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347 am That's when they come for Wren Clemens She's hustled out of her house and into a waiting car then a plane and then taken on a forced march into the desert This is what happens to kids who've gone so far off the rails their parents don't know wha. Richie s Picks WILD BIRD by Wendelin Van Draanen Random HouseAlfred A Knopf September 2017 320p ISBN 978 1 101 94044 0 You got a lotta nerveTo say you are my friend Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street 1965 We start near some green plants at the base of a rocky area and work our way up to a small pool of rainwater trapped in the rocks Since it s rainwater and pretty fresh you can just drink it she tells me The water we ll get from under the riverbed we have to filter and purify I m dying for a drink And I can see the water but the opening s not wide enough to dip a canteen or billypot inside She opens one of her cargo pockets and stretches out her length of plastic tubing Shall we Oh A strawI stick one end of mind down into the water and suck on the other What comes up is cool and clear It tastes feels wonderfulDvorka and I look at each other while we drink and I flash back to being a kid sharing a smoothie with my mother at the Juice Jive in the CityAll of a sudden my eyes are stinging and there s a lump in my throat and I can t drink anyDvorka stops drinking too You okay I nod and then shake my head and then nod againShe waits then says Want to talk about it I shake my head and go back to drinking concentrating on the end of my tube instead of looking at her She doesn t pry doesn t make me lie It almost makes me want to tell the truth Wendelin Van Draanen s WILD BIRD uickly captivated me with its humorous observations But it was the gradually revealed vulnerability pain and risk taking behavior of main character Wren Clemmens that made this a memorable can t put it down taleWren is a high school freshman who has already spent years smoking weed and drinking booze with Meadow an older girl she met in middle school Bit by bit we come to learn about the stunning incidents that made Wren s parents decide that they were out of options They fork out eight thousand dollars to have Wren involuntarily relocated into an eight week get it together teen wilderness therapy program in the middle of Nowhere Utah The story begins as Wren still wasted from the previous evening s escapades is awokened and taken away in the middle of the nightWren is forced to take long hikes learn how to make fires without matches or lighters dig latrines and live without her cell phone During these weeks of hard work and contemplation in the wilderness she comes to recognize that she s been repeatedly taken advantage of by her on again off again friend Meadow and by Nico the druggie high school senior whose bits of attention Wren has cherished Some of what Wren has been willing to do for Meadow s and Nico s approval is jaw dropping I m dying to get this book into the hands of some tween readers monitor their reactions to Wren s past behavior and learn what they imagine they d be willing to do for peer approval Sometimes it doesn t take much for what s dormant to bloom It takes Wren awhile to face up to her behavior but by the end of her eight week ordeal she gets there She also comes to confide in and bond with some of her fellow troubled teens and thereby begins to understand what real friendship is all aboutThe publisher age recommendation for WILD BIRD is the standard 12 and up category However given the story s lack of profanity and the absence of sexual behavior I d want to also made this one available to ten and eleven year old readers I ve known girls like Wren who were drinking and smoking weed by age twelve They and others could well be spared an experience like Wren s by reading this cautionary tale about the impact of picking the wrong friends Richie Partington MLISRichie s Picks

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Wild Bird

T to do with them any This is wilderness therapy camp The Wren who arrives in the Utah desert is angry and bitter and blaming everyone but herself But angry can't put up a tent And bitter won't start a fire Wren's going to have to admit she needs help. I found this recommended on a Newbery blog about six months ago and I have no idea why Like Vincent and Theo I don t see it fit the age bracket at all My first two potential Newbery reads are therefore 0 2 much like the Yankees this ALDS and I d be kinda depressed if not for Patina Patina is SO GREATAnyway I found this to be overwritten decent pacing though but mostly I found this spectacularly insultingly unbelievable Eight weeks

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If she's going to survive In her most incisive and insightful book yet beloved author Wendelin Van Draanen's offers a remarkable portrait of a girl who took a wrong turn and got lost but who may be able to find her way back again in the vast harsh dese. Out here Mother Nature is my judge and jury and no amount of objecting or redirecting or even being out of order will get me out of this The only way to survive my sentence is to serve it I truly truly enjoyed this novel Having been through extremely tough experiences with people who are very similar to Wren and her fellow inmates Wild Bird touched me in a much deeper way that I expected it to Van Draanen crafts a story that delves deeply into what makes us hurt and angry as well as what helps us survive those emotions Kudos to the author for actually creating a believable fourteen year old character Seriously how many YA novels do we read that have teenagers who closely resemble hardened mature thirty year olds than young people I consistently find myself rolling my eyes at characters we are supposed to believe are authentic representations of teenagers Wild Bird however is full of young people that actually seem young They are scared selfish and extremely immature And guess what I loved it Van Draanen s story is so raw and realistic and I appreciated every bit of her characters development I think Van Draanen tackled a very tricky subject in a very adept manner Writing about young girls depression drug abuse and psychological dysfunction isn t easy Too often novels like this one come across as whiny or over the top Wren isn t a devil but she isn t a good person either I so so so appreciated that Van Draanen made it very clear that Wren isn t the victim here but she is struggling and in pain That s such a hard concept to portray and I think she does it very well The whole nature aspect of the story really appealed to me Sure I ve read novels about survival in the wild many times but there was something different about this one Wren s experience in the desert is both psychological and physical and I liked seeing those two components play off of each other I m actually traveling to Utah uite soon so the descriptions of the desert landscape also fascinated me Overall I d highly recommend Wild Bird to anyone in search of some uality realistic YA fiction In fact I d recommend it to most teens especially those who feel lost and alone Not only is it informative and emotional but it s also just downright entertaining at points Two thumbs up

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    3 12 starsThere’s nothing inspiring than following the adventures of someone who is set on turning their life aroundTechnically that’s not Wren’s decision—her parents forced her to this camp for kids with

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    Richie’s Picks WILD BIRD by Wendelin Van Draanen Random HouseAlfred A Knopf September 2017 320p ISBN 978 1 101 94044 0“You got a lotta nerv

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    I'm blindfolded for what feels like an hour jostled around on a dirt road breathing in dust feeling like I'm on a sketchy version of Disneyland's Raiders of the Lost Ark ride Like in another turn we might go crashing down a mountain Then I re

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    I loved this because it was so unexpected I loved the humor This book had me laughing out loud than once I loved the MC's s

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    I found this recommended on a Newbery blog about six months ago and I have no idea why Like Vincent and Theo I don't see it

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    Made me cry Loved it

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    Wren is 14 and is hanging out with friends who do drugs and shoplift Her parents have tried everything and as the book opens she is dragged out of bed and taken to the airport to travel to a therapeutic wilderness programThis book follows the same pattern as similar stories I'm familiar with Wild by Cheryl Straye

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    “Out here Mother Nature is my judge and jury and no amount of objecting or redirecting or even being out of ord

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    #mystrangereading Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I loved loved loved this book Wren goes through such an incredibly powerful journey of growth healing and forgiveness I love the honesty of her journey; I love the Native American influences and I really enjoyed listening to this on audiblecom because I felt like it added to the story telling aspect of her journey If you enjoy re

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    This book was sooooooooooo good Like so goodWHAT I LIKED It's placed in a middle school setting and I think it relates to a lot of people Not that people view spoilerlike do drugs and drink in middle school Even though they do hide spoiler

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