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The story of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is very difficult to describe Usually we give some clues about the book on the cover but in this case we think that would spoil t. I hardly know where to begin bashing this book Do I start with the 9 year old boy and his 12 year old sister who read about 6 and 8 respectively The imperial measurements miles feet despite the German setting The German boy raised in Berlin who thinks that Der F hrer is The Fury and Auschwitz is Out With despite being corrected several times and seeing it written down The other English language idioms and mis hearings despite our being told that he speaks only German And that he believes that Heil Hitler is a fancy word for hello because he understands neither Heil nor HitlerSo maybe these are fussy issues and I shouldn t trash the book on these minor linguistic flaws Instead I can start with the plot holes big enough to drive a truck through that Bruno whose father is a high ranking official in The Fury s regime doesn t know what a Jew is or that he s living next door to a concentration camp Or that the people wearing the striped pajamas are being killed and THAT s why they don t get up after the soldiers stand close to them and there are sounds like gunshots Or that there s a section of fence that is a unpatrolled and b can be lifted from the ground high enough to pass food and eventually a small boy through AND that nobody would try to get OUT through this hole Or that Bruno s friend Shmuel a frail 9 year old boy would survive over a year in a Nazi camp Or even the author s refusal to ever use the word Auschwitz in an effort to make this book about any camp to add a universality to Bruno s experienceThat last is from an interview with the author that appears at the end of the audio version I can t speak to most of what he said because it was a lot of here are all the places that are hyping my book but the worst part of it to me was where he was addressing criticisms there are people who complain that Bruno is too innocent too naive and they are trivializing the message of this book Um no I m not trivializing the message I m objecting to his trivializing of the Holocaust I find his treatment of the Holocaust to be superficial misleading and even offensiveAs an audio recording I m pretty neutral The narrator did the best he could with the material and there was some differentiation between the characters voices but the music that was added some chapters ended with appropriately somber music Other chapters had no music at all Sometimes the music appeared in the middle of a chapter Two other incidental notes first normally you can t say anything negative about a Holocaust themed book without being an asshole because the books are so tied in with the Holocaust itself In this case though I feel like due to the fictionalizing of it the book is far enough removed from Auschwitz that it s okay to be negative about the book without being insensitive about the Holocaust Second this doesn t land on my run away Save yourself shelf because that s for books that are comically bad books that I can bash with glee and mock with abandon I can t find anything funny about what makes this book so bad it s just plain offensive and shallow

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

He reading of the book We think it is important that you start to read without knowing what it is aboutIf you do start to read this book you will go on a journey with a nine. As Michael Kors once sighed to a clueless designer on Project Runway Where do I start Let s open with some descriptive words that sum up this book and I will then go on to explain them in further detail Patronizing Insipid Smarmy Just plain bad Patronizing I believe that to write good children s literature you have to think that children are intelligent capable human beings who are worth writing for like Stephen King who probably thinks kids are smarter than adults The author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on the other hand clearly thinks that children are idiots The main character Bruno is supposed to be nine years old but compared to him Danny Torrance of The Shining who was six looks like a Mensa member There s childlike naivety and then there s Bruno who is so stunningly unobservant and unperceptive that I actually started to wonder if he was supposed to be mentally deficient somehow And he s not the only child who receives Boyne s withering scorn and condescension Take this scene between Bruno and his sister Gretel when they ve just moved to their house at Out With as Bruno insists on calling it despite being corrected many times and seeing the name written down and are wondering how long they re going to stay there Bruno s father a commandant in charge of the camp has told the kids that they ll be there for the foreseeable future and Bruno doesn t know what that means It means weeks from now Gretel said with an intelligent nod of her head Perhaps as long as three Gretel is twelve years old by the way TWELVE See what I meant about Boyne thinking kids are morons Insipid And Smarmy this book was not meant for kids to read It s meant for adults who know about the Holocaust already so they can read it and sigh over the precious innocent widdle children s adorable misunderstanding of the horrible events surrounding them and how they still remain innocent and uuuuuuggggggghhhhh There s a scene towards the end where Bruno puts on a pair of the striped pajamas so he can visit his friend on the other side of the fence Bruno has had lice so his head is shaved When he puts on the pajamas the Jewish boy observes him and the narration commits the following Hallmark worthy atrocity If it wasn t for the fact that Bruno was nowhere near as skinny as the boys on his side of the fence and not uite so pale either it would have been difficult to tell them apart It was almost Shmuel thought as if they were all exactly the same really YES JOHN BOYNE I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE Just Plain Bad This book is technically historic fiction but I m not putting it on my history shelf because there is nothing historical in this book Bruno is supposed to have grown up in Nazi Germany the son of a high ranking SS officer but based on his knowledge of everything he s spent his entire nine years sitting inside with his eyes shut humming loudly while covering his ears Okay I get that he wouldn t know about the concentration camps hardly anyone did at that point But there are other things Bruno consistently and adorably mispronounces the Fuhrer as the Fury I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE JOHN BOYNE and doesn t recognize the following key words and phrases Jews Fatherland Heil Hitler What The fuck Okay so maybe this kid s too young to be in Hitler Youth his sister isn t though but for some reason she s not in it either but come on he thinks Heil Hitler is just a polite way to end a conversation A nine year old boy growing up in a military household in Nazi Germany doesn t know what Heil Hitler meansAll of this comes back to my original thesis John Boyne thinks that children are idiots Look Boyne just because you don t understand anything history children good writing doesn t mean the rest of us are uite so useless Go cash your checks for that awful movie adaptation they did of this book and never try to make a statement about anything ever again please Read for Social Justice in Young Adult Literature

Summary The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Year old boy called Bruno Though this isn't a book for nine year olds And sooner or later you will arrive with Bruno at a fence We hope you never have to cross such a fence. uick reread because lets face it im high key obsessed with john boyne this is my seventh JB book in less than a month when i hit my tenth someone please stage an intervention loli first read this years ago so i forgot just how innocent the perspective of this story is which i think makes it even haunting we as humans are not born with hatred its something we learn and acuire throughout life and what a horrible thing that is to see how carefree a child can be in the most horrific of times is so heartbreaking because it shows he doesnt have to capacity to see how truly monstrous humanity can be this story is definitely one to make your mind reflect and your heart ache 45 stars

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    I hardly know where to begin bashing this book Do I start with the 9 year old boy and his 12 year old sister who read about 6 and 8

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    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas would easily top my list of Worst Books about the HolocaustI am writing as one who was there I was once myself a boy in striped pajamas and am a survivor of six German concentration camps This book is so ignorant of historical facts about concentration camps that it kicks the history of the Holocaust right in t

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    35I didn't love this but I did appreciate the fact that it had a very powerful message and an ending I wasn't expecting at

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    As Michael Kors once sighed to a clueless designer on Project Runway Where do I start? Let's open with some descriptive word

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    Two innocent boys and two very different worlds separated by a not so infallible fenceBerlin 1942 middle of WWII beginnings of the Holocaust Bruno is a little boy of barely nine years old son of a very well standing german

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    I seriously suggest you read about what happened to real children in the Holocaust It won't fill your thoughts for many days or shock you; rather it will fill your LIFE and make you feel sick to the core of your beingPaul Friedlander himself a survivor recounts in his recent highly praised book the incident of

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    A powerful concept but very poorly written even allowing for the young adult target audience and one of a tiny number of books I can think of that was better in the film versionPlotBruno is 9 and lives in Berlin

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    uick reread because lets face it im high key obsessed with john boyne this is my seventh JB book in less than a

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    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is truly an amazing yet daunting novel that I will never forget The author John Boyne did a masterful job of depicting the setting in such vivid detail and exposing the events in a manner that I felt a constant emotional pull as the story unfolded and impending doom lingered on the

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    When I was very young I lived in Romania Because there was past drama in my family I had three grandmothers and two grandfathers I was close to two of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers because they lived

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