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[On World Peace [BOOK] Free download TXT By Yehuda Ashlag – PDF & TXT

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Say One Precept and experience for yourself the route to consciousness that Rav Ashlag so aptly charts out for usAs the handwriting of a righteous person contains spiritual energy On World Peace includes copies of Rav Ashlag's original writings The book is nothing less than a gift to humani.

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On World Peace

In these short but powerful treatises Rav Ashlag explains that evil or that which is not good is nothing than a work in progress and that seeing something as evil is no relevant than judging an unripe fruit before it’s time He awakens us to the knowledge that upon arrival at our final des.

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Tination all things even the most damaged will be goodThis remarkable perspective helps us to view with awe the system the Creator has given us to develop and grow and to gain certainty in the end of the journey How will the process work For this information you’ll want read the second es.

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