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  • Kindle Edition
  • 250
  • Owned by the Badman Russian Bratva #1
  • Hayley Faiman
  • English
  • 15 September 2018
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10 thoughts on “Owned by the Badman Russian Bratva #1

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    Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thought this was called Owned by the BaTman DYeah so me being me I had to read this one And I sort

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    35 StarsMafia Check List1 Scary men √2 Kidnapping √3 Horrible trauma for heroine √4 Hero needs a kick to the head √5 Steam √6 Some violence √7 Control √A young ballerina who is used to being controlled her whole life is now bein

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    1 Star Started off good and then took a serious plunge soon after what a disaster Spoilers AheadFor all of my Safety Gang People OMG this isn't close to being safe It was actually repulsive and although I have my hard limits I also can be flexible to a point but thisthiswas just a big fat NO for me personally OMGthis was bad and if this is th

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 starsI loved how sweet this was Insta love but uniue and not truly it that makes sense A great Bratva book I really liked the middle which can be uite rare Usually the beginning and end are the best Although some parts of the middle I hated I did not like Gregori and the stuff with himHaleigh is sweet and shy She is a ballerina with a strict mother and absentee father They lose their fortune and sell of

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    Could've been betterAs much as I want to like this book I can't It had a lot of information about the bratva and that's what I really liked This book reeled me in when I read that there was an arranged marriage However most of the r

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    Hailll to the no Nope One of the worst books I've ever read ever Rat bastard Maxim RUINED this potentially good story for me Never in my entire reading existence have I encountered a selfish undeserving pantie waste of a human being who claims to be the hero of the book I can't put into words how much I was disgusted with him but I'm sure

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    Definitely no hearts and flowers This is a true mafia book it does not make any part of the mafia life look good or romantic So if you are looking for that this isn't your thingThere is lots of violence and sex Max is very hard to like he treats Haleigh like crap about 85% of the book Haleigh makes you want to bang your head on your reading device and scream WHY?? Well Max makes you do that tooSo if you are up for all t

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    Haleigh was a doormat She simply accepted everything no matter how horrible Her passiveness irritated the hell out of me because it didn't only affect her actions but her thoughts It was as if abuse from her parents warped her brain turning her into a meek pathetic creature OTOH it appeared that her parents had virtually nothing to do with her since they had her spend every waking moment on ballet from the t

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    Mild for a mafia bookHaleigh has been conditioned all her life to be perfect Her mother and father sells her to

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    First off the title is misleading The badman isn't really all that bad usually I felt like a lot of times everyone was schizophrenic He would be unfeeling and love bloodshed one second and then be crying the next Bratva men do not cry near as often as Maxim did I mean it was like 5times and usually in front of

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Owned by the Badman Russian Bratva #1

Ance to know love Maxim is not a good man His strength is foreboding and his handsome features are merely a distraction for the dangerous person that lies beneath When he collects a debt by way of a beautiful ballerina bride he relishes in the fact that he owns something so pure so innocent so undeniably his Yet Haleigh is better than he ever expected and it is not long before his ownership begins to turn into something much much But wh. Hailll to the no Nope One of the worst books I ve ever read ever Rat bastard Maxim RUINED this potentially good story for me Never in my entire reading existence have I encountered a selfish undeserving pantie waste of a human being who claims to be the hero of the book I can t put into words how much I was disgusted with him but I m sure as shit gonna try So here goes Some spoilers may be ahead Let me start by saying I liked how Maxim didn t immediately become pussy whipped with Haliegh He kept up his bad boy image for longer than is usual and I liked that That being said I DID NOT like how he went and slept with the whore Catia because he was afraid his goddamn WIFE couldn t handle what he had to offer My god dude Pull your head out of your ass ARGH Like are you for real So after I got over the initial disgust of him sleeping around on his WIFE I thought Ok maybe he redeems himself Everyone makes mistakes right I ll give him a second chance Boy was I wrong I should have cut and run when I could The hits just kept on coming Maxim tell me this your PREGNANT wife gets taken because you re an idiot but you no doubt have knowledge of what s going to happen to her while being in captivity I m talking about rape here buddy but in case you don t know what that is look it up Because that s exactly what your PREGNANT wife went through Rape And when you get her back through absolutely no effort on your part you have the BALLS to call her a whore For being raped How does that make sense To anyone YOU RE THE WHORE FOR KNOWINGLY AND WITTINGLY CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE For God s sake My disgust levels know no bounds with you Why Miss Faiman did you have to write such a man whorebaby for a hero Ok so after the disastrous rape and reconciliation of husband and wife I thought again Maybe just maybe they can work it out I ll consider this Second Chance 25 I shouldn t have had faith Like the coward he is Maxim runs off to Russia to deal with his PREGNANT wife s captors though at this point I have zero faith in his abilities so I don t hold my breath Anyway we see Maxim in Russia surprise surprise getting his dick sucked by some Russian whore in some Russian whore house I can honestly say at this point I wasn t surprised just disgusted This goes on for a while so long in fact he misses the birth of his child Nothing surprising here right It keeps going Maxim suddenly remembers he has a sister so he searches her out in Russia between his whoring and eventually finds her brings her home to America dumps her off with Haleigh and Dmitri then scurries off back to Russia Did I mention his son is born and at said house Sigh I just can t After he leaves again COWARD and Haleigh don t even get me started on her MAXIM HIT YOU AND YET YOU STILL KEEP HOPING HE COMES BACK Why Your desperation baffles Anyway after Haleigh decides to grow the balls in the relationship I called it uits I was done No My loathing for Maxim at this point was through the roof and I was afraid I would pop a vein in my eye or something Needless to say I wouldn t wish this book on my worst enemy I d rather step on a lego than read this again I hope Maxim gets eaten alive by ants I hope Haleigh opens her eyes and accepts Dmitri That s what I m going to believe because it s the only acceptable scenario to me There were actually way issues I had with this book like Maxim killing Haleigh s parents Is nobody going to talk about that I know they re heinous people but did you have to kill them in the house where your wife sleeps Have some respect asshole SAVE YOUR SANITY AND DON T READ THIS DISASTER OF A BOOK

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En the darkness of Maxim’s past comes back to haunt him the illusion of love’s safety is shattered Maxim’s demons seek to destroy everything he holds dear Suddenly being owned by the badman is worse than Haleigh imagined In order to protect her Maxim has to decide just how bad he can be and if letting go is the best choice Recommended for readers 18 due to graphic sexual content violence language and sexual abuse possible triggers. Mild for a mafia bookHaleigh has been conditioned all her life to be perfect Her mother and father sells her to Maxim who is part of the Russian MafiaShe never even got to meet him before the wedding however he always went to see her dance You have some twist and betrayals however I found the book to be pretty mild for a mafia book

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Haleigh knows nothing of love Raised to be no than the ballerina her mother could never be she eats sleeps and breathes dance Then when she is blindsided by the news that her parents have arranged for her to be married she does as she has always done exactly as she is told However despite the fact that the man she is to call her husband is a complete stranger Haleigh cannot help but hope that maybe just maybe she will finally get the ch. 35 StarsMafia Check List1 Scary men 2 Kidnapping 3 Horrible trauma for heroine 4 Hero needs a kick to the head 5 Steam 6 Some violence 7 Control A young ballerina who is used to being controlled her whole life is now being traded to a new person who wants to own her but in a much different way It s a life for a life kind of debt one which she got the better end of the deal than the ones who traded her A Russian mafia man whom has wanted her for so long but needed a way to be in her presence one where she will actually know he s around The perfect deal falls into his lap Who is he to resist this temptation of owning his perfect womanLife is messy There are secrets Certain things are hidden from the past There will be revenge There will be pain sadness trauma regret and finally a way to forgiveness and redemption Will it all be worth it in the end for these two to get to their HEA Take a ride through the ups and downs of two lonely people who only desire happiness and love with each other If they can help it Favorite things in regards to art1 Cover2 The script on the cover3 Pictures next to the Hh s names

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