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Malice at the Palace ( Kindle ePUB / PDF ) Author Rhys Bowen

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Coward But things truly get complicated when I search the Palace for a supposed ghost only to encounter an actual dead person a society beauty said to have been one of Prince George’s mistressesNothing spoils a royal wedding than murder and the ueen wants the whole matter hushed But as the investigation unfolds and Darcy as always turns up in the most unlikely of places the investigation brings us precariously close to the prince himse. 35 stars I liked Malice at the Palace far than the two previous books thank the stars The return to England Georgie s royal relatives and upper class friends was a welcome one Georgie is back on familiar ground and comfortable in her own skin unlike the slightly OOC creature we were introduced to during her Hollywood travels in the last story Having been with Georgie through the thick and thin so to speak nothing gives me pleasure than to see her experience a little luck for a change get a chance to live it up a little and be treated well and as a foreign princess escort she gets that here I think the author did better with Georgie s character development in this book by showing that Georgie can be confident and attractive to men even while upholding her morals and staying classyThe supporting characters are generally uite likable in this book which is a nice change I know that this is the author s satirical portrayal rather than a reflection of the situation in real life but most of the supporting cast on Georgie s Hollywood adventure was rather crass I d almost come to expect a lot of annoyance from Georgie s acuaintances by now so it was pleasant to have those expectations thwarted Princess Marina was sweet and friendly the Aunt Heap and the rest of the royal family were nothing but lovely to Georgie and even Belinda improved but not before being brought down a pegDespite looking like it might be the true return to top form see Royal Flush The Twelve Clues of Christmas Malice in the Palace missed the mark when it came to the mystery and actual relationship or plot progression As much as I m still enjoying these books I finally had to admit to myself this time that it s the same story every time There s a Royal Spyness template by now tweaked here and there for every book Georgie starts off each book unsure of Darcy s whereabouts and annoyed about it finds herself in dire straits and then comes across an unexpected bit of good luck that solves her monetary concerns A mystery occurs somewhere between the 30 60% mark Georgie has a surprise meeting with Darcy who magically fails to inform her of his arrival every time and they hook up to solve the thing Just for a change can t we have her begin the novel with Darcy still around at least It s Book 9 and I just realized we still have as little idea of what Darcy does when he isn t around as Georgie does The mystery I m afraid to say also gets weaker every time This one began in a promising manner but the eureka moment and subseuent denouement was left so late that it was over in a few pages It made no impact I d only finished the book 2 days ago and I already had to struggle to recall whodunnit or why I could actually forgive that if I wasn t expected to believe that ghosts had a hand in the events in uestion I wish I was kiddingThankfully it does look like we might be heading for some significant step in the relationship department I ve spent long enough with this series that it s enough to keep me excited for the next book I just hope it doesn t turn out to be a false alarm

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Malice at the Palace

Lady Georgiana Rannoch won’t deny that being thirty fifth in line for the British throne has its advantages Unfortunately money isn’t one of them And sometimes making ends meet reuires her to investigate a little royal wrongdoing While my beau Darcy is off on a mysterious mission I am once again caught between my high birth and empty purse I am therefore relieved to receive a new assignment from the ueen especially one that includes. Rhys Bowen has a gift with words and the latest Royal Spyness book did not disappoint In Malice at the Palace Georgie is once again given a task by the ueen to watch over and help a visiting princess before her royal wedding to the ueen s youngest son Prince George However when a woman who was previously connected to Prince George is found dead Georgie must find the killer before the murderer finds herI m going to start with the end the end of this book marked a major turning point for three of the series biggest characters Each of those three characters who I m not going to name because I don t want to spoil the ending for anyone makes such a big decision that it will definitely effect the following books in this series and I must say that I am so excited to read the next book if there is one and see what happensThe characters were all back in this book ueenie Georgie Darcy Belinda and Georgie s grandfather all played huge roles as always in this book and they were all wonderful There were a few new characters the Princess and her assorted family members who I also hope we see of in the next bookThe mystery was anticlimactic parts of it were extremely far fetched and other parts were simple to figure out But if I m honest I don t read these books for the mystery I read them for the amazing characters that I love Malice at the Palace had superb characters yet a mediocre mystery However the characters and the plotlines involving these character s romances and lives in general greatly overshadowed the mystery so I don t feel like I m missing anything in the mystery and because of that I m giving Malice at the Palace 55 stars Ms Bowen cannot write the next one fast enough for me

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Lodging The King’s youngest son George is to wed Princess Marina of Greece and I shall be her companion at the supposedly haunted Kensington PalaceMy duties are simple help Marina acclimate to English life show her the best of London and above all dispel any rumors about George’s libertine history Perhaps that last bit isn’t so simpleGeorge is known for his many affairs with women as well as men including the great songwriter Noel. 45 starsThis newest entry in the Royal Spyness series featuring Lady Georgiana Georgie Rannoch 35th in line for the British throne was delightful A return to the roots so to speak Overall the series has been hit and miss for me especially with some of the later books Mostly I always enjoy but at varying intensity levels Maybe it was my mood right now or just what I needed but I really enjoyed reading about Georgie s exploits She really is such fun We get a little ueenie Grandad Fig Binky Belinda Darcy as well as The ueen herself and several other Royal personages The new supporting characters for this one were interesting and fun to read about Marina Major B C etc I also liked the Ghost parts Fans of the series ENJOYNote I did find a few editing mistakes Hopefully they will be caught and fixed by the next publication I was able to look past them and still enjoy the story I think book editing these days leave a little to be desired

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    'm really starting to lose interest in this series It's just the same same same all over again Georgie worrying about money until a task and a place to stay falls into her lap Georgie worrying about Darcy until he wins her

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    It’s always a pleasure spending a few days with Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie one of ueen Victoria's many great grandchildren and currently that is in 1934 thirty somethingth in line to the throne Georgie is expected to act Royal but she doesn’t exactly have the funds to pay for such

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    Rhys Bowen has a gift with words and the latest Royal Spyness book did not disappoint In Malice at the Palace Georgie is once again given a task by the ueen; to watch over and help a visiting princess before her

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    45 starsThis newest entry in the Royal Spyness series featuring Lady Georgiana Georgie Rannoch 35th in line for the British throne was

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    45 stars I just love Georgie the rest of the cast Still my favorite cozy mystery series I can not wait for the next book after the cliffhanger I'm so excited to see what happens

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    Another delightful mystery and again I'm shoving TRB books off my plate to dive into another one Yes apparently I'm hooked Still can't say enough about the narrator whose skill is absolutely eual to Rhys Bowen's storytelling ability What a dynamic duo

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    In this ninth book of the series Georgie has been asked by the ueen to help Princess Marina from Greece to acclimate to the British lifestyle She's to be married to the King's youngest son George She'll need help getting ready for the wedding and the marriage So Georgie is off to stay at Kensington Palace She'

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    35 stars I liked Malice at the Palace far than the two previous books thank the stars The return to England Georgie's royal

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    As one of the lucky fans Rhys Bowen choose to receive an advance copy of her new book I was very excited I loved this ninth book in the Royal

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    One of my favorite guilty pleasures is this series This book doesn't disappoint I laughed and chuckled all the way through and wished I had a glass of champagne and a box on bonbons on hand while I read it I lov

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