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DOC [Anglo Saxon Emotions Alice Jorgensen] disability

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England and on language and literature with contrasting approaches that will open up debate The volume considers a range of methodologies and theoretical perspectives examines the interplay of emotion and textuality explores how emotion is conveyed through gesture interrogates emotions in religious devotional literature and considers the place of emotion in heroic culture Each chapter asks uestions about what is culturally distinctive about emotion in Anglo Saxon England and what interpretative moves have to be made to read emotio

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Anglo Saxon Emotions

Research into the emotions is beginning to gain momentum in Anglo Saxon studies In order to integrate early medieval Britain into the wider scholarly research into the history of emotions a major theme in other fields and a key field in interdisciplinary studies this volume brings together established scholars who have already made significant contributions to the study of Anglo Saxon mental and emotional life with younger scholarsThe volume presents a tight focus on emotion rather than psychological life generally on Anglo Saxon

Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Alice Jorgensen

N in Old English texts as well as considering how ideas about and representations of emotion might relate to lived experienceTaken together the essays in this collection indicate the current state of the field and preview important work to come By exploring methodologies and materials for the study of Anglo Saxon emotions particularly focusing on Old English language and literature it will both stimulate further study within the discipline and make a distinctive contribution to the wider interdisciplinary conversation about emotio

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