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Winner of the 2015 BC National Award for Canadian Non FictionA Globe and Mail Top 100 Book of 2014In this powerful memoir philosopher Karyn L Freedman travels back to a Paris night in 1990 when she was twenty two and in one violent hour her life was changed forever by a brutal rape One Hour in Paris takes the reader on a harrowing yet inspirational journey through suffering and recovery both personal and global We follow Freedman from an apartment in Paris to a French courtroom then from a trauma center in Toronto to a rape clinic in Africa At a time when as many as one in three women in the world have been victims of sexual assault and when many women are still. Ms Freedman s effort is a very important contribution to our collective understanding of sexual trauma it should be mandatory reading perhaps in a Reader s Digest version for every high school age male The author did a great job of describing the envelope of her consciousness and to some degree effects of the unconscious experiences and feelings following her rapeI had a snobbish reaction at first in reading this book the chain smoking the weed hanging out with some sketch character going by the name of Stream poor academic performance and second or third rate institutions Ms Freedman adeptly blew past those most undeserved biasesPicking up where Ms Freedman left off this work provides yet another cartridge for anti natalism s bandoleer The brutality described in this work will continue on and on we are powerless to stop it with rational thought logic and awareness Why Because it is in our nature in those very selfish genes that Richard Dawkins so capably described those scraps of DNA don t give a damn about moralityWhat can be done then I suppose we could subject every newborn male to castration There is a better practical easy solution to the horror of rape and the horrors of cancer and war and dementia and auto wrecks and HIV and depression That solution is not to have babies in the first place Absent procreation there would have been no Robert the Rapist to render harm nor Karyn the Victim to be harmed Unfortunately this thought is just too much to ask for in the contest between natural unharnessed molecular reproduction and conscious logic which ultimately wins out

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One Hour in Paris

L violence for love and relationships and she illustrates the steep personal cost of sexual violence and the obstacles faced by individual survivors in its aftermath Freedman’s book is an urgent call to face this fundamental social problem head on arguing that we cannot continue to ignore the fact that sexual violence against women is rooted in gender ineualities that exist worldwide and must be addressed One Hour in Paris is essential reading for survivors of sexual violence; an invaluable resource for therapists mental health professionals and family members and friends of victims; and a powerful book for anyone interested in issues of gender and social justi. An important memoir for anyone interested in social justice and human rights

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Ashamed to come forward Freedman’s book is a moving and essential look at how survivors cope and persevereAt once deeply intimate and terrifyingly universal One Hour in Paris weaves together Freedman’s personal experience with the latest philosophical neuroscientific and psychological insights on what it means to live in a body that has been traumatized Using her background as a philosopher she looks at the history of psychological trauma and draws on recent theories of posttraumatic stress disorder and neuroplasticity to show how recovery from horrific experiences is possible Through frank discussions of sex and intimacy she explores the conseuences of sexua. I received this book through the first reads program This is a very tough book to read Tough but essential It tells the true story of the author s rape in Paris during a trip in Europe and I must warn you it is uite detailed Nonetheless this is not about a victim but about a survivor about how she got through life and learned to cope with panic attacks nightmares and dreadful memories of an awful man I really got into the story I was outraged and troubled by this narrative and I really do admire Freedman s guts to publish and share her very own traumatic experience with thousands of readers This is a book that everyone should read not because it is amazingly written or revolutionary in any way but because it deals with a very important matter Rape is unacceptable under any circumstance and this biography supports that claim perfectly If it can make some people think about their actions and how they can impact other s lives then its goal will be than accomplished

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    If there is any justice Karyn L Freedman’s memoir One Hour in Paris A True Story of Rape and Recovery will be widely celebrated one of the best Canadian nonfiction titles of 2014 In the book’s first chapter Freedman a ph

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    Ms Freedman's effort is a very important contribution to our collective understanding of sexual trauma; it should be mandatory reading perhaps in a Reader's Digest version for every high school age male The author did a grea

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    I firmly believe that Karyn's book will do for rape victims what Magical Thinking did for widowhood it seems like an odd co

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    45 stars I am reminded that however much work I do healing from a traumatic experience is never complete This is one of the most significant facts about psychological trauma It is permanent That speaks volumes Sharing thi

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    I received this book through the first reads program This is a very tough book to read Tough but essential It tells the true story

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    I feel profound sadness about what Ms Freedman endured and laud her efforts at recovery from extreme trauma Having said that however I did not find the book about her experience well written The subtleties of the aftermath of trauma were not well articulated and there is a great deal of therapeutic jargon Please understand

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    Even taking into account the dark content of this book and the horrifying experience of the author I feel privileged to have read it One Hour in Paris is frank account of one woman's rape and recovery and an important reminder that sexual assault is insidious and far common than we would believe She tackles th

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    If some books feel shallow and lacking focus this is not one of thoseI am astounded at the depth of experience and understanding that the author packed into 186 pages I am thankful for how she shared her twenty year path following one hour of

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    An important memoir for anyone interested in social justice and human rights

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    What an important book that needed to be written So many of us go through trauma and we don'tcan't talk about it No one tells you how to cope or try to heal We just do the best we can on our own downplaying the effects on our physical and men

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