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Ruggled to control her telekinesis neighbors call her the Witch of Oldhouse and the haphazard manifestations of her powers make her the subject of malicious gossipWhen entertainer Hector Auvray arrives to town Nina is dazzled A telekinetic like her he has traveled the world performing his talents for admiring audiences He sees Nina not as a witch but ripe with potential to master her power un. Silvia Moreno Garcia s The Beautiful Ones offers readers a kaleidoscope of nostalgic trimmings a splash of Austen a dash or two of the Bronte Sisters with an early modernist garnish Set in a fantasy alt history version of post industrial France but dealing mainly with an aristocratic class resembling the landed gentry of the British the novel s plot centers around a nouveau riche entertainer Hector Auvray who returns home after many years abroad to rekindle an old flame by way of the beautiful Valerie Beaulieu who years before had broken off their secret engagement so she could marry into a wealthy family In the present Hector pretends to court Valerie s cousin by marriage Nina Beaulieu but only as an excuse to be close to Valerie The magical wrinkle in all of this is that a small number of people in this society have telekinetic powers Hector and Nina among them High society considers telekinesis a vulgar subject but Hector s male privilege permits him to hone his natural talents into skills that make him a successful stage performer who is then generally accepted by the upper class because of his wealth and fame Nina is not so lucky Her family regards her telekinetic abilities as a shameful nuisance so her skills remain unrefined her powers asserting themselves only at the most inconvenient times As a result she is a bit of an outcast at a time 19 years old when she is supposed to be entering society but she manages to stay in good enough graces thanks to the indulgence of her rich cousin Valerie s husband GaetanThe Beautiful Ones is very successful as a straightforward genre exercise While the story doesn t shy away from Bronte esue melodrama it does so through the lens of Austen esue psychological realism This is especially welcome when the novel is dealing with the fantastical element of the story which is presented in a grounded and ordinary way The novel is perfectly plotted and the shifting points of view offer the reader a rounded perspective of the main actors as the drama unfoldsThere is a kind of purity to Moreno Garcia s approach that works against the novel an unwillingness to contaminate the proceedings with anything resembling a direct political or social commentary The novel s alternaFrance has motorcars and other novelties of the early industrialized world so it is beyond me why in some respects such as the fact that the heroes have the luxury of not worrying about their finances while the villains are motivated by their lack of access to capital the author seems unwilling to deconstruct polite society in the vein of the early modernists Despite some thematic ambiguities The Beautiful Ones is exceptional in form careful in its study of character and buoyed by Moreno Garcia s expressive prose and tightly managed storytelling I don t think it s possible to read the book without rooting for its lovers to unite or without being charmed by the elegant world the author has created

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The Beautiful Ones

Der his tutelage With Hector’s help Nina’s talent blossoms as does her love for himBut great romances are for fairytales and Hector is hiding a truth from Nina andhimself that threatens to end their courtship before it truly begins The Beautiful Ones is a charming tale of love and betrayal and the struggle between conformity and passion set in a world where scandal is a razor sharp weap. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ve often been asked for advice from friends who are interested in giving audiobooks a try but are worried that they might have trouble getting into them In response I always say that starting with a good book and a good narrator is key but also important is finding a story well suited to the format While it s true some books simply work best in prose form there are also plenty of times where I ve come across audiobooks that made me think Wow I definitely wouldn t have enjoyed this as much if I had read the print version The Beautiful Ones is the perfect example of such a book As soon as comparisons to an Austenesue romance and descriptions of a Belle poue inspired fantasy of manners started floating about I made the decision to listen to this one in audio and I don t regret that one bit Featuring a slow building love story and only a light touch of the fantastical I might have become dreadfully bored by the long drawn out expository sections on propriety and high society had I chosen to read this in print not to mention all the endless romantic drama based on manipulation and miscommunication would have worn me down However a good narrator along with some excellent characterization ensured that I was never bored while listening to this audiobook and the entire experience was pleasant even relaxingSet in a world reminiscent of late 19th century Europe with inspiration from the pre WWI Golden Age era of France The Beautiful Ones introduces us to a tri of central characters First is Hector Auvray a telekinetic entertainer who has arrived back in the city of Loisail after spending nearly ten years traveling and performing abroad Now rich and famous he has returned to his home country hoping to meet up with his old flame Val rie Beaulieu to whom he had been engaged when they were both young and penniless but pressured by her family she had ended up breaking his heart to marry someone else with wealth and statusTo Hector s disappointment though the emotional reunion he had planned for was spoiled when Val rie fails to show up to the high society ball he attends Instead he makes the acuaintance of another young woman at the gathering the interesting but socially awkward Antonina who is in the city for her first Grand Season It s not until after the party that Hector learns to his surprise that Nina is the beloved cousin of Gaetan Beaulieu the man Val rie ended up marrying In fact Nina is staying with the Beaulieus right now tasked to learn the ropes of etiuette from Val rie who is supposed to be helping the young girl find a suitable husband But unfortunately for Nina she also has telekinetic talents similar to Hector s which is considered inappropriate for a young lady of her stature Along with her eccentric personality they have a pesky way driving off potential suitorsYet Hector sees Nina s powers as a gift as well as an opportunity Under the guise of courting her Hector offers to teach Nina how to control her powers when in reality he is hoping their relationship will help him get close to Val rie convinced that she still loves him the way he still loves herI won t lie I wanted to throttle nearly everyone in this book but in this they have something in common with characters in a soap opera you just love to hate them Likewise I found it impossible to tear myself away from the drama and I would even hazard to say I enjoyed The Beautiful Ones than the author s previous novel Certain Dark Things despite this one being much slower paced and having none of the action This is because Silvia Moreno Garcia knows how to spin a good yarn and importantly she knows what it takes to capture the reader s attention Rather than shy away from the usual conventions of the fantasy of manners genre she instead revels in them offering up a lavish feast of romantic melodrama high societal punctilio and weaponized etiuette Within this context the fantasy element almost feels like an afterthought having little to no impact on the overall storyStill the novel came together very well By taking such a huge departure from her previous work Moreno Garcia might have been risking a lot in writing something like The Beautiful Ones but ultimately I thought it was a move that paid off I practically hung onto every word even though the plot played out exactly as I thought it would with the reuisite frustrations and misunderstandings between the characters I ve lost count of how many times I wanted to slap Hector silly or to shake some sense into Nina and don t even get me started on how much I absolutely loathed Val rie but at no point was I not completely 100% invested in the outcome of their storyLike I said the fact that I had the audiobook version may have helped with my enjoyment and the time simply flew by as I was listening to this The only thing that might have made the experience better was if they had multiple narrators one for each of the three POV characters but then PJ Ochlan also managed to do a fine job by himself so in the end I really have no complaints If you re looking for a fun fantasy of manners novel The Beautiful Ones definitely fits the bill and it s probably one of the best ones I ve read in a while

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Mexican Gothic comes a sweeping romance with a dash of magicThey are the Beautiful Ones Loisail’s most notable socialites and this spring is Nina’s chance to join their ranks courtesy of her well connected cousin and his calculating wife But the Grand Season has just begun and already Nina’s debut has gone disastrously awry She has always st. August 2020 Skeletal pre order page is up No cover preliminary description only has been out of print New edition coming in 2021 from Tor

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    August 2020 Skeletal pre order page is up No cover preliminary description only has been out of print New edition coming in 2021 from Tor

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    This book was beautiful It does have a slow pace and very character driven but I was never bored at all I kept wanting to turn each page There is heartbreak and moments where I wanted to slap a certain character Hector Hector Hector I wanted to shake you so much in the beginning but I still love you The atmosphere was breathtaking a

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    35 stars rounded up The Beautiful Ones surprised me with the smoothness of the narrative The writing style is so f

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    Silvia Moreno Garcia’s The Beautiful Ones offers readers a kaleidoscope of nostalgic trimmings – a splash of

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    Antonina Nina Beaulieu has arrived in the city of Loisail for her first Grand Season with the hopes of finding the love of

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    Set in an imagined world inspired by La Belle Epoue this is a beautiful slow burning story of a love scorned and a love found Not so much a fantasy this story of beauty and manners could be set in early 20th century Europe with the aristocrats creating a beautiful world of balls and wealth and scorning those who have made money bu

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ’ve often been asked for advice from friends who are interested in giving audiobooks a try but are worried that they might have trouble getting into them In response I always say that starting with a good book and a good narrator is key but also important is finding a story well suited to the format While it’s true some books simply work best in prose form there are also plenty of times where I’ve co

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    This was lovely and reader I hugged this book at the end I might also have read the ending a few times

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    Title The Beautiful OnesSeries StandaloneAuthor Silvia Moreno GarciaRelease date October 24 2017Cliffhanger NoHEAview spoilerYes hide spoiler

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    Review from Tenacious Reader reading and loving Certain Dark Things I had no doubt I would read whatever Moreno Garcia published next That turned out to be The Beautiful Ones Just from the synopsis I could tell it would be incredibly different from the vampire underground world created in Certain Dark Things but I have to confess I

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