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Following the runaway success of his first nonfiction book The Sea Hunters Clive Cussler returns with his legendary fictional hero Dirk Pitt in a masterfully crafted tale of villainy on the high seas and the Mississippi River that can only enhance his status as the grand master of adventure fiction The coin of the realm for the wealthy insatiably greedy Chinese smuggler who is Dirk Pitt's adversary in Flood Tide is human lives much of his vast fortune. I keep reading Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt stories even though they drive me up the wall This one had ALL my Cussler pet peeves1 Dirk Pitt as irresistible life altering stud muffin Example She was put through to his secretary who informed her that Pitt was out on vacation and had not returned to work yet Julia hung up the phone and settled her head into the pillows In some odd manner she felt transformed Here I am acting like a brazen hussy she thought pursuing a man I hardly know Why she wondered of all the men in the world why did someone like Dirk Pitt have to walk into my lifeSpare me2 Cussler writes himself in as a minor character in the story Example An older man in what Pitt guessed was his mid sixties straddled a chair nearby but did not join in He played the role of a loner but there was a humorous and friendly gleam in his blue green eyes He watched the others as they tossed their money on the poker table as though he was a psychologist studying behavioral patterns of laboratory micesigh3 Just awkward and downright poor sentence structure Examples Pitt was relieved to find no bodies nor was he surprisedHe stared disbelievingly into Pitt s face as the hunted Pitt approached the hunter and he the bad guy saw the muzzle of the vicious looking shotgun aimed at his chestBottles on a stand containing clear fluids flowed into him through tubesThat last one was a huge favorite because it implies not only that the stand contains clear fluids but that a man has bottles flowing into him NiceIn short these books are fun and interesting they make me want to know what happens next and they also make me wish I were a copy editor

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Flood Tide

949 including the legendary boxes containing the bones of Peking Man that had vanished at the beginning of World War 1 As Pitt prepares for a final showdown he is faced with the most formidable foe he has ever encountered With a dozen consecutive New York Times bestsellers and over 70 million copies of his books in print Clive Cussler is one of America's most popular novelists His latest book is enthralling intricately plotted and supremely suspenseful. A ship goes down in unknown waters leaving only two survivors that know where a vast amount of Chinese heritage is located a ship that a human trafficking Chinese businessman would do anything to find Flood Tide is the fourteenth book of Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt with the titular character attempting to stop a human trafficking ring to the US and preventing a massive economic and human disaster in LouisianaA ship taken by the retreating Nationalist government is loaded the national treasures of China before Mao s Communists can get them in 1948 but before it reaches it s destination it sinks in a violent storm with only the ship s engineer and his girlfriend surviving on a freezing shore In 2000 Dirk Pitt is vacationing and recovering from his injuries in Australia at Orion Lake when he realizes the cabin he borrowed has been search by the security of a Chinese businessman s estate at the other end of the lake Intrigued Pitt investigates only to find the mansion is a holding prison for illegal Chinese immigrants while the bottom of the lake is littered with dead bodies Pitt saves new victims from drowning including an undercover INS agent and wrecks to the estate s docking area before escaping down the Orion River to the Pacific from the security force The INS raid the estate and the businessman in Shang begins damage control including sending feelers to the White House and the President who he has given money to for his reelection campaign Pitt teams up with Al Giordino to investigate a cruise ship in Hong Kong that Shang had bought and was refitting believing it s to continue his illegal human trafficking ring but find it empty except for automated guidance euipment that then navigates the ship across the Pacific without a crew The pair return to the US and Pitt along with the INS agent survive a car chase against Shang s henchmen but NUMA and the INS have a spat leading to them not working together any Pitt and Giordino head to the Louisiana to investigate Shang s shipping port that is in the middle of no where from the Mississippi when the duo figure out how his human trafficking network works in the area and again save the INS agent that Pitt keeps running into Shang s automated cruise ship arrives on the Mississippi River but Pitt figured out Shang s plan to redirect the flow of the Mississippi bypassing New Orleans and going to his out of the way port by blowing a levee and scuttling the cruise ship across the river Pitt and Giordino takeover the ship and guide it into the levee s breech to prevent a massive disaster Shang flees to China where the Communist government will protect him while as there is battle in the US between those he bribed against those who want him charged with terrorism After learning everything to know about Shang including his search for the ship carrying his nation s treasures Pitt and NUMA discover the location of the wreck in Lake Michigan after talking with the survivor of the ship and his wife NUMA the Navy and a Canadian salvage vessel recover everything before they leak the location into Shang s channels His massive ego leads Shang to arrive in Canada to border his own salvage vessel and goes down first only to find the ship empty with Pitt and Giordino springing a trap that send Shang to the bottom to die like all those at the bottom of Orion Lake Admiral Sandecker and the head of the INS threaten the President to keep their own jobs with his own political future in the balanceHaving previously listened to the audiobook edition I had completely forgotten about the Chinese treasure ship or Shang bribing of US politicians but do remember the human trafficking and diverting the Mississippi plot points That was because the human trafficking and Mississippi diversion plots were the good parts of the book while the other two were forgettable Pitt comes off as superhuman given what he went through in Shock Wave while the INS agent Julia Marie Lee could have been a good character if not for becoming a multiple time damsel in distress character in Shang could have been an interesting antagonist if not for some the trope material that Cussler saddled him especially at the end of the book In fact Cussler s politics are heavy handed throughout the book and his not Clinton but totally Clinton President were a little too much for my tastes Shock Wave is a okay book at best and felt a like downgrade in uality from Clive Cussler s previous installments of his bestselling series While not as bad as some of the early books in the series this book was a disappointment given the good elements that were undermined by the bad

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Has been made smuggling Chinese immigrants into countries around the globe including the United States Tracking the smuggler's activities leads Pitt from Washington State to Louisiana where his uarry is constructing a huge shipping port in the middle of nowhere Why has he chosen this unlikely location The trail then leads to the race to find the site of the mysterious sinking of the ship that Chiang Kai shek filled with treasure when he fled China in 1. Good Guys WinFull of thrills Great characters even the bad ones Unlikely tough guy is hit Easy to read hard to put down The love interest is a great fit too I ll continue the series

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    I keep reading Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt stories even though they drive me up the wall This one had ALL my Cussler pet peeves1 Dirk Pitt as irre

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    This is the second Dirk Pitt adventure I have read from Clive Cussler The first Raise The Titanic didn't impress me but it intrigued me enough to pick up another offering from the authorWell after this I doubt I'll pick up a third Cussler's writing is downright bad the plot of the story was so obvious I had it figured out hundred

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    Dirk Pitt takes a vacation in rustic Washington state His neighbor is a seemingly paranoid Chinese tycoon who bought up the whole rest of the lake where Pitt is staying Pitt starts poking around and finds that the bottom of the lake is littered with dead bodies disposed of by the tycoon who is smuggling people into the US This leads to a game of one upmanship between Pitt and the Tycoon to find a treasure sh

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    1948 The Dou Wan is on its final voyage carrying a secret cargo for Chang Kai shek It sinks en route Three people get off on a lifeboat Present time Pitt is on vacation and gets curious when someone snoops around his cabin He finds some bodies in the lake and uncovers an immigrant smuggling operation The head of the smuggling operation Shang is also building a port in the middle of nowhere he thinks he has discovered where the Do

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    Another fun and thrilling Dirk Pitt adventure Flood Tide has Pitt coming up against a Chinese tyrant who is selling illegal immigrants into slavery and who is also in search of a long lost shipwreck And we are int

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    Good Guys WinFull of thrills Great characters even the bad ones Unlikely tough guy is hit Easy to read hard to put down The love interest is a great fit too I'll continue the series

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    A ship goes down in unknown waters leaving only two survivors that know where a vast amount of Chinese heritage

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    35 stars A kind of weird story

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    This book has Chinese stereotypes that make Fu Manchu look like a Nobel laureate Read if you need something brain dead or if you enjoy cabin in the woods stories and don't mind a protagonist that seems physically young but who has the cultural sensitivity of a patriotic battle hardened seventy something fiction author

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    I enjoyed this read Reality has to be suspended and once you have overcome that this turns into a ripping yarn involving a mad financial megalomaniac Dirk is almost an American 007 licenced to kill

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