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Erin Scott [free] Yummy Supper

10 thoughts on “Yummy Supper

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    Maybe I'm just overcook booked out but this one didn't really inspire me

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    This cookbook features beautiful photos friendly descriptions and what look like great recipes for healthy adventurous eaters While I haven't had a chance to try them yet I'm looking forward to wowing my family with these new recipes My only uibble is that the recipes are in categories by ingredient egg veggie grain seed nut fruit etc so when searching for a dessert recipe you need to look in the grain section for oatmeal cookies the nut

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    This was an exciting cookbook to read My family isn't gluten free but it is a direction I'm interested in exploring A lot of the recipes include ingredients that aren't locally grown in my part of the country Minn

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    Wow these recipes look yummy fresh and luscious too but you already know that from the title First recipe I want

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    So I received this book for free through GoodReads first reads I uickly scanned through this book and read a few of the recipes I also marked 3 dozen recipes I plan on trying in the very near future The recipes look and sound delicious look relatively easy to make and healthy I'm excited to try em I will update after I get to try a

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    A gorgeous book with lovely photos to make your mouth water I've skimmed the whole book and earmarked a lot of recipes to try I'm not strictly gluten free myself but these recipes will also work well for Paleo and clean eating dietsA preview copy was provided by the publisher in return for a review

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    The recipes are written without a shred of ego and the photos are beautiful but I have to say I was surprised to find a recipe for a halved avocado with salt on it Still glad it's part of my collection because of the grea

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    Great book Will be posting a review soon

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    Thinking i might need to buy this one

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    This book has many recipes with interesting ingredients and taste profiles I added several recipes from the book to my repertoire

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Ants and celiacs but also to anyone just looking for a great recipeWith practical chapters like Slurp Nut Egg and Sea Scott’s book covers the entire family meal with instructions and asides that are flexible playful and tasty and it includes mouthwatering dishes such as Watermelon Punch with Fresh Lime and Mint Poached Eggs with Lemony Spinach Crispy Hash Browns Parmesan Polenta with Garlicky Rapini and Black Olives Peanut Butter Cups with Dark Chocolate and Flaky Sea Salt and much. Great book Will be posting a review soon

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Yummy Supper

Every health related culinary trend reaches a tipping point at which it must either evolve or become a cultural cliche; in the case of gluten free eating award winning blogger Erin Scott is the new face of modern fresh gluten free cooking and living With influences ranging from a career in the high fashion and design industries to 25 years living in Berkeley CA in the shadow of Chez Panisse Erin has devoted her life to family friendly gluten free cooking as realized through fresh sea. Maybe I m just overcook booked out but this one didn t really inspire me


Sonal real food; honest ingredients; and simple and delicious recipes devoid of the usual gums normally used as fillers in stodgy gluten free cookingThe first gluten free cookbook so enticing that it transcends the genre Yummy Supper is about bounty flavor and fun Based on Scott’s award winning blog of the same name it has the same clean gifty visual aesthetic These are recipes that emphasize naturally gluten free ingredients and like her blog will appeal not only to gluten intoler. Wow these recipes look yummy fresh and luscious too but you already know that from the title First recipe I want to try is the prawns on lemongrass skewers Shrimp marinaded in Lime juice oil garlic ginger salt and pepper then grilled how can you go wrong They can apparently be made without the lemongrass skewers but they probably wouldn t taste nearly as good and they certainly wouldn t have the same visual appeal If I knew how to post a photo here I would Toasty pecans with fresh rosemary honey and smoked salt is another recipe I ll make soonNice photos on paper matte paper a well edited cookbook that I m glad I had my library order less

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