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35C the CIA Navy SEALs an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle the world's longest sniper kill shot and an SSGN Nuclear Submarine with the SHED This electrifying story is bigger than today's political winds on Capitol Hill The F 35C has the most advanced Integrated Senor Fusing Technology and Multispectral Electro Optical Targeting capability in the world and this jaw dropping story is a fast paced political thriller

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Lightning Strike Twice

From William H LaBarge Author of Four National Bestselling Books and Co Author of Aviation Book of The Year SWEETWATER GUNSLINGER 201 The news is grim Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel has threatened to attack Iran if they don't stop enriching uranium United States interests back the threat In LaBarge's latest novel Lightning Strikes Twice US Navy pilots Captain Sweetwater Sullivan and Lieu

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Tenant BigHands Johnson aboard the USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 are called upon to carry out the impossible mission of deterring the Iranian threat under daunting circumstances Lightning Strikes Twice is an action packed story dealing with today's current events The covert operation during the story is called Rolling Thunder The story deals with the Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran the Newest Stealth Fighter F

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    I was not a fan of this book The story was hard to follow The part about the female president was the only good thing about this book

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