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Nolene-Patricia Dougan Read VROLOK By Nolene-Patricia Dougan – Book, Kindle eBook or TXT Online

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VROLOK By Nolene-Patricia Dougan

Five Hundred years ago Vlad Dracula ruled the Carpathians He had a thirst for conuering worlds and fought off the invading Turks with determined ferocity When his wife died he lost interest in destroying armies and disappeared half a century after the death of his wife the land surrounding his once home is terrorized by sporadic unexplained murders Isabella is born into this uncertain and dangerous land Her mother dies in childbirth and with her mothers death dies any chance of happiness She grows up in a household that despises her existence and in this place she is taught to hate by her father her stepmother and especially her sister Natasha There are three good influences on The Cursed Hole of the Shinoda Family place she is taught to hate by her father her stepmother and especially her sister Natasha There are three good influences on

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Partner's jealous rages declarations of hatred and sometimes even murderous intent they remain loyal and dedicated to each other even through their long and freuent separations During what is to be their last separation Isabella is warned that Vlad is danger and rushes to his aid However she does not save him and Vlad is killed by English Vampire hunters Isabella swears revenge but she needs help and seeks out Nicolae one of her own descendants who she killed and resurrected as a vampire many years before Nicolae and Isabella travel back from America to England to avenge Vlad's death Isabella is merciless in her disposal of Vlad's killers and this is where her story almost end

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Isabella's life the man who is to become her husband Nicolae her grandfather Alexei and her good friend and confidant Katya As the years pass by and Isabella becomes what she is destined to become a vampire the memories of these three people are responsible for any goodness that still lies buried in her rotting soul When Isabella becomes a vampire she and Vlad form an uneasy and dangerous bond They travel through four centuries sometimes together often apart Along their epic and murderous journey they encounter Cosimo De Medici the grand duke of Florence Kit Marlowe Elisabeth Bathory the Blood Countess and the perpetrator of the reign of terror himself Robespierre Despite each

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    This has got to be the WORST book I've ever read It's not the premise's fault Yeah the vampire lives hundreds of years and influences major political events plot has been done to death but it has a LOT of possibilities This book takes advantage of none of themThe main character Isabella is wandering serial killer than vampire Seriou

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    That the author Nolene Patricia Dougan writes as well as she looks The book has a feel that made me look over my shoulder thinging a vampire was lurking there Read with garlicholy watermirrorwooden stack at the ready

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