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DOC [Furlough to Love finance] By Zelma Orr – PDF, eBook & Kindle eBook free

Zelma Orr Ñ 8 characters

Leslie Cole has been out of work for a year after being furloughed from her job as flight attendant When she spots an ad for a cook on an oil rig she knows that even though it doesn’t exactly say men o.

review ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ñ Zelma Orr

Furlough to Love

Nly women need not apply Desperate for work she goes to a business that specializes in disguises and emerges with a young slender male look Surprisingly she’s offered the job but is told it is isolated.

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No drinking on the job no smoking no bringing lady friends out to the rigs However she didn’t count on the boss man Evan Granger being young good looking and eyeing her with strange and assessing look.

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    Genre Contemp RomanceSensuality PG don't let the sexy cover fool yaLength 71490 words 186 Kindle pagesI read this because 1 I can't resist a c

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    I really wanted to like this Girl disguised as a boy? One of my favourite set ups But 2 stars is all Despite the interesting oil industry backdrop I have a huge problem with the characters both the hero and heroine Below a

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