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A crush on another boy one who writes such romantic poetry to his girlfriend that hearing it melts Lucas into a puddle of goo All three prospects seem so far out of his league Lucas is sure he doesn’t stand a chance with any of them until sharing his gift for music brings him the courage to let people into his hear If you don t play with your heart no one will truly listen I want to pepper this book with kisses Madison Parker melted my cold cold heart once again into a big ole puddle of love DPut yourself out there Open up Talk Share Fall in love Soooo much easier said than done Especially for Lucas Tate an introverted sensitive effeminate gay 17 year old boy trying to find friends love and his voice in the world A beautiful sweet teary eyed cutie that will have you cheering hoping and choking back tears from pretty much page one My kindle went all blurry on me than once The boy stole my heart With tension and loneliness at home and school Lucas has enough to handle But throw in a talent show bullying poetry sex boys and boys wellyou get one adorable journey through life love and high school with Cyndi Lauper and a HUGE heart setting the beatThis book is chock full of characters to cherish and hold close to your heart Every single character was filled with love magic flaws and fumbles Zach Alex Mason Trish Lucas and Donovan all tugged on my heart strings Jerks jocks friends and lovers They are all in here What s the difference between kissing someone you like and respect and one you don t Tingles blushes heat and toe curls of course Lucas learns the stomach flipping differences and so much along the way Warmth and love fill this journey with inspiration and support I just want to hug and sueeze this book to bits Surprisingly I didn t want to shelter or protect Lucas in a hug though Every so often you might hear me utter the I want to put him in my pocket and keep him safe line Haha But with Lucas I wanted him to learn how to stand up for himself Get out there You can do it Sorry I m rambling now It is so hard to break down this plot without spoiling so I ll just shout out some love and get the hell off the pageAlex Alex Alex view spoilerThis boy single handedly restored my faith in teenage humanity sigh You are the sweetest bubble of love floating around those high school halls hidden away under your dude jock ways D hide spoiler

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Play Me Im Yours

Fairy Tate Twinklefingers Lucy Lu Will the taunting ever end Lucas Tate suffers ridicule because of his appearance and sensitive nature When he’s not teased he’s ignored and now he doesn’t know which is worse His one comfort in life is his music; he feels unloved by everyone What he wants than anything is to fi I haven t reviewed this book right after reading it and now I can t for the life of me remember either the storyline or the characters It can t be a good signI remember that I enjoyed it for some mysterious reason so 2 stars

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Nd a friendMuch to his dismay both his mom and a schoolmate are determined to find him a boyfriend despite the fact Lucas hasn’t come out to them His mom chooses a football player who redefines the term “heartthrob” while Trish pushes him toward the only openly gay boy at Providence High But Lucas is harboring 35I pre ordered this one when I saw it was from the author of Sock It To Me SantaThat is still one of my favorites one of the cutest most adorable YA story ever I had high hopes for this story and in a lot of ways it was a wonderful sweet and poignant tale of Lucas a young gifted musician One of the things that came through loud and clear was Lucas s love for music that was a great part of the book for me view spoilerLucas not only feels like he is alone in the world in a lot of ways he actually is teenagers as a whole like groups and social gatherings of peers but Lucas doesn t have that He has no friends and his brother well he is a 15 year old so Lucas s very existence at his school is an embarrassment And Mason makes sure to point that out to Lucas regularlyHis parents were harder for me to understand and my feelings toward them changed and evolved throughout the story I was very disappointed and angry with his dad but by the endit was exactly what Lucas and I neededHis mother I m still not sure about she held his most precious childhood memories but somewhere along the line she didn t change her behavior towards him even though he was almost an adult But I know she loved him and Lucas did too But both of his parents let him down in emotional support and they did the brothers both a disservice in never putting their foot down with how Mason spoke to Lucas although seeing how dad probably felt the same way and mom was juststrange Mrs Davidson played a big role for Lucas I wish she had had some on page supportive roleThere were some great characters in this story Trish was a great girl and Alex is an absolute gem I liked the fact that even if he was a jock and a popular kid he was a good person they are rarely depicted that way in storiesI actually hope he would be the love interest but that turned out to be Zach I loved his poetry his patience with Lucas his understanding all around he was a really great kid that s why the twist with BDSM with the ex threw me it didn t fit in and really jarred me out of the story these are HS kids I m not saying they don t do kinky but it just seemed like too much and Zach s explanation wasn t enough for me and reading about what Donovan went though with Davidmade it far serious than a little spanking As a whole the adults in this story were all poor excuses for parentsteachersrole models but probably not untypical Donovan is a whole other can of worms I actually felt bad for him yes he was an asshat but I felt he must have enough good ualities since Trish has been his friend for so long and I think he also tried to help Lucas in some respects even of the way he did it left a lot to be desired I kept thinking there must be a lot going on with that boy he has no self esteem and he is so unhappy with himself and his life I really want him to get some peace with himself When he told Lucas he sees a lot of himself in him all things he hates about himself it made me think he is trying to keep Lucas from going down the same road he did even of his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired Lucas pulled at all my mommy heart strings I wanted to see him come out of this so much better and stronger and that s probably my biggest disappointment in this story Lucas was sad and pained for most of this book he teared up and cried a lot and his emotions were all over the place all very normal for teens and teens with bullying even so he couldn t or wouldn t stand up for himself and was constantly apologizing for things that he did not need to he deserved all the happiness and reward for that and although I loved the conversation at the restaurant with Mason and Zach and with his Dad at the auditorium that was just a great moment I didn t feel that he came out much better or happier at the end at least not as much as I would have liked to see I didn t feel he grew that he had self worth or trust in himself that was missing for me and I m very sad about that because this one pulled me in and I read it through in one sitting and yet despite the length it left me wanting something for LucasNow all that said I liked it and would love to see Donovan get his own story that boy needs to be happy and maybe we can catch up with Lucas in that one and put my fears to rest hide spoiler

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    325 starsNot there yet by there I mean the 4 stars category p There are some things I like some that I feel disappointed with This was a buddy read with several people where there were also discussions among us BECAUSE of that this opinion is LESS of a review and about my feelings throughout AND THERE WILL BE SPOILERS For coherent review p

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    I fell in love with Madison Parker while reading Sock it to Me Santa This book is exactly what you'd expect as a followup to that short story sweet like candyfloss dipped in glittery rainbow sprinkles view spoilerZach hide spoiler

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    I haven’t reviewed this book right after reading it and now I can’t for the life of me remember either the storyline or the characters It can’t be a good signI remember that I enjoyed it for some mysterious reason so 2 stars

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    35 starsObviously spending time thinking about how to review didn't help I still have mixed feelings so I think its best I jot down a few likes and dislikes instead More detailed and insightful reviews from Camille Ami Mandy which I agree with mostlyWhat didn't work Lucas I don't want to sound heartless or unsympathetic the sob fest was too

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    Self acceptance and valuing oneself It's importantThis is the cute version of high school with it's rampant apathetic to viciously hostile treatment of other Lucas Tate is a smart guy and brilliant pianist There's two strikes against him Oh yeah and he's beautiful Not like catalogue beautiful but beautiful bordering on ethereal or effeminate Of course this attracts attention Usually when some idiot's deciding to be an e

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    35I pre ordered this one when I saw it was from the author of Sock It To Me SantaThat is still one of my favorit

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    35 starsThis was a really cute book by new to me author Madison Parker It had some things in it that I really enjoyed but a lot that also bugged me The good1 I really liked the character of Alex as unrealistic as he might be He was so self assured and so well adjusted that I had a weee bit of trouble believing that he wa

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    I surprise even myself how I’m so easily sucked into the MM YA formula story bullied geek finds himself the attraction of the closeted jock sexual exploration angst hurt feelings sweet making up and HEA until graduation

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    ”If you don’t play with your heart no one will truly listen”I want to pepper this book with kisses Madison Parker melted my cold cold h

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    I did not particularly enjoy reading this The three stars are accorded because it wasn't terrible and there were a few good

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