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[Evil's Niece Black Lace Books ] Free Download as Ebook BY Melissa MacNeal

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1890s New Orleans keeps its secrets like a sultry courtesan but when Eve spies her husband with a little blonde secret of his own her anger turns to longing When her br.

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Evil's Niece Black Lace

Or As her husband discovers these liaisons it seems she will lose her prestigious place in society until his own covert life unravels to reveal the biggest secret of al.

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Other in law sends a maid to train her in the ways of seduction things spin rapidly out of control their first meeting reveals a surprise that Miss Eve isn't prepared f.

2 thoughts on “Evil's Niece Black Lace

  1. says:

    black lace read it ages ago

  2. says:

    This book had a lot of crossdressing Still I couldn't find a way to like it

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