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[Officer Bad Boy free] Epub By Shana James

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Worker a tall strapping Marine pilot who she believes there’s no way Melissa will be able to resist She’s in for the ride of her life when she realizes that 32 year old Colby Roberts is far less an officer and a gentleman than he is a virile man who’s used to having things his way Will she be able to tame the savage beast inside Colby Roberts or will she find out she prefers the rough and direct approach that’s sure to please in her new Officer Bad Boy.


Officer Bad Boy

E her the affection she needs or they’re so into her they can’t keep up with her in the sack done in by their weak sexual stamina She’s in a seemingly endless rut that she’s not sure she’ll ever get out of until she receives an invitation that sends her hurtling towards an unlikely twist of fateShe reluctantly decides to attend the wedding of an old high school pal and one of her worst fears comes to life again Her friend wants to set her up with a co.

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Thirty year old management consultant Melissa Franks has a career that’s on fire She has a passport filled with stamps to some of the world’s most exotic locations a wardrobe to die for and a bachelorette pad in one of Washington DC’s trendiest neighborhoods But something she desperately needs is missing and she’s at her wits end about how to get it some routine hot loving She dates but the guys are either so into themselves they don’t know how to giv.

3 thoughts on “Officer Bad Boy

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    Good book I hope they stay together they where made for each other

  2. says:

    To shortHot explosive captured you from the very first word Excellent writing imagery chemistry and sex appeal My greatest and only complaint is it was entirely too short

  3. says:

    Loved it

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