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Try and writings without getting weighed down with minutia Author Robert E Picirilli who taught college courses on Paul for over twenty five years found that most books on the apostle were either too technical or too basic so he wrote a book that strikes a happy medium It offersA profile of Paul in his historical and cultural contextOutlines and. There is no debate that the most important person in the Bible Old and New Testaments combined is Jesus Christ There is also no debate that the next most important person second to Christ is Paul The Apostle His writings make up most of the New Testament His missionary trips helped to establish many of the churches in the first century churches that helped spread the Gospel to the rest of the world and some that are still here to this dayPaul The Apostle Missionary Martyr Theologian he is a man worth knowing and understanding Especially if we are going to examine his works in Scripture and harvest the truth he shared back then for the 21st century church nowWhere did Paul grow up How was this man from a Greek town a Roman citizen that was raised to believe in the Jewish God How did his upbringing influence his life post conversion Did Paul die immediately after Acts 28While there are so many uestions we may think we know the answers to when it comes to the Apostle Paul there is still so much to learn Not just about the man but about the nuance and brilliance of the work that he left behind And Robert E Picirilli wants to see that everyone understands thatThough Picirilli is a well educated man former Academic Dean of Welch College in Nashville Tennessee he doesn t intend this book be read by only those with lofty degrees and understands of the technical and linguistic terms Paul The Apostle is neither too scholarly nor too simple finding a perfect middle ground to honour the work and life of Paul but not lose or confuse anyoneCovering the life ministry and letters of Paul Picirilli fills in the historical context to give a fuller picture of this important biblical figure His insights into the first century are deep and well researched but explained clearly This is the book s second publication the first being in 1986 but has undergone revision and updates taking full advantage of new research done into the life of Paul and the world that he inhabitedDesigned as a guide for college classes Bible studies sermon prep or deep personal devotion Paul The Apostle will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the work that this one man has done for the Christian faithLet me be clear this is not an afternoon read type of book You don t plop down on the couch and think that you can breeze through this in a day Paul The Apostle is a heavy book Not because the information is too complex or you need a dictionary to understand what Picirilli is saying you need to go slow because there is so much to learnPaul is a wildly complex character living in complicated times His actions had passion and motive behind them He did and said things out of habits and wisdom To not understand these things about him can lead to us missing powerful truths with in writings of Paul even the record of his life in ActsI was slapped in the face by my own ignorance about Paul reading this book Time and time again Picirilli showed me how much I was missing even with my Bachelor of Theology degree There is so much to learn about and from Paul I m just so glad that Picirilli decided to shareThe break downs of the writings of Paul were fantastic exactly what any preacher or teacher would want Outlining the themes and purpose of Paul s letters helped me to better understand where Paul was coming from with each letter and the in between lettersPicirilli doesn t shy away from the fact that other theologians disagree with him or he with them He shares their insights but politely explains why he sees things differently Such honesty and courtesy is a rarity even in Christian literature It gives the reader space to process what they have received without feeling like they have been force feed the truthWalking away after finishing Paul The Apostle I wanted to reread all the Apostle Paul s writings There seemed to an electricity that came from Picirilli s writing that drew me back to the familiar texts something I realized is uite rare after reading heavy theological books But that is exactly what such a book should do Paul The Apostle drove me back to the source material invigorated and interested Preachers and teachers young and old would do well to find such booksPaul The Apostle blew me away I knew that Paul was important and that the work that he did both as a missionary and theology was foundational to Christianity but I don t think I fully understood how foundational it was Picirilli helps even the most educated better understand Paul and the work that he did Every pastor and teacher should have this book on their shelfI give Robert E Picirilli and Paul The Apostle a 5 out of 5 star rating This book is phenomenal

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Paul The Apostle

Alternate cover edition of ISBN 9780802463258“ Except for the Lord Himself no single figure has done for the Christian faith” If you want to understand Christianity you need to understand Paul But with so many books on the apostle where do you start Paul the Apostle is the ideal choice if you want a solid understanding of Paul’s life minis. Note This book was provided free of charge by Moody Publishers All thoughts and opinions are my ownAlthough I read uite a few books relating to Paul s life and writings 1 it is something I enjoy doing even when authors freuently demonstrate their poor understanding of Paul s thinking by using Paul s statements against legalism or any kinds of salvation by works to justify their own antinomian thinking This book is by no means as bad as most such books are with the author not being flagrantly out of line but muddled in being unable to distinguish between Paul s obvious observance of the Sabbath and the early Church s setting up of its own Sabbathkeeping synagogues after dealing with problems with the Jews and the author s own lack of practice in following God s laws in the way that the early Church did and seeking to find justification in his own unbiblical practices and beliefs in the example of Paul Fortunately most of the time the author is focused on what Paul did and where he was and how Paul s letters and Luke s writings in Acts correspond with each other to make this an especially antinomian work and that is for the bestThe roughly 260 pages of this book consist of a forward and preface and eight chapters that are divided based on aspects of Paul s life The book opens with a discussion of Paul s background in the Jewish diaspora pointing out that while he and his family were obviously Hellenistic Jews they were not Hellenizers and sought to resist Greek religious influence despite their citizenship in Tarsus and the Roman Empire and their being Greek speaking After this the author discusses Paul s career as a Jew looking at his alliance with the Pharisaic school of Hillel and his involvement in Jewish affairs A brief chapter follows on Paul s conversion and commission based on what Paul says about it himself in Acts and his letters From this point the book seeks to follow Paul s travels and writings and makes some thoughtful and intelligent comments on various theories about both A chapter on Paul s life from being a new convert to a missionary travel looks at his time in Arabia his early visits to Jerusalem and his work with Barnabas in Antioch and then on their first missionary journey A chapter on the expansion of the mission to the Gentiles talks about Paul s second mission and his first letters like 1st and 2nd Thessalonians A discussion on the third missionary journey allows the author to talk about some of Paul s associates and his methods in preaching and the second group of Paul s letters like 1st and 2 Corinthians and Romans A discussion of Paul the prisoner looks at the fourth missionary journey and Paul s prison epistles while a discussion on the last years of Paul gives the author a chance to look at the pastoral epistles and some of the legends about his travels to Spain after which an excellent list of recommended resources and notes close the bookWhile there are many books that talk about Paul s life and writings this book is certainly written well as the sort of book that is particularly useful to undergraduate audiences at a seminary or who are taking religious studies courses relating to the life and writings of Paul To be sure this is not a perfect book but it has a lot of worthwhile insights on Paul s Jewish background and on his practice of spending as much time as possible in the synagogues demonstrating the author has far less hostility to the biblical Sabbath than most writers on Paul and that is something to appreciate and celebrate The author s outlines of the epistles of Paul and his discussion about the consistency of theology in all of the letters of Paul in contrast to misguided notions of progressive doctrinal understanding are to be celebrated and appreciated as well As a staunchly biblically conservative but also scholarly adept work on the life and writings of Paul this book has a lot going for it and is well worth reading even if one does not agree with all of the author s approach1 See for example

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Explanations of his missionary journeysIntroductions and brief analyses of each of his epistlesUseful for individual study or as a textbook as it is in many universities today Paul the Apostle is a great one stop study of the man who wrote half the New Testament spread the gospel to the heart of the known world and gave his life for the Kingdo. This was a hard and dry read but an insightful look into Paul Saul of Tarsus With Scripture backing the chapters leads the reader deeper into an understanding of Paul s letters in the Bible

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    Ok THIS was the book I needed when I first started reading about Paul the Apostle There was another book I read before this one that seemed to have the purpose to destroy faith and trust in the Bible It claimed that half of what was a

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    Other than Jesus Christ there is probably no one else who has helped shape Christianity than the Apostle Paul This book intrigued me as I have never read a book about him only the books of the Bible that he has written I was surprised to find out this book has been around for a while It was originally published in 1986 and Moody P

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    Note  This book was provided free of charge by Moody Publishers  All thoughts and opinions are my ownAlthough I read ui

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    There is no debate that the most important person in the Bible Old and New Testaments combined is Jesus Christ There is also no debate that the next most important person second to Christ is Paul The Apostle His writings make up most of the New Testament His missionary trips helped to establish many of the churches in the first century church

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    Interesting book that summarizes what we know about Paul from Acts and his writings I had hoped the book would discuss how Paul extended articulated the teachings of Christ as an active life to live I appreciated that the author presented some arguments that textual critics have in summary referred the reader

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    I bought the book to understand about Paul I was disappointed by the way that the narrative came across The descr

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    This was a hard and dry read but an insightful look into Paul Saul of Tarsus With Scripture backing the chapters leads the reader deeper into an understanding of Paul's letters in the Bible

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    Fascinating character 12 years of Catholic school and never really understood Paul’s impact on the early Church

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    Picirilli's look at the life and times of the Apostle to the Gentiles is one of the most enjoyable reads for me on this topic Digging deep into the history of the period and into the text of Scripture the writer provides the modern reader a fascinating insight into the life and ministry of Paul Throughout the text the author employs little rubrics that give the reader insight into 1st century customs and history which

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    My sole purpose for reading this book was to see what was going on in the time of Paul so that I could better understand his books in the bible I uestioned whether God wanted us to follow the law or did Christ come in place of the law? The author has been a college professor of the Pauline epistles for years so I trust

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