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Summary McIlhenny's Gold How a Louisiana Family Built the Tabasco Empire E-pub ↠ Jeffrey Rothfeder – TXT or Kindle eBook

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Igid code of family loyalty clings to tradition and the old ways of doing business Yet by fiercely protecting its beloved brand and refusing to sell out to big food conglomerates this family business has run circles around its competitors churning out annual revenues that have surpassed everyone's expectationsA delectable and satisfying read for both Tabasco fans and business buffs McIlhenny's Gold is the untold story of the continuing success of an eccentric private company; a lively history of one of the most popular consumer products of all times; and an exploration of our desire to test the limits of human tolerance for fiery foo. DNF No StarsMy review of this book can be found on my Youtube Vlog at

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McIlhenny's Gold How a Louisiana Family Built the Tabasco Empire

The story of the powerful McIlhennys of Louisiana who turned hot peppers into a Tabasco fortuneAfter the Civil War ended Edmund McIlhenny an ambitious and tenacious Louisiana businessman found himself with few prospects The South's economy in ruins and his millions of dollars in Confederacy currency worthless he had no choice but to return with his wife Mary to her family home in Avery Island a former sugar plantation destroyed by Union soldiersTo McIlhenny's surprise the hot peppers he had planted before being forced off the island had flourished Desperate to start a new business he chopped up the peppers combined them with salt and. How A Louisiana Family Built The Tabasco Empire is uite a story Most people know about the tabasco empire that the Mcilhenny family built on Avery Island in the bayou south of New Orleans but until now little was known about the crazy story and internecine politics that made the business the relative powerhouse it is today Not surprisingly one of the very traits that made it such a success from it s founding in the years preceding the Civil War family control is one of the things that will likely be its undoing Now run by the fifth generation of the descendants of Edmund McIlhenny a refugee from Balti who structured it as a privately held corporation but with the increasing number of family mouths to feed the declining profits in the 21st century make it increasingly unlikely it will be able to continue wo being changed into a public company that will give it an infusion of cash to growmodernize and release it from the in bred management style that has characterized the company since its inceptionThe book was written with little help from the McIlhenny family a notoriously closed bunch except for input from the disgruntled family members not pleased with the current generation of poor and ill conceived management that oversees the dispersal of profits to family shareholders The company is built on the lie that the founder Edmund McIlhenny started the company with a handful of Tabasco pepper plants given to him before the Civil War by a fellow named Friend Gleason nice southern name right and through considerable efforts raised these beautiful peppers which through trial and error he managed to produce the recipe for Tabasco sauce that the company still adheres to and closely guards with the use of copyright attorneys today But as the author points out there was no such person by that name it was contrived by Edmund and the fact is that there was a sauce made with these same peppers for 20 years before McIlhenny s produced their first batch of the stuff Nonetheless their product was well liked by the locals who coming from the Caribbean Africa and other parts of the world where hot spices were used to improve the flavor of otherwise bland foods Over time one McIlhenny passed the reins of the corporation to one relative after another and some of them had a knack for business and agriculture to make the company prosper some didn t but with one notable exception there has only been one non family member at the helm of the corporation and he was removedreplaced with fat Paul McIlhenny who felt he was the rightful heir to the position in the first place Not liking the direction his predecessor took over the company by investing in large advertising campaigns which happened to increase market share well beyond his non familial precursor Paul also replaced a number of the management staff and returned the company to its insular ways where it is today at the conclusion of the book in 2003One of the interesting aspects of this story is the relationship between the family and the members of the labor force that produce the product from the fields to the modest factory Located in Avery Island where labor is scarce the family essentially takes the form of latter day plantation owners and in fact built one of the first company run towns in the country They realized that to keep labor down and family profits up they needed to secure a reliable source of cheap labor They did this by building houses on the Island for the CreoleCajun laborers employed by the factory Not doing so meant they were dependent on shipping laborers from the nearby town of Lafayette which likely meant missed days of work due to lack of transportation drunkenness etc Over time Avery island came to house schools a church and stores for the workers but as you can imagine the life they lead while reasonably good by the standards of the surrounding community was a far cry from the life the McIlhenny family lead in the manse Still the wretched wages paid and the fact that they employed a stratified labor force blacks pick the peppers but are not allowed to live in company housing except for the house staff creoles work the factory and whites manage the operation leaves one with the idea that they are carrying on a form of slavery characteristic of the antebellum south All in all this is a very interesting and well told story

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Vinegar and produced the first batch of hot pepper sauce Or so the story goes He called the sauce TabascoIn this fascinating history Jeffrey Rothfeder tells how from a simple idea the outgrowth of a handful of peppers planted on an isolated island on the Gulf of Mexico a secretive family business emerged that would produce one of the best known products in the world In short order McIlhenny's descendants would turn Tabasco into a gold mine and an icon of pop culture making it as recognizable as far bigger brands such as Coca Cola and KleenexTo this day the McIlhenny Co still run by a family of matchless characters who believe in a r. What an interesting story and the efforts to stay 1

10 thoughts on “McIlhenny's Gold How a Louisiana Family Built the Tabasco Empire

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    How A Louisiana Family Built The Tabasco Empire is uite a story Most people know about the tabasco empire that the Mcilhenny family built on Avery Island in the bayou south of New Orleans but until now little was

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    Very interesting history of the family that started Tabasco sauce Well researched A bit slow at times but overall very entertaining filled with fun facts about peppers New Orleans cooking farming the Civil War etc

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    I would probably give this book 25 stars but rounded up It was very informative about the beginnings of the Tabasco company challenges they’ve faced over the last 100 years and how they’ve overcome them or failed to overcome them I was hoping for information on the structure of how dividends and voting shares

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    A detailed well researched history of the McIlhenny family and their world famous Tabasco Sauce of which I am a great fan I enjoyed the detailed history of the founding of the company and the transfer among second and thi

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    Category A Book With An Element From the Periodic Table In The TitleA fascinating history of the Tobasco empire how it was built from nothing to the massive cultural empire icon that it is todayAlthough not my favorite in this genre I enjoyed the history presented and the characters portrayed It focuses perhaps a bit to its detriment on the

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    What an interesting story and the efforts to stay #1

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    Interesting story of how tabasco sauce was made and maintained throughout the decades Learn how the McIlhenny's family ran a pepper

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    DNF No StarsMy review of this book can be found on my Youtube Vlog at

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    I'm sure a lot of the reason this book was interesting was that it is Louisiana and it talks about business and family Having been published a few years back it does feel a little incomplete but worth the read

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    Rothfeder tells the story of a remarkable family one that literally rose from the ashes of the Civil War to create a hugely successful busine

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