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( download ) The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic Author Emma

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Nizing list making and planning women do to manage their lives and the lives of their family members Most of us carry some form of mental load about our work household responsibilities financial obligations and personal life but what makes up that burden and how it s distributed within households and understood in offices is not always eual or fair In her strips Emma deals with themes ranging from maternity leave it is not a vacation domestic violence the clitoris the violence of the medical world on women during childbirth and other feminist issues and she does so in a straightforward way that is both hilarious and de.

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The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic

Adly serious If you re not laughing you re probably crying in recognition Emma s comics also address the everyday outrages and absurdities of immigrant rights income euality and police violence Emma has over followers on Facebook her comics have been shared times and have elicited comments from internet users An article about her in the French magazine L Express drew million views a record since the site was created And her comic has just been picked up by The Guardian Many women will recognize themselves in THE MENTAL LOAD which is sure to stir a wide ranging important debate on what it really means to be a woman toda.

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A new voice in comics is incisive funny and fiercely feminist The mental load It s incessant gnawing exhausting and disproportionately falls to women You know the scene you re making dinner calling the plumber doctor mechanic checking homework and answering work emails at the same time All the while you are being peppered with uestions by your nearest and dearest where are my shoes do we have any cheese Australian Broadcasting Corp on Emma s comicIn her first book of comic strips Emma reflects on social and feminist issues by means of simple line drawings dissecting the mental load ie all that invisible and unpaid orga.

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