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[Read online Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith] Kindle ePUB by Scott Hahn

10 thoughts on “Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith

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    Any Bible Christian that believes all the nonsense and misconception about the Church Jesus Christ established should sit down with there Bible and take a historical and theological journey with Scott Hahn He used to have those same misconceptions as a Cradle Catholic it is awesome to rediscover the beauty of the faith through the e

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    I'm an atheist daughter to two devout Catholics My parents fear for my soul and my mother asked me to read this Since I don’t believe in the divinity of the Bible I couldn’t get through parts 2 and 3 other than the very final Chapter Those sections are like reading fan commentary about the Lord of the Rings Star Wars S

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    Overall this book was well reasoned and provided good biblical examples when relevant for supporting arguments for Catholicism vs other Christian denominations However the first part covering arguments for the faith to present to atheists fe

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    I have wanted to read something by Scott Hahn for a while For most of his life he was a Presbyterian even serving as a pastor before converting to Roman Catholicism Since then he has written many books on Roman Catholic Christianity T

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    Phew Finally finished My mother gave this to me years ago in an attempt to try to bring me back to the fold I promised her I would read it and after 20 false starts and forcing myself to read it in 5 10 pages chunks I finally finished the darn bookScott Hahn thinks that God in general and Catholicism specifically can be re

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    Reason to believe is a phenomenal read My initial intention was to slowly digest the contents of the book to ruminate on each arguments and really learn about the history of the Catholic church the arguments for our practices and pointers on how we should present these arguments to non believers or our fellow Christians However the

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    Scott Hahn continues to use his vast knowledge of scripture to explain reasons the Catholic Church is the church founded by Jesus and how best to be an apologist The Bible leads us to the Church For the Bible does not create the Church or justify the Church or serve as the Church's constitution The Bible presupposes the

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    Dr Hahn is a late life convert to Roman Catholicism after spending much of his life as a Presbyterian and a ministerHis approach is

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    I read this as I was going through RCIA and entering the Catholic faith in 2007 Hahn explains things in excellent detail A good rea

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    35 stars I found this book a little hard to get into The first part 'Natural Reasons' deals with a few principles of logic a

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Read & Download á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Scott Hahn

And that is there when we view the natural world through a microscope through a telescope or through our contact lensesAt the heart of the book is Hahn's examination of the ten keys to the kingdom the characteristics of the Church clearly evident in the Scriptures As the story of creation discloses the world is a house that has a Father a palace where the king is really present God created the cosmos to be a kingdom and that kingdom is the universal Church fully revealed by Jesus Chris. I read this as I was going through RCIA and entering the Catholic faith in 2007 Hahn explains things in excellent detail A good read for the new Catholic and for the life long Catholic wanting to re understand what heshe practices and why

Read & Download Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith

Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith

This book unravels mysteries corrects misunderstandings and offers thoughtful straightforward responses to common objections about the Catholic faithBestselling author Scott Hahn a convert to Catholicism has experienced the doubts that so often drive discussions about God and the Church In the years before his conversion he was first a nonbeliever and then an anti Catholic clergymanIn REASONS TO BELIEVE he explains the how and why of the Catholic faith drawing from Scripture his own str. Overall this book was well reasoned and provided good biblical examples when relevant for supporting arguments for Catholicism vs other Christian denominations However the first part covering arguments for the faith to present to atheists felt too shallow It could have gone much deeper into convincing arguments rather than skimming lightly over a few It would also have been useful to include arguments for Christianity specifically versus other religions NotesInfant baptism Jesus said let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for to such belong the kingdom of heaven Matt 1914 Also in Acts 2 when Jesus was preaching at Pentecost he said Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sinsfor the promise is to you and your children Also since the Jews were so used to infant initiation into their faith circumcision it seems like he would have clarified if that no longer appliedMany secularists or atheist see religion as being incompatible with reason However white a few famous and celebrated scientists have been Catholics Protestants Jews etc Faith and reason coexist without contradiction JPII and his encyclical Faith and Reason said faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth Foundations of a logical argument1 The principle of non contradiction something can t simultaneously A and not A2 The general reliability of sense perception we trust our reason to understand and identify why are sensitive sometimes The senses are generally reliable reason makes up the deficit 3 The principle of causality for every effect there must be a cause If you argue against Kies it s a self destructing argument4 The notion of self consciousness this is what tells me that I exist I may believe that everything is an illusion but I am still left with myself The entity that is entertaining the illusion what we need to demonstrate to skeptics is that human beings naturally reason from the visible to the invisible from the sensible to the insensible Therefore it is rational to reason from the visible to the invisible and it is how scientists in fact operate God himself is invisible yet clearly perceptible in visible creation this is natural theology that God can be perceived and reason from the natural world that we are able to see with our senses Revelation serves correct and perfect what we might discover from reason Atheism as we know it wasn t a common or popular concept until the 19th century before then many people believed in some sort of divinity and atheism meant not believing in an Orthodox God such as being a paganSaint Thomases five proofs for the existence of God1 Everything that moves moves because something made it move however you can t say that from turn it he there was a chain reaction of movements because there had to of been some first unmoved mover and that unmoved mover is God2 Every effect has a cause but the causal chain cannot be infinite just like the movement chain There must be an uncaused first cause3 Everything in the world doesn t come from nothing but is rather derived from something else everything is contingent upon the existence of other things However yet again there cannot be infinite chain derivation so there must be an ultimate being was neither transitory nor derivativeand is necessary in and of itself 4 We have measurements that judge the perfection of something such as whether something is or less good or less true etc Since these are relative measurements there must be an absolute and constant standard of measurement of perfection5 Everything in our universe follows a set of rules order purpose and standards Our universe is perfectly ordered to exist and even an unintelligent creatures and things follow this order There seems to be a design to the universe so there must be a designerThe moral argument as put forth by Immanuel Kant John Henry Newman and CS Lewis Human beings observe a universal standard of right and wrong We seem to have a universal moral sense conscience that is shared by all even though there might be nuances between cultures When we condemn something as wrong we have to be comparing it as wrong person is some sort of universally acknowledged truth of what right and wrong means It reuires that we see these universal morals as decreed by an ultimate authority Pascal s Wager Pascal conceived the idea of believing in God as a coin toss if you win you win everything if you lose think So naturally you would bet on God existing rather than notThere is also the argument for desire every human desire we have had some thing that satisfies it Water satisfies thirst sex satisfies our sexual urges foods satisfies hunger So faith and God exist to satisfy our spiritual hungerThe natural law applies to all humans and is uniue to humans Even people who are personally find breaking the natural wall themselves typically don t want go same actions performed on them for example people who are cowards don t want others to be cowards in similar situations that would affect them murderers wouldn t want to be murdered liars don t want to be lied to etc Barton do you typically have their sanity uestioned by societyHumankind is by nature religious so even if you re not worshiping a God you re still worshiping something you love material goods people etc why is there evil if God is both all powerful and all good If he is all good his creation should reflect that perfection If he is all powerful then he should be able to prevent that evil from happening Yet we cannot solve that problem by dismissing God in fact such a denial only makes the problem worse Denying God s existence in order to solve the problem of evil is like Burning your house down in order to get rid of termites or cutting off your head to stop a nosebleed People who allow evil to drive them to atheism suddenly have no standards by which to judge something evil Instead of solving the problem they ve institutionalized it written it into The very fabric of the cosmos If there is no God but there is no transcendent ultimate goodness without God everything becomes a mere matter of moral indifference or human preference There are two types of evil physical evil disease natural disasters etc and moral evil something that is done by an unrighteous actor Evil is always an absence of good example sickness is the absence of health lying is an absence of truth etc Evil is not a thing so it is alien to God s creation Evil is permitted because we have been giving free will and rationalization so we have the choice of selecting something that is not of God Cannot be coerced so that is why I was so important that we had free willEvangelical Christians may claim that Catholics don t have a place in their liturgy for the faithful to proclaim Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior however during the Eucharistic prayer when the priest raises the Eucharist and says Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and we respond with Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed and then proceed to receive the Eucharist and take Jesus into our selves and into our hearts and that is us accepting Jesus as our savior As a bonus this declaration is biblically based and I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior it s not technically from the Bible When evangelicals claim that they are Sola Scriptura they often don t realize that there are certain aspects of their services which actually aren t technically biblically based such as the sinner s callWhen you are debating theology with people from other Christian denominations it s important to speak their language and have biblical sources for your arguments because that is how they base their own arguments It s not only about providing reasons for what you believe but it s also about respect Using biblical references provides a common language and common ground The Bible precedes the church The church was already established by the time most of the books of the New Testament it wasn t a users guide for a church that hadn t been founded yetOur profession that the church is one holy catholic and apostolic is biblically basedThe celibate priesthood is biblically based Celebrex were well respected in Jesus s time and are spoken of freuently in Matthews gospel particularly chapter 19 They are seen as unencumbered as they follow Christ celibacy his holy because of the value of what is sacrificed Catholics do not adore or worship Saints because that is strictly for bidden by the Bible in the book of revelations There is a long history of Christians immediately following Christ death and resurrection of them asking for intercession of Saint such as Peter and PaulIn the Bible the Greek word that is used for full of grace for Mary is a very specific and very rarely used way of saying full of grace It speaks to how uniuely full of grace and she was and how this was something that was the stowed on her from a past action by God It is also the only time in scriptures that a angel refers to someone by a title rather than just their name We ask Mary to intercede for us because it has been shown in the Bible that Jesus listens to his mother s reuests wedding at Cana When Sean received Mary as his mother at the foot of the cross at Jesus s reuest it was representative receiving Mary as a mother to all of us since we are all Jesus s beloved disciples which is how John refers to himself in the GospelThe Catholic mass is extremely biblical Not only do we read 3 to 4 readings from the Bible every single mass and read nearly the entirety of the Bible over the course of 3 years if you attend daily mass but nearly every word in the liturgy is drawn from the Bible In addition the vestments the priest wears are drawn from the descriptions of the heavenly worship in Revelations and the gesture for the sign of the cross is drawn from Revelations as well The orans position kneeling chalices altars candles incense etc are all drawn from the Bible Yes these are rituals but Jesus institutes rituals in the Bible such as baptism Eucharist etc However since we re not making these rituals an end in themselves they re not ritualism The Bible is very explicit about the celebration of the Eucharist how it s important to do it and about transubstantiation The priest doesn t substitute himself for Jesus but rather represents Him and participates in His priesthoodThe papacy the doctrine of papal infallibility has been around since the first century it only means that the popes are infallible want to comes to Christian doctrine and morals not regarding anything else such as politics In addition all Christians not just Catholics view writers of the Bible as divinely inspired and infallible so the idea of receiving divine inspirationinfallibility isn t something exclusive to Catholics Even though popes are people called by God to that office they still have free will and the opportunity to choose between good and evil Jesus called 12 apostles knowing that one would betray him because Of free will The office of the pope was established in the gospels upon Peter by Jesus Jesus gave Simon the name Cephas in Aramaic there s only one word for rock but in Greek there are two words Petros which means little rock and Petra which means large rock So people argue that Jesus was referring to Peter when he said upon this rock I will build my church However again there s only one Aramaic word for rock and that s The language that Jesus would have spoken as well as the need to translate Petra to a masculine form when naming Peter Read for the Defense Against the Dark Arts prompt for the 2019 OWLs Readathon

Read & Download á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Scott Hahn

Uggles and those of other converts as well as from everyday life and even natural science Hahn shows that reason and revelation nature and the supernatural are not opposed to one another; rather they offer complementary evidence that God exists But He doesn't merely exist He is someone and He has a personality a personal style that is discernible and knowable Hahn leads readers to see that God created the universe with a purpose and a form a form that can be found in the Book of Genesis. Phew Finally finished My mother gave this to me years ago in an attempt to try to bring me back to the fold I promised her I would read it and after 20 false starts and forcing myself to read it in 5 10 pages chunks I finally finished the darn bookScott Hahn thinks that God in general and Catholicism specifically can be reasoned through apologetics He only spends one chapter on the existence of God and then the subseuent chapters on why Catholicism is correct than other non Catholic Christian religions The majority of the book was spent on the all Christians has bits of the truth Catholics just have the most bits notionThe book is really intended for Catholic believers to be armed to defend their faith against non Catholic uestioners aka My mom should be the one reading it in preparation for conversations with meedit I gave it 2 stars but I m going to downgrade it It was hard to read too

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