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10 thoughts on “Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero

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    Finallya uality Star Wars novel that allows us fanboys and fangirls to hold our helmeted heads up high The Republic Commando series is what the Star Wars EU is supposed to be and it has me splooging and leaking happy like

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    I did not think that I would like Hard Contact I was afraid it would be another crappy Clone Wars novel along the lines of Jedi Trialand The Cestus Deception This is why it took me forever to purchase it But when I finally got around to reading it I was extremely impressed Couple extraordinary characterization with an uncharted p

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    Well this was a disappointment All of the things I liked about Hard Contact are still here to a degree but so dialed down or swamped b

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    I wanted to like this book a lot than I actually did by the end of it Traviss is one of the better Star Wars authors and I really like her work in general Unfortunately her Mary Sue lead Kal Skirata just killed the book for me The I read the

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    Star Wars Legends Project #118 Background Hard Contact was written by Karen Traviss and published in February 2006 Traviss has written several other Star Wars novels mostly set during the Clone Wars but she also wrote 3 of the Legacy of the Force books Outside of Star Wars she has written several Halo and Gears of War books and half a dozen

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    In the second book in the Republic Commando series we take a deeper look into Etain's growth from a failing inconseuential and pathetic padawan into a warrior who dons armor weilds two lightsabers and cares for her troops The focus of

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    Once again Karen Traviss makes you not want to put the book down True to her style she keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspenseful action scenes entertaining dialogue and intriguing characters dealing with complicated moral is

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    What happened? Triple Zero is such a mess I had such trouble getting into this In fact I never did get into itMaybe it was because the basic premise of the plot never gelled Hard Contact promised a commando story and did what it said on the tin; a small force dropped behind enemy lines in difficult and not entirely foreseen circumstances adapting to circumstances and taking out an objective To suddenly have our commandos working t

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    This book is not uite as good as Hard Contact the first book in this series but it was still an enjoyable read The plot is somewhat convoluted and is really secondary to Traviss's forced character development of the troopers

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    Most readers myself included like a happy ending In fact J R R Tolkien suggested that a eucatastrophe an unexpected overcoming of seeming impossible peril is the best ending for a fantasy type story But Triple Zero's happy ending seemed pre ordained and inevitable The reader much less the characters hardly broke into a sweat It was too easy Complicated yes but easyI understand the limitations Fan Fiction puts on the author but T

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characters Ú PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Karen Traviss

Ity full of civilians will reuire special talents and skills Not even the leadership of Jedi generals along with the assistance of Delta suad and a certain notorious ARC trooper can even the odds against the Republic Commandos And while success may not bring victory in the Clone Wars failure means certain defeatAlso includes the bonus story Omega Suad Targets by Karen Traviss. What happened Triple Zero is such a mess I had such trouble getting into this In fact I never did get into itMaybe it was because the basic premise of the plot never gelled Hard Contact promised a commando story and did what it said on the tin a small force dropped behind enemy lines in difficult and not entirely foreseen circumstances adapting to circumstances and taking out an objective To suddenly have our commandos working to bring down a spy ring on Coruscant seemed entirely beyond their purview and not what I really signed up for when I picked up a book about commandos It s played very tropey as well the two rival teams grudgingly forced to work together the individual members of Omega Suad being reduced down to stock stereotypes such as the comedian and the traumatised one when before they seemed a lot subtle and complexAnd there are other problems as well pointed out by other readers Skirata is a cool character but the level of blind adoration he receives even from characters who have never met him before and yet trip over themselves to worship at his pedestal seems entirely unjustified Etain and Darman s romance goes from 0 to 60 in a lightsecond Whoa A bit development and build up please I couldn t root for them because I didn t believe in their lightning fast skip from distant friends to intense view spoilerbaby drama hide spoiler

Read & Download Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero

Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero

Following the eruption of the bloody Clone Wars at the battle of Geonosis both sides remain deadlocked in a stalemate that can be broken only by elite warrior teams like Omega Suad clone commandos with terrifying combat skills and a lethal arsenal For Omega Suad deployed deep behind enemy lines it's the same old special ops grind sabotage espionage ambush and assassination Bu. Well this was a disappointment All of the things I liked about Hard Contact are still here to a degree but so dialed down or swamped by other weird stuff that I didn t end up enjoying this really at all In my HC review I said I appreciated that the villain was presented as a down to earth competent character with a comprehensible ethos at least but that he played such a small role in the story he might as well not be there at all Apparently Traviss agreed because this story just doesn t have antagonists at all There s the tiniest handwaving about how the enemy are a Separatist backed terror cell targetting clones on Coruscant and that s it We never meet these terrorists distinguish them as individuals or even let them have any real agency or reaction to the actions the protagonists take They might as well be simulation targets The backstory about their motivation affiliation and targets serves the same purpose that making the macguffin in HC a virus that kills clones served in that book it removes any possible tension between the group s motivations save and care for clones and the orders they get from the Republic The command of the whole operation including clone commandos Null ARCs and two Jedi falls to a civilian who apparently has carte blanche to use force in densely populated areas and seems to have no meaningful oversight from anyone in the military or government But that isn t a problem because the civilian is Kal Skirata we ll come back to himAnother great thing about HC was that it s a very nose to the ground procedural book Most of the book consists of the characters moving through micro scale terrain It doesn t describe it in the most lush or tangible detail maybe but you have a sense that the surroundings are there and present challenges and opportunities for soldiers to take advantage of In Triple Zero all of that is gone There are a few moments when the geography of an action scene becomes really important and it s super disorienting because that hasn t seemed to matter up til that point The environments are almost completely ignored Coruscant is we are told several times a vast and intimidating environment for the clones in several ways They have to avoid civilian casualties and keep a low profile but they also have to remain incognito in social situations They have to act like normal people That s a great premise except they don t really There simply aren t actually civilians in this book Coruscant exists as a series of safehouses dead drops and reconnoitered battlezones The only people who show up are either informants who are tortured and murdered or naive soldiers and officers who become allies as soon as they re brought up to speed on the suad s mission So with no villains no superiors no civilians and no environment this story feels very insular It has no stakes or plot to speak of The whole book is just the soldiers hanging out between and during missions Every piece of drama it has to offer comes within the suad The morals and norms of personal conduct that drive its conflicts are confined to the suad or at best the clones collectively as a kind of extended suad This is where Traviss personal politics start to distort these books The fact is terrorism on Coruscant doesn t fit into the nature of the Clone Wars at all And Traviss makes no effort to justify it The clones are just here and have this military authority for no apparent reason and there is terrorism simply because Traviss wanted to write about soldiers fighting terrorists in an urban setting And she wanted to write about that in order to make the point that soldiers should be allowed to do whatever they feel they need to do to get the job done I just watched this Jacob Geller video the other day that argues the main political message of the new Call of Duty game is war poses difficult moral uestions and the answer to those uestions is that you just need the violence to be done by the right person someone with the guts to hurt people when necessary but the inherent moral goodness to only hurt them when necessary Triple Zero doesn t even go that far The rest of the world exists so distantly that no conseuences in a larger sense come into view at all It doesn t posture about the complex moral scenarios that soldiers find themselves in doesn t present civilian oversight as naive and dangerous doesn t do anything except uphold Kal Skirata as a paragon of soldierly virtue People complain about heroes who are too powerful being Gary Stus but Skirata is an even worse kind of self insert He s just always right about everything and the only conflicts in the story come when people uestion him or act in ways he wouldn t approve of And unsurprisingly for the most part they do neither These are clones bred for obedience and raised from decanting by Kal They want desperately to please him and they know exactly how to do it The Jedi apparently two masterless strays he adopted see him in the same glowing light All they want in this book is to please him It is frankly pathetic at times and while as I said in HC that s an interesting place to put a Jedi character psychologically it feels real weird when Kal is also basically flawless and the only standard by which anything in the book is judged I got pretty excited when Etain and Darman s romance actually moved forward here But like excited mostly in the oh yeah now there s a good idea for a book way knowing that was not this book If this book was a fish out of water story about clones trying to fit into civilian life with and Etain Darman romance as its main plot it could have been something really uniue and fun For all its faults Triple Zero still presents the clones in a far down to earth and meaningful way than any other Clone Wars content If it had focused on these two aspects TZ could have found a ton of powerful stuff in the clones situation humor romance and poignant tragedy Instead Etain s romance view spoilerand pregnancy hide spoiler

characters Ú PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Karen Traviss

T when Omega Suad is rushed to Coruscant the war's most dangerous new hotspot the commandos discover they're not the only ones penetrating the heart of the enemyA surge in Separatist attacks has been traced to a network of Sep terror cells in the Republic's capital masterminded by a mole in Command Headuarters To identify and destroy a Separatist spy and terror network in a c. Star Wars Legends Project 118 Background Hard Contact was written by Karen Traviss and published in February 2006 Traviss has written several other Star Wars novels mostly set during the Clone Wars but she also wrote 3 of the Legacy of the Force books Outside of Star Wars she has written several Halo and Gears of War books and half a dozen of her own science fiction novels Triple Zero takes place 1 year after the Battle of Geonosis 21 years before the battle of Yavin And also 9 months after the previous book in the series Hard Contact my review The main characters are still the clone commandos of Omega Suadron and the now Jedi Knight Etain Tur Mukan along with the Delta Suadron commandos from the Republic Commando video game and the Mandalorian mercenary and commando trainer Sergeant Kal Skirata The story takes place mostly on CoruscantSummary Separatist terror cells are at work on Coruscant targeting clone troopers with deadly efficiency and the Republic seems helpless to stop them Driven only by concern for the safety of clone troops Kal Skirata goads the Jedi command into giving him a free hand to take a small team off the grid to investigate target and destroy the terrorists with extreme prejudice In the process the ties that bind his small clan of Mandalorian raised clone sons to each other and to him are tested and strengthenedReview Her first impression was that he would be a man whose bluff exterior was simply embarrassed machismo But Skirata wasn t embarrassed about his emotions at all He had the guts to wear his heart on his sleeve It was probably what made him even effective at killing he could love as hard as he could punchNot all of the writing in this book is as terrible as that excerpt might indicate but overall Triple Zero is almost as bad as Hard Contact was good mostly by taking everything that was great about it and running in the opposite direction When I talked about Hard Contact I listed off 4 things about it that were great 1 the immersive world building detail 2 the way the story never opts to make things easy for the characters giving as much attention to the antagonists as to the protagonists 3 the real tension of having expendable but sympathetic characters in deadly danger 4 the attention given to the moralities of war particularly a war fought by essentially an army of slave soldiers created to dieAll of that was essentially missing from this book Traviss presumably assumed that any reader would be familiar enough with Coruscant that she could get away with not describing anything about it aside from occasional references to lots of sky traffic I never got a good sense of the geography or any people aside from the major characters The villains in this if you can even call them that are almost totally ignored We never learn anything about them or their motivations or their plans Traviss drags the effort to find them way out with chapter after chapter of dull filler and ad nauseum repitition of ideas and even dialogue but there is never any particular difficulty to the job from start to finish The story opens in the aftermath of a bombing but there doesn t seem to be any particular urgency to get the terrorists before the next bomb goes off and there never is one or it seems even the threat of one The whole thing ends in a total anti climax followed by a long wind down as Traviss ties up or extends the real concern of the story Because the main storyline of this novel couldn t be perfunctory and it s an obvious excuse for Traviss to play around with characters and relationships that she is apparently far attached to than she ever gives us any reason to be Most of the major characters from the last book are sidelined here in favor of shiny new characters on this in a moment Darman gets a significant subplot but he feels like a minor character within it Of the original troopers only Fi gets any real play and he spends most of the book mopingWorst of all the conversations about the morality of the Clone Wars that I so admired in the first book have twisted on their head into an amoral male brotherhood of the military fetishism in which any action torture assassination reckless endangerment of non military individuals is permissible in the name of looking out for yourself and your immediate circle of brothers and one token female Because yes surprisingly there is a surprising and unpleasant dose of patriarchal chauvinism rearing its ugly head hereMost of the book s flaws can be traced to a single source Kal Skirata Everything revolves around him and the little Mandalorian clan that he is building for himself out of the other major characters For some reason practically everyone in the book is totally enthralled by Skirata at first sight and immediately feels an overwhelming sense of total unuestioning loyalty to him and a desperate desire for his approval He is effectively a nobody in any power structure of the Republic but he and his cronies can barge into the offices of generals and political power players and manipulate or strong arm them into whatever serves Clan Skirata s interests at the momentSkirata himself is not a badly written or uninteresting character per se He has a decent backstory and he is multi dimensional and basically consistent But he isn t anything like the paragon that everyone treats him as nor is he that great of a person Which is a problem when you make him the moral center of the universe and the bellwether of all the other characters As a result Traviss spends the whole novel cramming Skirata adulation down the reader s throat and this reader was convinced pretty early on that no such admiration was warranted It s one and the most egregious one of many examples throughout the book where Traviss opts to tell rather than to show and I know she s a better writer than this How and why did she get so infatuated with the Skirata character and let him overwhelm everything else this wayTo delve into any further detail at this point would involve spoilers so I ll leave it at that Well perhaps I can dance around one particular thing that happens late in the story without giving anything away Another character approaches Skirata with a major piece of news hoping for his happy approval He for reasons that seem inscrutable and totally arbitrary is enraged and almost abusive in his response and the other character immediately begins to uestion themselves and fawn all over Skirata for what they can do to regain his approval Keep in mind that this bit of news is absolutely none of Skirata s concern whatsoever but he proceeds to demand that he be given full control over the situation immediately and the other character concedes The whole scene is grotesue and infuriating and it encapsulated everything I hated about his character and the role he plays in the story and the other characters livesStill as much trouble as I had getting through this I didn t hate everything about it Most of the ideas are pretty solid even when the execution is poor The main plot was a good concept and I love this idea of Mandalorian culture spreading through the ranks of the Republic s clone army because of Jango s legacy and the people he hired The opening chapters were also really good where we re introduced to new characters and catch up with old characters This first section was also the only part with any excitement and tension Finally I love that Traviss took the time to really try to make a Mandalorian language with rules that make sense and then to sprinkle it naturally through conversations that sound like bilingual people sound when they re talking to each other But she does it in a way that s still easy for the reader to follow from context and if you don t pick up a few words of it by the end you re a di kut So there s thatAt this point I have a pretty bad feeling about the rest of this series but I had a really good feeling at the end of the last book so who knows at this point I ll hope for the bestD

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