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[Africana Womanist Literary Theory Books ] Free Read online as PDF BY Clenora Hudson-Weems – PDF, Kindle ePUB & TXT Online

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Is no uestion that Africana womanism has a distinct and different approach to relationships than say feminism Molefi Kente Asante Professor of African American Studies at Temple University Hudson Weems provides an extensive and thorough understanding of concepts nomo self naming and self defining She believes nothing is important to a people's existence than naming and definingthemselves It comes as no surprise then that the work takes to task those who have ignored distorted or misappropriated all or parts of the theory that she has articulated Delores Aldridge Grace T Hamilton Professor of Sociology and Black Studies Emory Universi.

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Africana Womanist Literary Theory

By placing Africana womanism an evolutionary Africana paradigm within a literary context this book expands the layered meanings of this family centered race based theory and applies them to the works and ideas of renowned international literary figures such as Toni Morrison Paula Marshall and Buchi Emecheta Clenora Hudson Weems' work provides a theoretical construct that boldly restores meaning within historical and cultural contexts that are peculiar to the African and African Diaspora woman's experiences It offers an element historically denied such women a choice Moreover her application of the Africana womanist theory to Black lif.

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E and literary texts proves to be both accurate and useful as we search for appropriate theories and methodologies for Africana writers Adele S Newson Horst Professor of English Associate Dean College of Letters and Science University of Wisconsin Oshkosh African womanism is a response to the need for collective definition and the re creation of the authentic agenda that is the birthright of every living person In order to make this shift to authenticity Hudson Weems has called us back to the earliest days of African cultural history In this antiuity she has discovered the sources of so much commonality in the African world that there.

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