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Python Adventure is the next authorised Willard Price book by award winning author Anthony McGowan for 8 readers looking for action adventure and animals and her cousin Frazer are members of TRACKS Normally they protect the world's rarest animals but their mission just got personal 's parents have been kidnapped and the trail leads to the buzzing city of Mumbai India Meanwhile reports reach the TRACKS H that a giant and very r.

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Willard Price

Are python has been spotted high in the foothills of the Himalayas and it needs help Frazer has no choice but to leave so he can rescue the snake while she continues her searchIt won't be long before they're reunited though Because out in the unknown a long forgotten and ruthless enemy is waiting 'The good old fashioned adventure romp brought up to date without losing the fun or the thrills' IndependentAbout the authorAnthony.

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McGowan is a multi award winning author of books for adults teenagers and younger children He has a life long obsession with the natural world and has travelled widely to study and observe it He has also written feature articles and travel journalism for The Times Guardian Daily Telegraph Evening Standard and Mail on SundayAlso available Willard Price Leopard Adventure Willard Price Shark Adventure Willard Price Bear Adventure.

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