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Litigi sono freuenti soprattutto uando Brooke rivendicherà la propria indipendenza nella vita privata e professionale da adulta farà delle scelto che condizioneranno irrimediabilmente il loro rapporto Divenuta a sua volta madre Brooke si renderà conto che i suoi atteggiamenti sono influenzati almeno in parte dalla donna che l'ha cresciuta E nonostante tutto uando Teri muore nel 2012 la figlia è al suo fianco con tutto l'a di cui è capace. Brooke wrote this book out of indignation for her mother s harsh critics She was determined to prove that Teri Shields was not the typical stage mother but the truth was far worse she was an abusive alcoholic that made her daughter her meal ticket It is sad to read Brooke s excuses for her mother her praise her glossing over the ugliness it just makes the abuse and neglect she endured seem far worse And though Brooke acknowledges she would never allow her daughters to make a film like Pretty Baby or even the provocative Calvin Klein ads she won t condemn or even criticize her mother for it Her inability to fully come to terms with her mother s abuse is depressing and near the end of the book I had to force myself to finish it If you re a fan the book is a fairly satisfying autobiography and worth the read but be aware that angry Brooke is inordinately fond of the F word and has sprinkled it liberally throughout

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There Was a Little Girl

La vita di Brooke Shields non può certo definirsi noiosa I suoi genitori divorziano uando ha appena cinue mesi e da allora è la madre Teri figura ingombrante e problematica a prendersi cura della piccola Brooke inizia a posare come modella alla tenera età di undici mesi il primo passo verso una carriera che la renderà la bambina e poi l'adolescente più famosa della sua generazione Teri è l'artefice di tutto uesto e non è una madre come. Brooke Shields Purely Iconic Everyone saw the flawless photographs Everyone watched her coming of age movies Everyone followed the very public fallout with her mother But not everyone knows the true her When Terri Shields Brooke s mother dies Brook sends in an obituary Immediately the newspaper calls her asking to conduct an interview Brooke declines and the next morning she s greeted with a front page expose on her mother s life As Brooke read the article she notices how wrong and skewed it was desperately painting her mother in the most negative light possible for the readers to oggle at Despite her unimaginable grief she begins to writeThis is Brooke s story but also her mother s Her mother had a wild bold and beautiful life but it was tinged with anxiety and addiction She doesn t want her mother to be remembered for one nor the other only to include both sides of the story of that truly remarkable womanFrom a young age Brooke Shields was thrust into the limelight Her mother had big plans and as long as Brooke was game for it they were going to take on the world together With her Mother Manager Brooke uickly became an icon She starred as a child prostitute in Pretty Baby and as a topless hooligan in Blue Lagoon But for many both movies showcased the darker side of Hollywood and cast real doubt upon Brooke s childhood The media missed the true trouble and sorrow With regard to my mother it felt like it was never enough Nothing I said or did seemed correct or could make her stop getting drunk or feel deeper happiness I felt helpless Why wasn t I enough to help her stop drinking The voice of this novel is exceptional and poignant This isn t a name dropping celebrity tell all but something so much It s the story of a star and her manager A child and an addict A daughter and her mother and their extraordinary life together Audiobook CommentsAbsolutely marvelous to listen to Read by the author and she does her story justice The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge your favorite prompt from the 2015 2016 or 2017 PopSugar Reading Challenges 2015 prompt A book based on a true storyYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Tutte le altre è anche una manager intraprendente e protettiva votata alla carriera della figlia che cercherà in ogni modo di tenere lontano dalle numerose insidie del successo Nella vita privata però la forza e la determinazione svaniscono lasciando il posto a una donna fragile instabile e aggressiva dedita all'alcol La stessa Brooke cerca in più occasioni di aiutare la madre in difficoltà Il loro legame è misterioso e inconsueto e i. I was fascinated by Brooke Shields when I was a young child The Blue Lagoon was one of my favorite movies growing up There was always a certain curiosity about Brooke as a person The book strikes me as a biography rather than a memoir but it satisfied my curiosity about Brooke s childhood and how she got started in showbiz The book was supposed to deal with the relationship between Brooke and her mother but I felt like her mother did not come across as than a woman who was very involved in her child s life almost to the point where they were one person and also as a daily alcoholic which is so sad to me that Brooke was not able to bring her mother alive in the pages of this book There had to be to her mother than just the daily alcoholic binges I started to get a sense of extreme resentment from Brooke towards her mother and halfway through it began to wear me down By the end of the book as her mother is dying Brooke says And even if Mom had wanted to be kept alive at all costs forever I didn t want that I was sure I couldn t handle that Statements like this bother me as much as I try to understand it from someone else s point of view The care of older parents is a subject dear to my heart and it s hard for me to feel sympathetic when an adult child can refer to their parent in such a mannerI won this book in a Goodreads first reads giveaway This does not have any bearing on my rating or review of this book I did enjoy reading this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in reading about Brooke Shileds

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    Brooke Shields Purely Iconic Everyone saw the flawless photographs Everyone watched her coming of age movies Everyone followed the very public fallout with her mother But not everyone knows the true her When Terri Shields Brooke's m

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    I am not sure how others will interpret this book but to me it came across as a rough draft written by a person that was just spewing and needed to have an editor with a firm hand and a very red correction pen Paragraphs rambled and repeated themselves incorrect tense of words and in some cases completely wrong words and large sections read like ideas than well thought out paragraphs You would think that Dutton or Penguin would kindly pat B

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    3 For This Little Girl Stars I was one of those people who would see the commercials and love the beauty of Brooke Shields At a time in our culture for me she had moments which connected and an image which physica

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    Basically there is only one sentence in this book Brooke Shields' mother was an abusive alcoholicTurn the page and repeat that sentence 416 times I should stop reading biographies unless it's about Adolf Hitler because I always like people less after reading them There were a few interesting sentences that I had to read out loud to the nearest innocent victim At one point Brooke Shields absolutely insists th

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    Poorly written and edited repetitive and at times so vague as to be confusing I think Shields didn't want to reveal too much about certain aspects of her life which I can understand but then either don't write a book or be a better writer so you can make it work anywayAnd yet I read the whole thing Skimmed in places but no

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    I was fascinated by Bro

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    I purchased the audio version on audible  I’m disappointed in both the content and the narration  The author goes into insufferable detail with each of her anecdotes In narrating her tone of voice seems to suggest that every bit of every facet of her life is fascinating and exciting and sometimes shocking  uite the contrary; haven’t

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    Brooke wrote this book out of indignation for her mother's harsh critics She was determined to prove that Teri Shields was not the typical stage mother but the truth was far worse she was an abusive alcoholic that

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    Pretty impressed with Brooke's honesty about about growing up with an alcoholic mother living in the spotlight and then watching her beloved mom succumb to dementia Powerful and heartbreaking

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    Not sure exactly why I picked this up since celebrity autobiographies are not my sweet spot It's basically 400 pages of assorted neuroses alcoholism and serious co dependence issues It's a sad story but not terribly profound or revealing You probably know uite a bit of this story already The writing is just OK but I don't think you read something like this for the writing If you are not a big Brooke Shields fan you mi

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