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[Wanda Edmond] Read Stepbrothers Secret Baby epub

characters Stepbrothers Secret Baby

Billionaire Clive Burke is dead set against his father’s marriage to any woman worming their way into the family fortune Headstrong Olivia Tyler is hell bent on protecting her mother from Clive’s lecherous fatherSparks start to fly as they clash wills in a hostile meeting to iron out their parents’ prenuptial agreement But they reluctantly form an unlikely partnership to.

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Stepbrothers Secret Baby

With the breakdown of their parents’ marriage and her pregnancy But the tables are turned when their parents find out their secretthe victims of their schemes end up hatching a plan that would turn their world upside downCan there be a happy ending when you’ve fallen in love with your stepbrother Note Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire Intended For Adult Eyes On.

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Ruin their parents’ marriage and avoid becoming stepbrother and stepsister at all cost But as the lies and schemes grew ever complicated the base attraction between Clive and Olivia remained simple and straightforward a raw and primal need to satisfy their pent up desires in each other’s arms Their explosive union leads to a stalemate; Clive runs and Olivia is left to deal.

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    A really good book I look forward to book 2

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    First time reading a Wanda Edmond book and I liked itA good story I especially liked the dual point of views and I thought the character development was excellent I look forward to reading the next book in the s

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