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Ars What the pirates didn t expect was that the crew would fight back nor did they expect Captain Phillips to offer himself as a hostage in exchange for the safety of his crew a courageous gesture that resulted in his being held captive on a tiny life boat off the anarchic gun plagued coast of Somalia And so began a tense five day stand off which ended in a daring high seas rescu

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A Captain's Duty

Th April was just an ordinary day for year old Richard Phillips captain of the United States registered cargo vessel the Maersk Alabama as it headed towards the port of Mombasa Ordinary that is until two hundred or so miles off the east coast of Africa armed Somali pirates attacked and boarded the freighter It was the first time an American cargo ship had been hijacked in over ye

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E by US Navy SEALs In A Captain s Duty Richard Phillips tells his own extraordinary story that of an ordinary man who did what he saw as his duty and in so doing became a hero It is a thrilling true tale of adventure and courage in the face of deprivation death threats and mock executions and also a compulsively readable first hand account of the terrors of high seas hostage taki

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