking a jaunt ship which is powered with a wormhole d

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    As with most of the Star Trek Deep Space Nine relaunch novels this one follows the story set up in the previous series of books The Fall Disavow

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    By the end of the DS9 series I was so over the Mirror Universe I think I've tried to read one of the MU books they've put out over the years but couldn't deal with it So when I started reading Disavowed and saw it involved tripping through the looking glass I was very wary I was pleasantly rewarded though Turns out the Federation eu

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    Another incredible tale from David Mack telling a story that incorporated many of my favorite elements from recent Trek lit Julian Bashir the Mirror Universe Galactic Commonwealth action suspense and superb writing that compelled me

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    Disavowed sees the return of Section 31 as Agent Cole turns up an Bashir and Serena on Andor D This of course of leads to Bashir and Serena being dragged into this D This of course leads to double dealing on both sides as Bashir and Serena are trying to infiltrate the agency in order to bring the down D This leads to both

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    Disavowed is the brilliant result of multiple spy plots intersecting one another bringing together the standard and 'mirror' universes Following Rise like Lions a political entity much like the Federation has established itself and is strengthened by a hidden organization called Memory Omega Established by Emperor Spock to concea

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