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Bloodring ( Read ) By Faith Hunter –

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The earth has plunged into an ice age and seraphs and demons fight a never ending battle while religious strife rages among the surviving humansThorn St Croix is no ordinary neomage All the others of her king mages who can twist leftover creation energy to their will were gathered together into Enclaves long ago There they live in luxurious confinement isolated from humans and exploited for their magic When Thorn's powers. Rogue Mage series Book 1 So if the Mercy ThompsonRachel Morgan books are your fair to middling examples of a well written urban fantasy series these Rogue Mage books have to be the ugly red headed stepchildren Because they re not well written At all But you know it s pretty much my own fault With an authorial pseudonym like Faith Hunter I should have realized what I was getting myself into Anyway Blood Ring takes place in a post apocalyptic small town of what s left of America after somewhere in the distant past angels came down from the heavens and smashed everything to bits with fire and brimstone and then took over as upper management Thorn St Croix yeah I know I know is the story s narrator a stone mage on the lam who casts all her spells via you guessed it crystals And then there s something about demons rising up from the deeps but to be honest my braincells stopped functioning around the part where Thorn started to go into an uncontrollable mage heat read lustful frenzy when within a twenty foot radius of a male descendant of ze Angels The only reason this gets even one star is for the author suggesting satirically via a secondary character that the angels might actually be aliens That was the one interesting part of the whole book

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Nearly drive her insane she escapes and lives as a fugitive disguised as a human channeling her gifts for war into stone magery and the pacific tasks of jewelry making But when Thaddeus Bartholomew a dangerously attractive policeman shows up on her doorstep and accuses her of kidnapping her ex husband she retrieves her weapons and risks revealing her identity to find him And for Thorn the punishment for revelation is deat. First in the Rogue Mage apocalyptic paranormal alternative history science fiction series aka Thorn St Croix and revolving around well Thorn St Croix a mage on the run currently living in Mineral City Carolina in the Appalachian MountainsMy TakeThis is a fascinating world Hunter has created It s so detailed and despite it being so dang cold it s a cozy world that still has too many terrors everywhere Swearing and blasphemy is punishable with branding Rock and roll has only recently come off the banned list Religious worship in different faiths is allowed only as long as there is no violence The overall arc is the challenge of a mage living illegally in hiding outside an Enclave and keeping out of the sight of seraphs and humansBloodring is primarily from a first person point of view Thorn s with the occasional touch of simple third person subjective As for the conflictholy cats I m not sure if Hunter left any out actually there are two that didn t slide in lol For the rest it s character vs character character vs fate character vs God character vs nature and character vs society with all those subplots going on the mage heat Thorn battles the fate the seraphs dangle before her the threats to Thorn for who she is from the seraphs and the town saving the town or not the threats to the Stanhope brothers Ciana s danger and what the daywalker wants PhewHunter folds in the backstory nicely although she does confuse me uite freuently There s plenty of foreshadowing for upcoming events in this story and in the next two stories in the series As for the eucatastrophe at the end it was a pip That sudden switch in the attitude of the townspeople toward Thorn still confuses the heck out of me I don t know if it was intended as a purposeful negative turnabout or what but it did not make any sense I d ve thought that being blessed by a seraph would convey a holy aura around someoneI love reading about the work Thorn Jacey and Rupert create for their shop The support they give each other the loveThorn does annoy me in that she never bothered to learn to deal with her abilities It also took me awhile to figure out what was going on with the Mistress and the daywalkerHunter keeps the action going and the tension up throughout Sometimes it s good sometimes it s horrifying but it s never boringThe StoryIt s been eighty seven years since the last great battle since the last plague set loose by the seraphs As a result the world is suffering a mini ice age where demons roam and seraphs rule where government gave way to strict rule by kirk elders To eliminate violenceNow Lucas has been attacked His latest wife is begging for seraph help and when a cop shows up accusing Thorn St Croix of kidnapping her ex husband the threat to Thorn intensifiesFor a seraph will know that Thorn is a mage She ll be tortured cruelly To death A slow deathThe CharactersThorn St Croix a stone neomage is in hiding To earn a living she works with gems creating jewelry that is in demand through the business Thorn s Gems she shares with two friends Homer is her horse Rose had been Thorn s twin sister a licensed mage Lemuel Hastings a rock hound had been Thorn s foster father The gay Rupert Stanhope with his thespian style is the second partner in the shop and is in love with Audric a salvage miner and a mule a crossbreed who came from the Seattle Enclave Jacey the third partner is married to Zedikiah Big Zed Sr and they have nine children total Zeddy is the oldest stepson Sissy is nineDetective Thaddeus Bartholomew is with the Carolina State Law Enforcement and is a Hand of the Law He is also unknowingly a child of the seraph Barayal a kylen as well as cousin to the Stanhope brothers Lucas Stanhope is Thorn s ex husband a woman chasing cheat Ciana is his eight year old daughter by a previous marriage Marla is Lucas nasty first wife Jane Hilton is Lucas third wife Rupert and Jason are Lucas brothers Their great grandfather Benaiah Stanhope was also known as the Mole Man a revered warrior who went underground with the seraphs Gramma is the Stanhope paternal grandmotherLaw Enforcement Center LECThorn and Audric report the attacks to Officer Litton Captain Durbarge is an Administration of the ArchSeraph Investigator AASI assey Richards is Durbarge s toadyMineral City Carolina isin the Appalachian Mountains Polly is wife to Elder Jasper the youngest elder Sennabel Schwartz the librarian is Jasper s mother Derek Culpepper s family is powerful wealthy and influential the patriarch is an Elder Shamus and Do rise Waldroup are bakers and his family has been part of Mineral City for over a hundred and seventy years Esmeralda Boyles Fergus Yardley a geologist Randall Prentice the moneyman behind the plans and Eli Walker who has a feldspar mine and does some tracking for the kirk and cops are at the town meeting Doc Hampford is the town veterinarianFazelle and Nova Henderson own the Henderson Shielded Mine Hoop Marks is one of the guides Hoop Jr is his second in command Malcolm Stone is a customerOliver Winston is an SNN reporter at large Tom Snead is an SNN anchor Emmanuelle Beasley is the newest female action starEnclaves arereservations both prison and safe zone to which neomages are restricted allowed out only with seraph permission Lolo is the head priestess of the New Orleans Enclave and had been a friend of Thorn s mother Stone earth metal and sea mages can twist leftover creation energy to their will and can only breed if they are in heat Second unforeseen children are half breeds half seraph and half humanEarth Invasion Heretics EIH isan organization that believes seraphs are aliens who came to invade our worldSeraphs areterrifying angels winged warriors who live in the Realms of Light Manhattan is one of them The Seraphic High Host is the seraph ruling council which declared mages are soulless and therefore lesser Michael is the ArchSeraph Chamuel is a seraph who bought a piece of Thorn s jewelry Other seraphs include Uriel Zaldkiel the seraph of solace and gentleness Raziel the revealer of the rock and a ruling prince chief of the supreme mysteries and Adonal the angel of punishment Azrael is a death seraph who brought plague to Paris 1000 lived Twin seraphs Mordad and Murdad destroyed Jerusalem and Mecca Metatron destroyed Washington DC They were only a few of the many cities destroyed in the first plagueThe Mistress Amethyst Holy Amethyst is a Being of Light a Power of Light a member of the High Host and similar to a seraph The navcone is the navigation nosecone of her ship using the energy of creationMages and kylen have an almost instant undeniable sexual attraction think going into heat Such a mating is forbiddenThe Dark isevil demons and spawn that roam the dark hunting people Dragons are Major Powers who battled the seraphs Daywalkers are spawn who claim humans for sex or food Malashe el is the spawn who kidnapped Lucas A rogue mage is one who has gone over to the Dark A blood demon is a Dark spirit who uses human bodies moving through bloodlinesThe Cover and TitleThe cover is vivid in its green battle of a background with a vibrant Thorn in profile wearing black leather carrying a gun with a sword sheathed on her back and a swirl of red around her The title is in white and spans the center of the cover with the author s name also in white at the bottomThe title is a recurrence a thick ring of bloody red encircling the moon a Bloodring an omen

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In a novel filled with exhilarating action and lush imagery Faith Hunter portrays a near future world caught in the throes of an ambiguous apocalypse where a woman with everything to hide finds her destiny revealedNo one thought the apocalypse would be like this The world didn't end And the appearance of seraphs heralded three plagues and a devastating war between the forces of good and evil More than a hundred years later. A 4 10 female riding a Fresian A stallion no less Granted they aren t hot blooded but I m still struggling with the practicality of that combination And likewise someone else riding a Clydesdale snorts Don t get me wrong it s done But it is far from practical far from comfortable especially traveling long distances It s like straddling an oil drumThis is one of those instances where it really does pay to stay within the bounds of realism for the sake of your readership Because though every other aspect of the story seems well written and authentically portrayed this issue with the horseflesh arose in the very first scene Eighty pages later I haven t been able to let it drop Worrying at it like a dog with a bone

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    35 stars but rounding up for the apocalyptic ice age setting which sounds pretty nice right about now what with the last election we're ever gonna have coming up and the world ending shortly thereafter Just kidding?AnyhowThis book is a unusual blend of almost everything I like to see in urban fantasy with the ex

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    A 4'10 female riding a Fresian? A stallion no less? Granted they aren't hot blooded but I'm still struggling with the practicality of that comb

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    Let me just say how shocked I am that I didn't like this book I love Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series But I really really didn't like Bloodring I listened through the whole audiobook convinced that eventually I'd care for the heroine care for the plot but I didn't It's just too much too post apocalypticnew ice age too high fantasy too

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    There's a lot of potential in this book but there isn't enough actual to keep me going I mean the whole angels and

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    Rogue Mage series Book 1 | So if the Mercy ThompsonRachel Morgan books are your fair to middling examples of a well written urban fantasy series these Rogue Mage books have to be the ugly red headed stepchildren Because they're not well written At all But you know it's pretty much my own fault With an authorial pseudonym like 'Faith Hunter' I should have realized what I was getting myself into Anyway Blood Ring takes place in a post apoc

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    45 stars Too much telling but a credible debut novelAlthough a little confusing at times the world building in Faith Hunter’s debut novel is superb There is a lot of telling but for all that it is filled with the flashes of the brilliance we see in her Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series It is easy to see that this is her early work A very different dystopian with seraphs angels and demons The church is in ascendance and there

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    Faith Hunter imagines a post Apocalyptic world filled with seraphs Dark beings and mages as well as ordinary humans Thorn St Croix

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    As a general rule I won't rate a book that I DNF and read less than 50% So no rating Bloodring well the 40% I read before I walked away is a bit of a disaster It's monotonous the characters are remote the storywell you would think by 40% I would have a vague idea of what's going on but honestly I had no idea F

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    First in the Rogue Mage apocalyptic paranormal alternative history science fiction series aka Thorn St Croix and revolving around well Thorn St Croix a mage on the run currently living in Mineral City Carolina in the Appalachian MountainsMy TakeThis is a fascinating world Hunter has created It's so detailed and despite it being so

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    This book is huge Not so much because of the length of the book but the sheer amount packed in here especially this really original world Honestly if someone has sold this book to me as a post rapture word a world after the book of Revelations a world where the angels came down and massacred huge chunks of humanity I would be leery But what about that world where the angels never confirmed any one religion? What about w

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