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To stay 13K wordsVIXEN by Jill MylesMiko’s denied her were fox nature for far too long and turned her back on her vixen heritage But when she meets two very sexy cat shifters she has to decide if she truly wants to give up on her frisky side or embrace it Because the were fox in her doesn’t want to choose between both menit wants t The Blushing Bounder by Meljean BrookIt s hard to think of a less likely couple to inhabit an anthology called Wild and Steamy then the shy Constable Newberry and his ailing resentful proper wife Oh I guess this is steamy as short for steampunk This was a sweet story but needed development 3 12 stars the extra half star is for the adorable huge blushing hero Vixen by Jill MylesNow we re talking wild and steamy Miko is a were fox who s opted out of relationships because its her nature to want than one mate Then her mother sends her two were cat bodyguards because illegal foxhunting is happening nearby The two men seem to do everything together but will they do everything together It s a very thin story and set off my too obvious a fantasy alarm the cherry on top was when they clean her house but I thought the menage was fun 3 stars And by the way it seems kind of unfair for reviewers to criticize this story for being too porny with that title what did they expectKitten tiger the Monk by Carolyn CraneAm waiting to read this one til I start the series it s in will fill in my review later

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Wild Steamy

Three all new novellas of the supernatural and steampunk kindTHE BLUSHING BOUNDER by Meljean BrookA Tale of the Iron Seas While the search for a killer puts Constable Newberry’s life in danger he faces a danger of another kind to his heart by the woman forced to marry him What will it take for this prudish bounder to convince his wife OK I m in love with 2 of these authors and unfamiliar with the 3rd so I have a varied review on this which is a delightful collection The two stories I loved by the authors I know and love were KINDA wild and steamy but than that they were delightful romances set in worlds I love visitingTHE BLUSHING BOUNDER by Meljean BrookThis is set in the steampunk world of the Iron Duke which I reviewed and LOVED It is just a really sweet beautiful story about one of the tangental characters in the main series I enjoyed it a lot I was reminded why I think this is one of the best and most interesting steampunk worlds out there and was definitely craving a WHOLE novel set in the worldI WANT IT NOW There wasn t a ton of sex in this but it was a sweet romance and I thought it was wonderfulVIXEN by Jill MylesI don t know this author at all but I have seen her books and wanted to try them out When you compare it to the previous and following novella this is just kinda waaaay too racy and porn y for my PERSONAL tastes It follows shapeshifters which I like but I m not a big fan of 2 guys and a girl romance so I dunno Just not my style I ll pick up a full length by her to see if being familiar with her world building helps understand this piece betterKITTEN TIGER THE MONK by Carolyn CraneTHIS IS MY FAVORITE URBAN FANTASY SERIES WORLD Ahem I love Mind Games with an unnatural fervor This was a fantastic glimpse into side characters adds to the bizarre and comic book inspired world these characters live in and it was just a fun ride There was some steamy stuff in here and because there was great context and character and history around it I was sucked in Definitely can t wait for the next book in the main series PACKARD I LOVE YOUAnyway for 299 this is a good buy and if you are familiar with any of these authors works you ll definitely get a kick out of this lovely collection

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Hem both 15K wordsKITTEN TIGER THE MONK by Carolyn CraneA Disillusionists Novella Sophia Sidway Midcity’s most dangerous memory revisionist seeks out the mysterious Monk in the wasteland beneath the Tangle turnpike hoping for redemptionbut it turns out that the Monk is not all that pious and the turnpike is no turnpike at all 20K word This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date August 2 2011 Available NowPublisher Self PublishedImprint NAMy Source for This Book com The Blushing Bounder by Meljean BrookAuthor s Website of a Series Yes Iron Seas 15Series Best Read In Order YesSteam Level SteamyContable Edward Newberry and his wife Temperance are bounders people whose ancestors fled England when the Horde first attacked and now that the threat are over are returning to England In this universe while the New World still follows the social s of what we would call the Regency era ie a woman s reputation is everything and any kind of contact between the sexes is frowned upon without a proper chaperone but England is much relaxed and practical about such mattersTemperance was a governess in Manhattan City and formed a very sweet and very chaste friendship with Constable Newberry whose blushes never failed to charm her However she fell very ill with consumption and made the decision to invest the small inheritance she d gained from her grandfather into a uiet hospice setting at a sanatorium As she was about to leave she realized Edward had come to say goodbye to her only Edward had different ideas He kissed her of all things which immediately set into motion a hasty marriage and banishment to the awful and filthy city of LondonTemperance might have been able to forgive him had he merely been overcome by passion but when she asked him shortly following his marriage if he had planned all of this their marriage his receiving her inheritance and their move to London he confirmed that it had indeed been his planNow dying and miserable Temperance despises her new husband though she can t help but to notice the nice fit of his trousers or the way his broad shoulders fill a doorway every now and again and she merely wants to find some uiet enjoyment before she diesThings are never as simple as that however because Temperance witnesses a murder in the alley below her bedroom window and worse the murderer got a good look at her as wellWilling to do absolutely anything to protect the woman he adores Edward puts both his life and his heart on the lineOverall I of course loved it In fact the entire reason that I bought this anthology was I read the EXCERPT ON MELJEAN BROOK S WEBSITE and got sucked right back into the world of The Iron Seas While I think that new readers might be fairly lost any fan of the series will definitely appreciate the cameos and references to other characters as well as the insights as to the lives and attitudes of boundersThat said however this story could also serve as an admirable intro into the world of The Iron Seas for readers who haven t had the opportunity to read earlier works Of course I personally think new readers should immediately go out and read both Here There Be Monsters and The Iron Duke instead but I m a bit biased on that front because I enjoyed both of those stories so muchRecommended for fans of steampunk done the right way of being forced into a marriage of convenience and of allowing yourself to finally embrace the love that s been waiting for you all alongKeywords Meljean Brook Steampunk Steam Level Steamy Forced Marriage Marriage to Avoid Scandal Plain Heroine Spinster Heroine Serious Illness or Injury Series Best Read In Order Virgin Hero Virgin Heroine55 StarsVixen by Jill MylesAuthor s Website of a Series NoSeries Best Read In Order NASteam Level HotMiko is a were fox or as her mother Japanese mother prefers kitsune Just like vixens in the wild were fox females tend to be extremely promiscuous needing than one mate to satisfy their needsDetermined to avoid mimicking her mother s harem of men Miko lives in the middle of nowhere in Texas Her theory Since she can t control herself around men the best thing to do is to avoid men altogetherHowever when a local and illegal fox hunting group forms her mother sends along two very sexy cat shifters to protect her until the hunters can be stopped Now forced to live in close uarters with not one but two extremely desirable men Miko knows that she can t choose between the delectable Sam and Jeremiah and luckily for her she might not have toOverall this one was a lot enjoyable than I d anticipated I m not typically a fan of polyamory simply because I don t find it realistic but the fact that Jere and Sam had previously been in a polyamorous relationship made things much believable to me Add to that the danger of the fox hunters and the delicious sexual tension throughout and this one gets a solid 45 from meKeywords Jill Myles Menage Polyamory Shapeshifters TSTL Moment Steam Level HotKitten tiger the Monk by Carolyn CraneAuthor s Website of a Series Yes Disillusionist Trilogy 25Series Best Read In Order Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level SteamySophia Sidway is a memory revisionist She has the ability to remove a person s memory from up to a day prior and to replace them with very realistic memories of her choosing While she cannot replace emotion she s become a master of designing replacement memories to coincide with the emotions of the original memory making her talent both amazing and incredibly dangerous The daughter of a notorious mob boss Sophia has used her powers for all sorts of evil over the years including ruining the life of her one true love RobertNow she s so very tired of it all and seeks the Monk a mysterious and dangerous Disillusionist known for being able to reboot criminals and send them on their way as productive citizensUnfortunately for Sophia the only man who knows how to contact the Monk turns out to be the one man she thought she d lost forever Facing Robert is one of the most painful things that Sophia has ever had to do but she is willing to do absolutely anything to put an end to her life as a revisionist even if it means opening up old woundsWOW Simply Wow While I purchased this book solely for Meljean Brook s story The Blushing Bounder from the Iron Seas universe I have to say that this story would ve made the purchase worth every penny I have never had the pleasure of reading Ms Crane s Disillusionist trilogy an oversight I intend to rectify as soon as possible but this story was able to grab me and draw me into a world of dark crime incredible powers harrowing danger and lost loveAn incredibly solid 55 Stars and no joke I would rate it higher if possibleKeywords Carolyn Crane Estranged Lovers Serious Illness or Injury Steam Level Steamy Urban Fantasy Part of a Series Secret Identity Tortured Hero Tortured Heroine Overall this anthology is a must have for fans of paranormal romance It literally has something for everyone steampunk shapeshifters urban fantasy polyamory forced marriages and estranged lovers It runs the gamut from a virgin hero and heroine to a rather promiscuous heroine and everywhere in betweenOnly 299 at I would gladly have paid that price for any one of these novellas by themselves so for all three this is an incredible bargain that fans of PNR would be fools not to purchaseFinal rating a delightfully solid 55

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    at this time only reading Meljean Brook's The Blushing Bounder 4 stars read on November 4th 2011 This is about the Constable Edward Newberry and his wife Temperance who were basically forced to leave America and come to London Temperance witnesses a murder and sets a series of events in motion This is just the sweetest little novella I've eve

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    OK I'm in love with 2 of these authors and unfamiliar with the 3rd so I have a varied review on this which is a delightful collection The two stories I loved by the authors I know and love were KINDA wild and steamy but than that th

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    Review only for The Blushing Bounder by Meljean Brook45 starsI haven't read the Iron Book #1 yet so I have no idea about the larger series but what a fabulous job the author's done here It's a completely wild wo

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    3 overall but the individual stories definitely varied in uality and substance The Blushing Bounder by Meljean Br

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    The Blushing Bounder by Meljean BrooksThis story was adorable I'm not sure I will ever be a steampunk fan all the way but this was incredibly imaginative fun to read and with a sweet sweet romance I would not have called it particularly Wild or Steamy actually but I enjoyed it so much that it really didn't matter I definitely want to read romances by her if only I can get over my aversion to the creepier aspects of steampunkVixen by Jill

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    The Blushing Bounder by Meljean BrookIt’s hard to think of a less likely couple to inhabit an anthology called “Wild and Steamy” then the shy Constable Newberry and his ailing resentful proper wife Oh I guess this is steamy as short fo

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    35 for the Meljean Brook story The Blushing Bounder which is a short story preuel in her Iron Seas series

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    This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date August 2 2011 Available NowPublisher Self Pub

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    The Blushing Bounder by Meljean Brook Iron Seas #05 novella I haven't read Meljean Brook's steampunk series yet

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    I actually did this one in a different order I first bought it becuase of Brook's Iron Seas story Knowing that it would likely be my favorite I read the other ones first I've learned something as I've read anthologies especially ones where I buy them because of one particular storyOverall I really enjoyed all 3 and I was uite surprised that I liked one of themThe Blushing Bounder by Meljean Brook This one was short but so very s

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