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[read online Feminine Endings] E-pub Author Neil Gaiman – Kindle eBook & PDF

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You may think given my profession that I must be poor but you would be wrong Indeed I fancy that you will be. Watch Neil Gaiman read this creepy story here

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Feminine Endings

T rainsOriginally published in Four Letter Word Original Love Letters edited by Joshua Knelman Rosalind Porte. I absolutely loved this

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Surprised by how much I have collected My needs have been small and my earnings always very goodExcept when i. CREEPY REALLY CREEPY

10 thoughts on “Feminine Endings

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    This was creepy and funny This is also in than one of his collections

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    35 starsokay wow that was way creepier than I thought pretty much reminded me of Joe Goldberg from You I see you as a code to be broken or as a puzzle to be cracked Or a jig saw puzzle to be put together I walk through your life and I stand motionless at the edge of of my own life My own gestures statuesue precise are too often misinterpreted I love you I do not doubt this

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    Watch Neil Gaiman read this creepy story here

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    Only Gaiman could give us a love letter written by a human statue silently watching his love from afar waiting

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    35 and terribly creepy Should've expected it from something called Nightmare magazine but for some reason I let the beginning trick me into thinking this would be about tragic romanceConfirms my opinion that the best introduction to Gaiman is his short stories or his Sandman issues which are often the comics euivalent of short stories connected by recurrent themes He knows which details will hit you and whether he should be detailed at all

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    I absolutely loved this

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    If you haven't read this read it now It is fantastically creepy and chilling I effing loved it

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    masterful neil gaiman teach me your ways

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    Neil Gaiman's wife once worked as a human statue and from that experience the writer springs this clever dark little story Extra points for the title

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