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[PDF/EPUB] Les Petites Reines ✓ Clémentine Beauvais

Summary Les Petites Reines

It around crying about itWell yes a bit but not for long Climbing aboard their bikes the trio set off on a summer roadtrip to Paris their goal a garden party with the French president As news of their trip sp. This book Piglettes in English is what I call a good surprise A really good one I hadn t expected to like this book as much as I didThree girls Mireille Astrid and Hakima find themselves being awarded the Gold Silver and Bronze trotters by their classmates after a vote took place on this Facebook For Mireille it s her third time and the fact that the guy who created this award was once her childhood best friend is something she cannot let go of These three girls decide to go to Paris with their bikes and Hakima s brother Kader who is going with his wheelchair to attend a garden party at the lys e How are they going to fund this trip By selling black white and vegetarian pudding How ironicThis book was extremely funny it made me laugh a lot that was unexpected but nice I enjoyed the girls and I liked Kader as well I liked their relationships It wasn t a groundbreaking story it had some ableist language and I didn t always agree with what it said about feminism but it set an interesting discussion on how fat people are being perceived and discriminated against in our societyIt honestly was a sweet story I had such a good reading time I m not sure I d reread it but it s definitely a book I see myself recommending in the future375

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Les Petites Reines

Reads they become stars of social media and television With the eyes of the nation upon them the girls find fame friendship and happiness and still have time to consume an enormous amount of food along the wa. FRUn moment sympa une belle pop e et un humour d capant ENI read this book because I suggested it for my class I had to know what my students were about to readI really loved Mireille s humor it brightened the entire book Because well let s say it the subject is uite heavy Beauty its standards and ugliness These girls are deemed fat lumps if we translate boudins in English That s awful And Mireille s strength is exemplary But clearly she s just hiding what she really feels rejection from about everybody be it her mother her father or students in her class She made my heart ache I wanted to hug her About the story I really liked the idea but I got a bit bored in the middle Really the thing that kept me reading is the style Mireille s way to tell things It was great really I laughed at loud sometimes just with the cat s name Babyboule My I find it so funny Then Mireille s elouence her poetic gushes I loved her relationship with her mom we feel their love even if they don t express it And I really really wanted her to ackowledge Philippe The ending was not at all disappointing uite the opposite in fact I didn t think it would end this way but it was better than what I expected view spoilerMostly I loved the way Philippe is considered Mireille s father because really he is in everything but blood And I already knew that Patricia s book would be published But I really believed that Klaus knew Mireille was his daughter It surprised me hide spoiler

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Awarded the Gold Silver and Bronze trotters after a vote by their classmates on Facebook Mireille Astrid and Hakima are officially the three ugliest girls in their school but does that mean they're going to s. Piglettes was one of the worst books I have read this year and a huge disappointment I can t even This is correct I didn t even wanted to give it 2 stars this was so generous of me I have never had so many issues with a book before and I wanted to like this book it had soo much potential and the premise was so intriguing and good and also the cover looks pretty cute boy have I been so wrong I hated it sorry guys I just did Do not get me wrong the fact that I hated this book does not mean you would not like it too We live in a 21st century and I live in a republic and democratic country which means that I am allowed to express my own opinion even if it is different than yours or yours or his or hers ect Yes you get what I mean In fact I do encourage you to read it so you could make your own opinion and share it usSYNOPSIS SPOILER FREE We have 3 girls that go to the same school and all 3 are the finalists of the Pig Pageant contests that take place in Facebook and it is run by all students that go that school If you have no idea that Pig Pageant is in short it is a cyber bullying kind of game that students do the pick up the 3 most ugly and fat girls in the school Awesome right This premise got me intrigued and I thought oh wow this would be a very deep and heartfelt read and there is diversity and stuff I will get to that point now these 3 girls eventually become friends we have Mireille which is basically the team leader of the 3 Astrid the winner of the contest that has recently moved to the city and Hakima that is Arabic I guess so yeah there is a lot of diversity and this is one of the main reasons why I was expecting so much from this book And they decide to go on the adventure of their life from their town sorry I forgot it too complicated to remember to Paris by bike That would be 7 days of cycling Each one of them has her reasons to go to Paris and these reasons happen to intersect at the same time at the same place in ParisThis is it now I am going to talk about thePOSITIVE THINGS This book is written by the French author Cl mentine Beauvais This book is about France There is diversity Friendship NEGATIVE SECTION BE AWARE OF SPOILERS SO DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED Now I don t even know where to begin with At the beginning it was OK there were some funny parts but then it stroke me why the hell is Mireille being such a btch with her mother Like hellooo you are just 15 could you just shut the f up and stop barking back at your mother and asking her why did she sleep with an ugly man like your father Like girl you got some issues and you need a psychologist I get that you are upset and you do not feel alright with your self but what the hell and her mother is just taking it as if it something normal No I AM NOT OK WITH THIS ATTITUDE SORRY FOLKS Another thing I cannot get they literally met on the same goddamn day and have already planned to go to Paris cycling for 7 daysRewinding two of them are nearly 16 and one of them is 14 Are we for real Is this a joke Where are the hidden camsOhh it gets better I promise Hakima s brother who is an ex solder on a wheelchair missing both his legs total respect for those people this is by no means meant to be offensive nor anything in those lines decided to accompany them for the trip and their parents be like oh sure Kader is going with them why not let them go here take these sausages made by Mireille grandparents in one day take this trailer to carry the sausages and the other stuff you might need for the travel oh here is a solar battery to charge the little fridge here is the license to sell foodhelloooo PARENTING LEVEL BELLOW ZERO Guysss I cannot comprehend thiss I just found it to be ridiculous at last and sending wrong messages to younger audience that might read this book It promotes that It is OK to talk back to your parents and treat them like they are your age It is OK to want something and get it your way no matter what It is OK to think of doing something hugee like cycling for 7 days at 15 and you would get attention for it and get some kind of revenge to those that have bullied you This are the messages I get from this book I just want to uote a couple of dialogues that got me like WTF You can t go You are not even allowed to sell food You will poison everyoneUhmmm what You daughter might get in some much serious trouble by cycling 7 days alone with 1 girl younger than her and another her age and all you worry is that she will poison someone because she does not have food selling license I jut wanted to throw the books at that moment if had I have the hard copyI am going to wrap it up because I could keep going on all night Over all I gave it 15 stars rounded to 2 only because there was diversity in this book and I appreciated it It was the worst book I have read this year which was really disappointing I hated it but you should read so you could experience it It might not deliver the same emotions it did to me so you might end up liking it which I hope so

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    I loved the Sesame Seade series a hilarious and smart middle grade mystery trilogy from Clémentine Beauvais Piglettes shows us as if we didn't already know that Clém has a uniue voice in fiction This is her first YA novel translated into English by herself I might add from her 2015 French novel Les Petites Reines Pigl

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    Piglettes was one of the worst books I have read this year and a huge disappointment I can't even This is correct I didn't even wanted to give it 2 stars this was so generous of me I have never had so many issues with a book before and I wanted to like this book it had soo much potential and the premise was so intriguing and goo

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    Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to NetGalley Pubishers and authorThis is funny coming of age

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    This book — Piglettes in English — is what I call a good surprise A really good one I hadn't expected to like

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    This was a rather random pick for me I was thinking I needed to read books that take place outside the US and what better than a book set in France written by a French author I must say I am very pleased I chose this book I don't understand why you insist on calling yourselves the Three Little Piglettes Mum groans It's a horrible nameWe'll make it beautiful you'll see Or better we'll make it powerfulI have heard people t

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    I came across this on BookTube and it looks soooo cute Also I highly recommend the Cook Read Create channel on YouTube Mand

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    The cover the title the story I love this book 3

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    FRUn moment sympa une belle épopée et un humour décapant ENI read this book because I suggested it for my class I had t

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    Piglettes is an adorable and inspiring novel I would love to share this one with my younger selfMireille is angry that she got bronze on the schools yearly Ugly list For the past two years she's won gold and this year someone took away her #1 spot and now she's in third Marielle knows how to deal with being called names and she doesn't let that affect her But when she confronts the first and second place winners she realizes that

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    I came across Piglettes when I was in the library one day and after a uick read of the synopsis and discovering that it featured a

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