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Eucalyptus Pdf or epub By Murray Bail

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F eucalyptus trees then decrees that only the suitor who can name each and every one of them will be worthy to marry his beautiful daughter Ell. There s a very fairy tale like uality about this book that I liked a lot and the very Australian flavor of the narration made it a highly unusual read for me as well I have some issues with the passivity of the heroine which isn t a terribly surprising thing given the heavy fairy tale flavor of the story but found it a worthwhile read anywayThis novel s all about how a man named Holland in Australia has planted hundreds of species of eucalyptus trees on his ranch and how he proclaims that the man who names them all will win the hand of Ellen his beautiful daughter Very definitely a fairy tale sort of task and with that laying the groundwork for the plot we get several other things you d expect in a fairy tale as well the remote location the nearby tiny village dozens of dauntless suitors who fall by the wayside a challenger at last who Ellen does not want and who breezes through the task as if he were born to it And of course we have a mysterious wanderer who captures Ellen s heart by spinning her dozens of stories and whose disappearance sends Ellen spiraling into a decline until he finally returns at the end to prove himself victorious over her father s challengeAll very nice and overall I really had only two small issues with the story One was that sometimes the narration was too self aware making comments about paragraphs and full stops and such While it was generally to make a point about something going on in the story such as comparing paragraphs to paddocks often than not it came across to me as too roundabout At least twice it made me think for fuck s sake get on with it And I m generally a very patient readerNow that said it did indeed eventually Get On With It and I also acknowledge that there was a certain art and style to Bail s prose that I do have to appreciate It fit in with the whole idea of Telling a Story an art which he clearly loves since the hero of this tale was himself a storyteller Telling stories orally is an art in and of itself even separate from telling them in the written word and Bail blended them well here It helped me a lot I think to start imagining the voice of the narrator with an Australian accent and suddenly the rhythm of the words started coming together for meMy other uibble was with Ellen who had a passivity about her that irritated me Sure this is kind of classic when you re dealing with fairy tales certainly Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Snow White and even my beloved Rapunzel don t do much to uphold the virtues of feminine spine And sure the setting of the story fairly modern though it came across had a sort of timeless uality about it that seemed to encourage the fairy tale tropes But not once did Ellen ever actually object to her father s scheme of marrying her off to a man who could name all of his trees Not once did she actually vocalize any objections to Cave the challenger who systematically worked his way through the entire plantation rattling off the names of the trees and proceeding closer and closer to the prize her Instead of actually telling her father Look Dad about this whole marriage thing I actually really like this guy I ve been talking to out in the trees instead of telling anybody anything she just lays down and pines herself sick Very classic fairy tale princess behavior But to me a modern feminist inclined reader irritating nonethelessThere are remarks made here and there all throughout the story about how Holland is rud to have his daughter locked up but really he s done nothing of the kind Ellen s movements aren t constrained and Holland in his way comes across as a father who s just anxious to make sure that if he has to hand off his daughter to anybody it ll be to a man he can respect I just wish that once Ellen would have asserted herself because while I wanted to like her I didn t respect herNow as to stuff I really really liked the Storyteller we never get his name was very very cool I loved how he wove stories to capture Ellen s fancy and I loved the way he wandered in and out of them sometimes leaving off just when your attention is hooked and you re anxious to know what the hell happens next I liked his interactions with Ellen even when he wasn t actively telling a story as well and I especially liked the scene where he comes across her naked and very solemnly very respectfully helps her back into her clothes Every word in that scene was charged with tension and the beauty of it is that at no point does Bail ever come right out and say that our boy would really rather be taking Ellen s clothes off of her It doesn t need to be said The words chosen to describe his actions convey that beautifullyAnd I did not see it coming that he actually won the challenge before Cave did because he was the one who brought all the nameplates for the trees to the plantation I loved that And I loved that the Sprunt sisters fancifully referred to in passing as witches adding to the fairy tale nature of the story clued him in about where Ellen would be likely to wander and that he went looking for Ellen to win her directly rather than going to her father firstEven aside from the limp dishrag of a heroine I m glad I read this book just to enjoy Murray Bail s prose very full of character and very much an example of the art of telling a Story

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The idea that Holland's daughter was like the princess locked in the tower of a damp castle was of course false After all she was living on a p. I found this to be an enjoyable modern day fairy tale written in a rather unusual way The prose is outstandingly beautiful and needs to be read slowly and carefully but at the same time the central story demands the reader s attention and there is an urgency to get to the end and find out what happens Then the author introduces a character who tells stories These are necessary to the overall story but at the same time I was a little annoyed at having to take constant diversions But then there was the delightful twist to the tale at the very end and I forgave Mr Bail everything I can see why this book won awards

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Roperty in western New South Wales Once upon a time on a property in western New South Wales a man named Holland plants hundreds of varieties o. Jan 2015I ve recently read this for the third time and relished the opportunity to slow down and enjoy Bail s language and the slow and intricate windings of the multiple stories which make up this treasure of a bookThe main narrative line is a clever and gentle adaptation of a traditional folk tale form transformed in its relocation to an isolated Australian farm The seemingly impossible uest set by a father for suitors of his daughter is to name all the Eucalyptus trees he has planted on his property Unwelcome suitors arrive and fail No heads lost they are just sent packingAll the while the unassuming eventual winner is present and sets out to woo the daughter herself rather than the father by telling stories inspired by the trees Very nicely I thought the father has previously warned his beautiful daughter to beware of any man who deliberately tells a story it s worth asking when a man starts concocting a story in front of you Why is he telling it What does he want pp52 53 When the stranger appears and starts to tell stories they are so unlike anything Ellen has heard before that she is entranced The stranger s stories are all inspired by the eucalyptus trees their names ironbark bloodwood fuchsia gum their flowers the shapes of their leaves and their habit droopingweeping upright a guard or sentinel Ellen took little notice of the eucalypts behind the stories she allowed the world which was his and far beyond to come to her His roundabout way of telling one story after another depended on imagination and a breadth of experience and meant he was spending hours with her and her alone revealing a little of himself at a time only to disappear whenever he felt like it Sometimes with just a brief wave To be then left surrounded by nothing but grey trunks and a near absence of anything stirring added a scratchy unsatisfied uality to the silence Eucalypts are notorious for giving off an inhospitable unsympathetic air p159But as the determined unwanted suitor approved of by her father nears the end of his task Ellen becomes overwhelmed with an elaborate flowing looseness and turns to her bed lies there for days gradually fading She turns over the stories told her by the still unnamed stranger The way the stories began in a time worn way had relaxed her There was an old woman who lived at the foot of a dark mountain The uality of miracles has declined over the years Off the coast of Victoria was a wife of a lighthouse keeper who became addicted to kite flying p219The stories are elaborate elliptical unexpected in their twists and turns Ellen sees that Many were about daughters or women almost reuiring a man for themselves A woman finds a man and something unfortunate happens It doesn t last There were certainly stories about women than men she could see It wasn t necessary to count them up A daughter can never become a separate woman not really Fathers had strong and impassive positions in the world of stories too Many of his stories concerned a father or how he s clean forgotten his daughter thereby introducing a note of real sadness The women seemed to be searching or waiting for something else something almost indefinable but extra nevertheless such as a solution somewhere else or with someone she at once saw and recognised These were women who followed the idea of hope It seems to be their greatest obedience None of the stories is conventional Some are poignant some simultaneously unhappy and funny the couple who dislike each other and speak to each other only through their dog Some are about women trapped in a situation they wish to escape and sometimes a means of escape is offered They are integral to the progress of the central story the story of Ellen her father and the suitorsMichael Hulse in the Spectator called Eucalyptus a masterpiece Of the other review comments I have read this comment from the Judging Panel of the Miles Franklin Literary Award is beautifully succinct In his characteristically elegant and deceptively sparse manner Bail demonstrates the importance of narratives of story telling as a way of acuiring and learning about one s self and one s place It reconstitutes traditional romance conventions the father setting an impossible task for those who would win the hand of his daughter and rewrites them for Australia so that it is simultaneously local and universal in its orientation Eucalyptus won the 1999 Miles Franklin which is Australia s major annual literary award

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    I found this to be an enjoyable modern day fairy tale written in a rather unusual way The prose is outstandingly b

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    There go those blurbs again tricking me into thinking that I could actually enjoy the book Best courtship story it said New York Times Notable Book of the Year it saidHolland acuires a land and then eventually becomes obsessed with planting eucalyptus trees in it His daughter Ellen grows up to be a beauty and he decides he will let the man who can name all species of eucalypti in his land marry his daughter Dozens of suitors tried to no av

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    Nothing else I guess Eucalyptus lives up to its title It’s about a man whose wife dies while giving birth to their daughter The man collects the life insurance moves to a small town in western New South Wales

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    After getting a hefty insurance cheue because he wagered his wife would have twins one is still born Holland buys an almost treeless property in western New South Wales His wife has passed away; he has only his little girl Ellen He's no farmer He starts planting eucalyptus trees on the farm and it soon turns into a hobby then an obsession Hol

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    Jan 2015I've recently read this for the third time and relished the opportunity to slow down and enjoy Bail's language and the slow and intricate windings of the multiple stories which make up this treasure of a bookThe main narrative line is a clever and gentle adaptation of a traditional folk tale form transformed in its relocati

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    “A person meets thousands of different people across a lifetime a woman thousands of different men of all shades and many if she constantly passes through different parts of the world Even so of the many different people a person on average meets it is rare for one to fit almost immediately in harmony and general intere

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    There's a very fairy tale like uality about this book that I liked a lot and the very Australian flavor of the narration made it a highly unusual read for me as well I have some issues with the passivity of the heroine which isn't a terribly surprising thing given the heavy fairy tale flavor of the story but found it a wo

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    Eucalyptus is a fairy tale and contains all the elements you would expect in a fairy tale recast in a rural Australian setting – there’s mythical beauty a princess trapped in her castle suitors from distant lands and an enchanted forest Whether it’s the Australian setting or Bail’s cleverly created characters the story comes across as wholly believable which in itself is magical Each chapter is named after a s

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    2 hour trip to botanical gardens fun and interesting 200 page book about every eucalyptus known to man dreadfulwoman allowing father to marry her off to stranger who wins an insufferable tree naming contest in a fairy tale uaintin modern society substantially irritating

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    This peculiar uniue book really appealed to me and when I finished I considered starting it all over again It's a physical

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