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    I actually read this book about a year ago but have hesitated before putting up a review for reasons I will explainThis is an okay book not g

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    The title should be Lesbians Guide to domestic abuse I would recommend a trigger warning The main character is abused by her girlfriend constantly forced to do what she wants because she has greater physical strength isolated and when she is finally treated in such a way that would have made me instantly think this is a book about empowerment and leaving your abuser Lara apologizes and all is forgiven So if

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    25 starsProsâ–  New were culture aspects I hadn't read about beforeâ–  Foxy Michaela is a really engaging characterConsâ–

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    meh shrug It was ok if you like your Les Lit to be completely stereotypical Knowing now that it was written by a man pretty

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    I rarely give low rating to me 3 stars is considered low The story is nice I actually love the main character Michaela I love how witty cunning smart and bold that she is However I definitely have problems with the other main character which is Lara Lara was fine at first she definitely gentler than most wolf However think about it In term of human's concept about love her actions screamed control dominance and bully yep definitely I took t

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    I will preface this review with the admission that paranormal fiction is generally not my cup of tea I prefer other forms of speculative fiction and I think part of it is because paranormal fiction tends to have romance central to many plots and there is often some sort of imbalance in those relationships human dating a vampire; human dati

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    I sooooo love the paranormal genre and when this come with a good lesbian romance I'm in heavenwell this book is wonderful in both waysI found always difficult to relate to a 1st person speaking book but this have controlled

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    Some rocky bits but I really loved it a lot It was really funny and there were cute parts as well

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    I have to start by saying that I'm incredibly frustrated with this seriesGeneral but no specific spoilers I've

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    The only things stopping me from giving this book 1 star were the fact that there was no annoying tensionplotline due to Lara and Michaela's sexuality and that the storyline itself was decent Unfortunately those are the only positive things I can say about Fox Run By all means give this book a read if you relish controlling and abusive relationships in which the abuser is continuously forgiven uickly and prota

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At all changes early one morning when Lara Burns the Madison Wolves alpha introduces herself much to Michaela's chagrin Lara explains to Michaela that we only want to talk but when a werew. I rarely give low rating to me 3 stars is considered low The story is nice I actually love the main character Michaela I love how witty cunning smart and bold that she is However I definitely have problems with the other main character which is Lara Lara was fine at first she definitely gentler than most wolf However think about it In term of human s concept about love her actions screamed control dominance and bully yep definitely I took the word out of Michaela s mouth Spoiler down here long rantview spoiler I love Lara at the beginning she seemed completely fine but Lara s character went downhill at the part where she doesn t trust Michaela any due to the fact that Michaela won t tell her a fox trick That s the lamest excuse ever It doesn t matter if David influenced Lara s decision or not I actually thought Elisabeth is a better lover for Michaela than Lara Jeez not to mention Lara promised to Michaela over and over that she will protect Michaela from other wolves at all cost yet she broke that in just one single moment of doubt Did she know that Michaela could have easily be kill because of that mistrust What frustrated me the most is how on earth could Michaela forgive Lara so easily Okay what irked me though is after that Lara refused to let Michaela go outside the compound I understand that it is for Michaela s protection but seriously Where s the freedom in that To protect someone is NOT an excuse to restrict their freedom especially if that person is your lover That s just one sick joke Then for some reason Lara never mentioned anything about how she wrongly accused Michaela as a traitor Sure she cried she apologized then she just forgot about it the event never brought up again Considered how Michaela almost got killed for being accused as a spy Really Shouldn t Lara at least show some guilt She just cried and apologized like that and it s over WOW Oh oh oh OHHH another thing here Michael basically save Lara s life at the end but then what Lara reprimanded her for disobeyed order Then after that she even cheated in a duel for what To teach Michaela humility to prove to Michaela that she is not capable of protect herself Wowww pointless duel Michaela should totally won that round Insteadshe lost Bullshit Okall of this wouldn t have annoy me that much howeverlet skip to the scene where Lara and Michael mentioned thing that related to sex Michaela and Lara s conversation Michaela Lara I really want to be on top for this Lara Oh honey you know by now that s not how this relationship is going to work STOP IT RIGHT THERE What the hell with this top and bottom relationship in a lesbian sex They won t switch back and forth Lara doesn t allow Michaela to be on top and said this is not how this relationship going to work Then how is it going to work Lara sound like someone who obsessed with being a top and always wanted to control her lover Did the author even know how lesbian have sex honest uestion hide spoiler

Read Fox Run author Robin Roseau

Fox Run author Robin Roseau

Olf comes knocking on a tiny delicate foxes' front door Michaela knows talking is the last thing in the wolfy mindThis novel is 93000 words and is the first in in The Madison Wolves Series. I have to start by saying that I m incredibly frustrated with this seriesGeneral but no specific spoilers I ve read up to the 14th book at this point so this is about the series not necessarily this book in particularI really want to like it and there are aspects of the story that I thoroughly enjoy I find the mythology to be interesting and the overall storyline to be compelling My problem is the characters themselves They are often one dimensional and there is virtually no growth throughout the series Add to that the fact that their behaviour can often times be erratic or straight up out of character The most troubling thing by far however is the deeply abusive relationship that is central to the story namely that between Lara and Michaela although there are other terrible relationship dynamics to be found here theirs is by far the worstThe Alpha of a werewolf pack falls in love with a fierce and independent werefox Interesting dynamic The werewolf then spends the next several years of their relationship using emotional psychological and physical bullying as well as her authority as a pack leader to strip her partner of everything that makes her fierce and independent Through broken bones incarceration horribly manipulative behaviour and a variety of other methods the alpha takes the fox s home her job her choices and her freedom And the fox is uick to be convinced that it was all for her own good forgive and have make up sex every time If this is supposed to be romantic then i am truly concerned for the author and anyone who buys into it This entire series reads like a manual for domestic abuse I m serious The author seems to have some notion that this behaviour can be likened to a Ds relationship Absolutely notRelationship dynamics aside I also have a comment on the various sex scenes that appear in the books As a lesbian reading lesbian sex scenes I have to say i feel zero interest when I hit them in this series whereas I m normally uite interested I m left to wonder if the author has ever actually had lesbian sex or at least consulted a sexually active lesbianbi woman in the editing process I m a completist Once i start a book or series I m compelled to finish it That definitely became a problem here There are many times that i became so deeply frustrated with this series that i wished i could put it down Despite the decent storyline and mythology I would never pick up another bookseries by this author Domestic abuse simply isn t sexy or something i want to read about

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Michaela Redfur is a were fox living a uiet life in Bayfield Wisconsin She has a uiet job that gets her out of doors and avoids the werewolves as if her life depended on it Which it doesTh. 25 starsPros New were culture aspects I hadn t read about before Foxy Michaela is a really engaging characterCons Inconsistent characters Repetitive Insta love Chemistry is lacking Editing issues Story lacks structureI wanted to like this one but character inconsistency pretty much killed most of the enjoyment I had for this book Michaela goes from I won t forgive you another time to forgiving everything no matter how many times she gets abused or betrayed And Lara goes from apologetic to doing what s necessary damn the conseuences which ends up with abuse directed at Michaela Not to mention she imprisons Michaela at first to keep her safe and then does a 180 and sends her in dire danger to takes some photos for her I m just sitting there not believing what the F I m readingAnd then there s insta love They talked a couple of times in a short time span and suddenly I love you starts dropping and again I m baffled about what the heck is happening The base ingredients and the author s writing style are good A competent editor could have shaped this up into a good book I hope the series get better later on so for now I ll continue reading

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