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    I received an ARC from the author for an honest review This book is full of BDSM Male on male and threesome action if this is not your kind of read then I suggest not reading it With that said Let's get to my reviewBook Blu

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    To Serve is Divine was truly a roller coaster of emotions for me And while the relationship of the characters was one of a BDSM lifestyle I found it to be of a background to the story And yes there are sexually graphic elements it really was not at the forefront and not what the story was on a wholeThe BDSM lifestyle is one that is very misunderstood People have very strong opinions as well I personally find it fascinating as I always felt

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    To clarify my rating this book's spin in BDSM was just not of my taste however it was fairly well written and for others could warrant higher marks My biggest gripe is the reference to sub Erin as slut throughout the novel that and how Jayden was sharing his attentions with THREE submissives at once all juggling for his favors I know there are elements of humiliation to the lifestyle but this book just had of them than were to

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    I loved this book I loved the characters Jayden was my fantasy man tough as steel but such a soft and caring heart Handsome tall dark and very handsome The story of a natural and very well behaved submissive Catherine was abused by a cruel an

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    Twilight fanfic To Serve is Divine by TexasBella You P2P Twilight fan fiction you get 1 star from me

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    I love finding a really sexy BDSM story that isn't glammed up to make it of a contemporary romance with some kink to it To Serve is Divine takes a realistic look into the erotic world while dealing with the emotional and physical turmoil that Catherine Erin suffered and the healing that Jayden's devotion brings her Jayden

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    When I was approached to read and review To Serve is Divine I was a bit reluctant Erotica is not usually my genre of choice and I have no knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle I’m not going to spend a great deal of time explaining the s

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    When I first began reading TSID I wasn't sure I could finish it due to the genre Reading BDSM has always been uncomfortable for me

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    Story Rating paddles 45Sting Factor kink 455Review Sub recently relocated seeking new Dom to be her very ownCatherine is dealing with some pretty heavy issues After the death of her last Dom she flees to Dallas and saves up enough money to go to a club She misses the lifestyle with a burning passion that only those who know and understand it can feel The connection with those of like mind and the experience of accepta

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    I won this book in a give away and was really happy because I would have purchased it anyway I really enjoy this genre and because of this I a bit hesitant to add new authors to my must read list I am glad I read this The scenes were hot and realistic the story line was pretty well developed especially toward the end and I am excited to read the next story about Erin's development as Jaydens sub The only thing

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To Serve is Divine

Servir Conjugaison du verbe servir Verbe servir La conjugaison tous les temps du verbe servir au masculin la voix active avec l'auxiliaire avoir Synonyme du verbe servir servir traduction Dictionnaire Franais Anglais servir ch sur un plateau loc v locution verbale groupe de mots fonctionnant comme un verbe Ex faire rfrence mcher un travail n figurative serve up on a tray serve up on a platter v expr verbal expression Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb for example put their heads together come to an end figurative hand on a plate v expr verbal expression What does serve mean definitions Definition of serve in the Definitionsnet dictionary Meaning of serve What does serve mean Information and translations of serve in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on Web server Wikipedia A web server is server software or hardware dedicated to running this software that can satisfy client reuests on the World Wide WebA web server can in general contain one or websitesA web server processes incoming network reuests over HTTP and several other related protocols The primary function of a web server is to store process and deliver web pages to clients Five reasons to serve others CSMonitorcom Serve to discover abundance the radical shift from 'me' to 'we' When you serve you discover that often the most important things you have to offer are not things at all You start to uncover What it Means to Serve Others The Mark of a Servant Leader Being a ser I received an ARC from the author for an honest review This book is full of BDSM Male on male and threesome action if this is not your kind of read then I suggest not reading it With that said Let s get to my reviewBook Blurb Catherine O Chancey is a reserved demure and graceful submissive All traits she trained hard to enhance when she discovered the world of Dominance and submission in college In an attempt to start fresh after the unexpected death of her last Dom Catherine moves to Dallas TX to escape the shroud of darkness he left behind in her life She has tried to fight the need that resides deep within her to submit but finally has to admit she can t for it is not a choice but part of who she truly is After months of mental preparation she ventures back into the lifestyle by attending a coveted open night event at Dungeons and Dreams an exclusive BDSM clubIs it fate or coincidence that Catherine garners the attention of one of the club s board members who happens to be on the hunt for the perfect sub a partner who enjoys receiving pain and pleasure as much as he enjoys doling it outJayden Masterson is many things a firm Dom a shrewd businessman and a gentleman What he isn t is someone who partakes in relationships outside of contractual ones with his multiple un collared regular submissives While he likes rough sex he is not an animal and can find pleasure only if it is consensual What his harem is missing is a pain slut could there be one in his futureUpon meeting Catherine Jayden feels an instantaneous spark inside him that has him wanting to know not just her body but her mind He wants to unravel her mysteries and discover her secrets Through pain can they find the pleasure they seek Can part time pain lovers find full time fulfillment when it s not in their contractI loved the Characters in this book Catherine a Submissive who was in the hands of a rude uncaring Dom who abused her and did whatever he wanted with her without a thought about her or her feelings She escapes him when He dies I wont tell you how it comes out in the book A yr Later she NEEDS to get back into the life of being a Submissive and does some internet research and decides to go to an Open night event at a the local BDSM Club Dungeons and Dreams As she is standing in line waiting to get in she feels an electrical charge and looks up to see a Dark Handsome man at the door who is going in they Make eye contact and she immediately puts her eyes to the ground Jayden Hot Alpha Sexy Caring Dom Only he does not have just one Submissive he has 2 at the moment and partakes in relationships outside of contractual ones with his multiple un collared regular submissivesUntil he see s Catherine The relationship they start to createis full of patience and care he extends to her helps heal her soul just a little bit every session ridding her of her demons Until she s done confessing every detail of abuse from her last Dom the abuserAs the relationship between these two progress over the months Jayden is finding that he is having feelings for Catherine he never thought he would have or wanted to have with one person he has collared her in the first week of being together something he has NEVER done before but he is finding there are lots of things he has never done before with Catherine Could Jayden be falling in Love with his submissive Could Catherine have fallen in love with Jayden and not told him her feelings I did not realize at the time of starting this book it was a trilogy with the next book due out in August Although we get an Epilogue with this one as well as the first chapter of Book 2 it still leaves you with unanswered uestions and wanting NOW Thank you RE For the opportunity to read and review this great Book and I look forward to reading about Jayden and Catherine in the next one


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