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Y is recuperating from her transformation Her recovery is cut short however when a curse strikes New York City a spell targeted directly at the Legion of Angels Even as the Legion’s soldiers succumb to wrath jealousy and fear the beasts on the plains of monsters are growing in numbers and power And the longer Leda and her archangel lover Nero investigate these phe. Controversial 4 stars Yes I can believe I m giving this 4 stars either but you know what It felt rushed I couldn t savour these moments that have been building for 7 whole books because it kept skipping from problem to problem from one page to the next Instead of leveling up Gods and Guardians have made things complicated and shifted the focus of the book I think my enjoyment peaked at book 7 and now it was a little downhill On the plus side we were introduced to the most genius character and naturally it was the most awesomest of creaturesa kitten I m in loveAnd as always Nero was swoon even when he wasn t doing anything There was a lot to enjoy but it came and went far too fast

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Angels Flight Legion of Angels #8

Nomena the closer they come to the ancient secret that destroyed the Immortals and that now threatens to tear the Earth apart Angel’s Flight is the eighth book in the Legion of Angels series The Legion of Angels series Vampire's Kiss Witch's Cauldron Siren's Song Dragon's Storm Shifter’s Shadow Psychic’s Spell Fairy’s Touch Angel’s Flight Book 9 coming soo. Wow what a game changer It is getting harder and harder to talk about the book without spoilers so here goes my best attemptThe book picks right up where it left off Those who doubted Nero shouldn t have He is who we thought he was That said what he DOES have to say has very big implications that give you a hint to the rest of the book Nero and Leda are devoted to each other and will always act accordinglyIn this book we get to see Leda back with her friends after being separated last book and their interactions and jokes are as wonderful as ever Nero gives Leda a gift for when he is away from her that adds solid humor to the story I also suspect it isn t exactly what we think it is These interactions are some of the things that make the book stand out for me from others In this book Ella explores what it means for Leda to be an angel with her uniue heritage because as we have seen through out the books Leda is not like anyone else and that has lots of implications and challenges There is also an issue as the number of angels at any one time is capped because they have territorial instincts and only one territory was open and there are two newly made angels We also get Leda s angel nameNow for the plot I like how Ella plays on our expectations The dangers seem to be two fold the strange emotional outbreaks among the Legion solders and the beastsmonsters are acting up The cause for each were very interesting with huge implications and changes in our character s lives both large and small ways It also gives history of the world and the current factions and what some of the power players are up to I enjoyed watching Leda really grow and come into herself Her growth over the course of novels has been great and I love the choices she has made about who she wants to be and what she wants to represent I also loved getting to see of Nyx and other powerful characters as Leda approaches their power level No one is immune to Leda s brand of chaos and influence As for the end wow I m not sure I d call it a cliffhanger but Leda s next mission and therefore the likely plot of the next book was assigned to her and WOW I cannot wait to see how that goes

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The old saying is true Knowledge really is power especially when angels and gods play the game The original Immortals masters of magic once reigned over every world in the known universe until they suddenly vanished The gods and demons have been fighting over the remains of their fractured empire ever since Millennia later new angel Leda a soldier in the gods’ arm. OMGview spoiler a demon angel alliance hide spoiler

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    Loved it This series just keeps getting better and better There is never a dull moment with Leda I can't wait for the next bookHEA view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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    OMGview spoiler a demon angel alliance?? hide spoiler

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    Wow the best book in this series for sure So much has happened and I'm obviously not going to spoil anything but let me just say that this story is so worth reading the previous seven books This is like the after party with tons of famous important people and amazing drinks It just can't get any better than this OK maybe it can but not by much that's for sure Leda Nero and all of their friends and loved ones except for h

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    Controversial 4 stars Yes I can' believe I'm giving this 4 stars either but you know what? It felt rushed I couldn't savour

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    375 StarsOk I hope in the next book I will find out when this series is going to endDon’t get me wrong I like this series very much but it got too long now with few scenes were recycling from previous books and the story seems on and on and going nowhereI read long series with the same characters all the time gosh Eve Dallas an

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    35 StarsI can't pinpoint why this book doesn't get than 3 12 stars from me Leda and Nero's relationship was as strong and steady as ever which I really really appreciate btw Leda was still her snarky self and Nero still the arrogant and sexy hero Their flirting was on a whole nother level and I loved that seriously I wa

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    Well the trend continues this book was the best so far in the series So much changes in this one and I really can’t talk much about anything or I’ll spoil them all Needless to say Leda and Nero have to fight a villain

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    Wow what a game changer It is getting harder and harder to talk about the book without spoilers so here goes my best attemptThe book picks right up where it left off Those who doubted Nero shouldn't have He is who we thought he was That said w

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    Thank you Sharon J for recommending this book series to me This was an incredible read and uite possibly my favourite book of the series thus far Leda and Nero are my favourite characters still and as each book shows another layer to their characters my love for them grow In this instalment Leda Pandora aka the Angel of Chaos and

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    I enjoyed this series so much that I have read nothing else for the past couple of days There were obviously some spell woven into this book that's how good it was There were things I did not enjoy it is eight books long after all b

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