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(PDF / epub) How to Build a Pillow Fort BY Dushka Zapata – Book, Kindle or DOC

Dushka Zapata · 1 SUMMARY

Pillow fort building is arduous and complex and reuires a full day and all hands on boardPhase one Crew runs around the house collecting necessary material Assemble all pillows and blankets that can be found Make a gigantic pile Jump o

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How to Build a Pillow Fort

Elaborate architectural sketchesPhase threeAgree on the general purpose of the fort Attack Defense A place to hide inside undetected by pesky parents The last one usually wins Take a lunch breakFind the rest of the instructions within


N pile to test resilience and consistency of the various elements available This will soon become valuable intelligencePhase twoStep back Assess and discuss Get milk and cookies for the master planner find paper and crayons and develop

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