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Ashok K. Banker (ebook or Pdf) The Valmiki Syndrome – Kindle eBook and Epub

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Elusive treasure of modern existence personal fulfillment As Banker candidly puts it no book or guru can change your life Only you can The Valmiki Syndrome inspires you to start toda. Banker has tried to give a Vedic angle to the 3 eternal uestions of life1 Who am I2 What do I want to become3 How can I become thatand tried to explain it very nicely after all t

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The Valmiki Syndrome

Using the story of Ratnakaran the bandit and his transformation into Valmiki the sage as well as other present day examples Banker shows us how the dilemma between work goals and pers. I found very mediocre

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Onal relationships has always been around in one form or another–and so has the solution Insightful thought provoking and utterly inspiring The Valmiki Syndrome is a map to the most. Some valid points Applied to daily existence

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    The Valmiki Syndrome uses the katha format to convey three major messages that are relevant to all humans Striking a balance between professional and personal life is paramount for most of us Some may choose to focus only in one area and that is fine too as long as it is a conscious decision Why a conscious decision? So that later on life when you look back you do not do so regretfully The author's presentation drew me

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    The Valmiki Syndrome Finding the work–life balance is not a self help book better than a self help bookThis bo

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    I found very mediocre

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    Some valid points Applied to daily existence

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    Since eternity we have been brought up with certain values deeply instilled where our mythological books and Vedic scriptures play a very important role As a child I remember being told that the Bhagwad Gita Ramayana Vedas Puranas etc hold all the secrets of life You name a problem and you will find its solution there The only thing is it might not be spelled out specifically as your answer You have to read it search it and inter

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    I give this book three stars simply because Banker did one thing beautifully captured perspective And he did it well enough that there wasn't any way I could root for just one side; I had to swing back and forthThe non fiction part of the book pulls it down big time Why set out to write a book that is supposedly not a self help one and end u

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    Having read Banker's fictional series based on the Ramayana curiosity saw me buying this his first non fiction book It started off pleasantly enough the narrative jumping from character to character almost like a tv serial episode that abruptly switches between locations pausing at a cliffhanger that ensures you hang around even

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    Saw this book in the library and left it in search for another book Ended up picking this one out because of its title Did not read it for 2 days and one fine evening when i was bored of everything picked this beauty up and started to read Finished in 2 days or less Loved the stories and anybody can relate to

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    Banker has tried to give a Vedic angle to the 3 eternal uestions of life1 Who am I?2 What do I want to become?3 How can I become that?and tried to explain it very nicely after all that is his forte through different stories and by expressing his views in the middle of the storiesI would rate it as a good read

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    Mr Ashok Banker himself says that he does not have the answers to the uestionsit is for each and everyone to find their own answers The book is average when it comes to the examplesgiven as to how one can achieve

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