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Billions seek the answer to world's ills conflicts prejudices and injustice and David Icke reveals what that is in his appropria. Very accurate explanation of the nature of reality David Icke is than a profetWell written and so detailed

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Important to turn the world around than for the content of this book to be globally known The future of humanity depends upon i. Fantastic read again by David Icke this book will make you feel better about what is going on It gives me hope ã 0 Download

Tely named new book The Answer It is not religious economic or political but something from which all else comesThere is nothing. I have read a number of David Icke s books including Everything You Wanted to Know and The Trigger I do find his books hard going particularly the first few chapters of each book as David introduces some pretty in depth topic These include telling us about how the solid world does not exist and that we are not physical either but electromagnetic impulses I hope I got that right I always struggle to get through these early chapters as my brain simply does not seem to be able to take it all in I have to read it slowly and in little chance at a time Once those introductory chapters are done and we get onto the meat and bones of the subject of the book then things get easier to understandI do not subscribe to everything that David tells us such as lizards in the Royal Family and the moonSaturn not being what they seem However when David touches on down to earth topics such as the C19 pandemic the transgender movement etc then things get a lot interestingA fascinating book which I am still in the slow process of reading As I said some of it I dismiss some of it intrigues meEdit I finished the book last night My thought above remain extant The first 6 chapters being the most difficult to get my head around whilst the remaining chapters in particular the final half dozen were a fascinating read I will read this book again in an attempt to get a better understanding of Mr Icke s explanation of the metaphysical worldIt is my opinion that even if you think Mr Icke is a crackpot some of the stuff he says will make you think

  • Paperback
  • 400
  • The Answer
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
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About the Author:

David Icke is an English author researcher and public speaker He has written over 20 books and spoken in over 25 countries

10 thoughts on “ The Answer

  1. says:

    There is a great deal to like about this book, including the return to focus of David Icke and the return of artist Neil Hague. I didn't particularly care for his previous work ("The Trigger" but this is like the "Perception Deception" in that it concentrates on spiritual and metaphysical topics for the most part.
    There are the usual alt right social commentaries, but the text is largely invested in the I

  2. says:

    Very accurate explanation of the nature of

  3. says:

    A gift

  4. says:

    An important and thought provoking purchase.

  5. says:

    Excellent product AAA thanks

  6. says:

    I have read a number of David Icke's books, including "Everything You Wanted to Know" and "The Trigger". I do find his books hard going, particu

  7. says:

    Not read this yet, it's a beast of a book. Iv read previous books by David Icke, he's had a bad rep over the years but hey, he hits a nerve, I personally think he's an interesting guy whos closer to the truth than most. WARNING If you love the mainstream, the info contained within those pages will melt your brain

  8. says:

    The New World is going to need David Icke. The Answer is the beginning of the end for their “New Normal”.

  9. says:

    Fantastic read again by David Icke, this book will make you feel better about what is going on. It gives me hope.

  10. says:

    Thank you David for this morale boosting deconstruction in a time of need. An iridescent and effervescent work.

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