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Gorbals backstreetsIn the third volume of his acclaimed memoirs bestselling author Colin MacFarlane reveals what it was like to grow up on the streets of the Gorbals during this period Be prepared to be shocked and entertained at the adventures of the gang that called themselves the Incredible Gorbals Diehar.

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Gorbals Diehards

Enid Blyton wrote about the Famous Five wholesome kids who were always up to some adventure or other but during the 1960s Glasgow boy Colin MacFarlane had his own gang the Incredible Gorbals Diehards These were young boys trying to survive in one of the world's toughest areas the infamous slums of GlasgowDur.

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Ing the gang's daily adventures they came across a plethora of undesirable characters including foul mouthed drunks thieves razor flicking gang members con men fly men and street brawlers Through it all MacFarlane and his band of brothers retained their sense of humour while roaming the filthy stench ridden.

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