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    I really enjoyed this book It's a beast to get through and it's taken me most of the month to read but it was definitely worth it It's a side to the Great War that we don't get to see in most documentaries and the like I was swept up into the stories of these people I wish there had been full letters Basically

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    A very compelling book but I have marked it down because the persistent use of bold type for the names of the people whose correspondence is being discussed makes it very hard to read without your eye jumping from bold name to bold nameWell written and researched though a good read overall

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The Great War

St have had on people’s day to day lives We resort to looking the war in general terms treating the events as distant viewing them in terms of their political or military significance This book is entirely different Like the all star ITV series it accompanies it completely immerses the reader in the everyday experiences of real people who lived through the war Using letters diaries newspapers and parish records many of which have never been published Isobel Charman has pai.


Accompanying an all star ITV series by the same name this book gives an incredibly personal perspective on World War I both at home and at the front by vividly reconstructing the experiences of individuals through their diaries and lettersDuring World War I just under a million British people died a figure so huge that it becomes almost meaningless It feels impossible to give it a human context Conseuently we struggle to truly grasp the impact this devastating conflict mu.


Nstakingly reconstructed the lives of people such as separated newlyweds Alan and Dorothy Lloyd plucky enlisted factory worker Reg Evans and proudly independent suffragette sympathizer Kate Parry Frye Their stories are retold in intimate detail offering a uniuely personal and powerfully moving account of the conflict This book is both a meticulously researched piece of narrative history and an incredibly moving remembrance of the extraordinary acts of extremely ordinary peop.

  • Hardcover
  • 528
  • The Great War
  • Izzy Charman
  • English
  • 09 May 2018
  • 9781847947253

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