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[PDF] My Fate According to the Butterfly By Gail D. Villanueva – Book or eBook

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    This is one of the most relevant Filipino books I've read in my life I cried shamelessly in public reading this ok??? To read an exc

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    Oh my god THIS BOOK I love it so much It captures perfectly how it is to be a Filipino kid living in Metro Manila And it doesn't stop there it establishes economic privileges and ineuality too along with colonial mentality Moreover the way it examines substance abuse and the war on drugs is so important and movin

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    UPDATE 2020I have so much to catch up on A review of this fantastic book is one of them Please be patient with meHELLO COVER

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    Made me cry twiceReview to follow

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    You can either recognize and understand your privilege so you can make our society better or you don't and let things stay the same

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    Full review up on The Ultimate FangirlGist My Fate According to the Butterfly is a must read It is a heartwarming novel wonderful and relatable to its very core With its wonderful and engaging characters paired with an amazing writing style it is easy to fathom why Gail D Villanueva is an author for the ages Such a story speaks volumes when

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    Determined to reconcile her journalist older sister and their father before her time is up Sab embarks on a uest that sends her on a collision course with the realities of Manila and the war on drugsthis is a book based o

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    I am part of the blog tour being hosted for MFATTB by Kate from Your Tita Kate Cara from The Little Miss Bookworm and Shealea from Shut up Shealea All thoughts are my honest opinions And I'll be sharing fun content on my blog Check out the full schedule hereOk I have a confession to make When I first picked up this book after an IG photoshoot of course COUGH I didn't know what I was getting into I mean I'

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    What will you do when death is knocking at your door knowing you don't have much time to live?In this story Gail shows how a small creature like a butterfly can make a person reflect on the things that are far conseuential that sometimes the simplest things in life like being with your family is a lot important than anything in the world Like Sab she realized that she has to value time and make every possible last mom

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    Thank you to Scholastic Press for an ARC of this bookSab thinks she's about to die She just saw a black butterfly which her father told her is a omen of death Her best friend Pepper and her sister Ate Nadine don't believe it's actu

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Villanueva's debut is a beautiful #ownvoices middle grade novel Tough topics are addressed but warmth and humor bring lightness to Sab's story This immersive novel bursts with life Kirkus Reviews starred reviewWhen superstitious Sab sees a giant black butterfly an omen of death she knows that she's doomed According to legend she has one week before her fate catches up with her o. UPDATE 2020I have so much to catch up on A review of this fantastic book is one of them Please be patient with meHELLO COVER

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My Fate According to the Butterfly

Of her upcoming doom and figure out the cause of their riftSo Sab and her best friend Pepper start spying on Nadine and digging into their family's past to determine why exactly Nadine won't speak to their father But Sab's adventures across Manila reveal truths about her family difficult and dangerous than she ever anticipatedWas the Butterfly right Perhaps Sab is doomed after a. I am part of the blog tour being hosted for MFATTB by Kate from Your Tita Kate Cara from The Little Miss Bookworm and Shealea from Shut up Shealea All thoughts are my honest opinions And I ll be sharing fun content on my blog Check out the full schedule hereOk I have a confession to make When I first picked up this book after an IG photoshoot of course COUGH I didn t know what I was getting into I mean I m sure I read the summary when I signed up for the tour and I skimmed it when choosing some IG hashtags but I didn t REALLY know what I was getting into So imagine my surprise when the story revolves around the dreaded Black Butterfly The same one I wrote about for my OWLS post on metamorphosis this yearSabrina Sab knows her fate is sealed when the Black Butterfly pays her a visit It doesn t matter that she s only ten and that her best friend Pepper says it s only a superstition She is going to die on her eleventh birthday which is a week away And just like anyone who knows their future holds immediate death she has one wish Well actually a couple but the one that matters most to her is that she can celebrate her birthday at her Lola Cordia s Garden Resort aka the place where her dad is living at with her whole family Of course this is a tall order what with her mother on a business trip that might take longer than a week to finish up and most importantly her big sister Ate Nadine isn t on talking terms with her father She isn t sure why Ate Nadine can t seem to stand the mention of their father but she plans to find out why and hopefully reunite the familyMy Fate According to the Butterfly was an interesting book to read Even weeks after reading it I probably won t stop thinking about it I think it s the type of book to create discourse and as much as I love to read fantasy YA titles I feel like Gail really created something that can be read by a range of ages and in different situations It s a book that gives you insight about a culture and social issues that I feel many people don t know about and also how certain mentalities can unconsciously affect childrenBut let s break it up or at least I ll attempt toThe StoryAfter encountering the Black Butterfly who lands on Sab s necklace Sab goes into a frenzy over dying within a week You usually hear people say that you should live every day to the fullest and like it s your last day And Sab who could be described as shy and introverted finally comes into herself on her journey to discovering why Ate Nadine can t stand her dad It s actually in this journey that we get to learn about both sisters and ManilaWe learn that while Ate Nadine can t stand the mention of their father she s actually very like him When it comes to her news reporting Nadine will lock herself up in her own bubble She doesn t like it when Sab touches her papers related to work and while we can see that there s a deep sisterly bond between the two there s also a sense of detachment Perhaps I might be reading into it too much but it almost seems like Nadine is afraid of Sab and her innocence Perhaps it reminds her of how things used to beOn the other hand we have Sab who likes to draw has always had an affinity for it and had a family who supported her artistic side It is also something she has in common with her dad and she seems to cherish this time of creativity But possibly importantly is that she has a best friend named Pepper who is her complete opposite and partner in crime I really enjoyed this dynamic While Sab often makes comparisons between the two I felt like they each gave each other strengthsWhen Sab didn t know what to do or was worrying too much about the Black Butterfly Pepper would always be by her side to lend a helping hand Similarly I felt like Pepper found some solace with Sab and was always proud of having her as a friendOverall the story is very basic and reads really well as the POV of a child I loved the aspects of art since I m an artist myself Sometimes it feels like some people just make their characters artists but hardly mention it later on Not in this case Here Sab is constantly creating something and there is even an art exhibit that plays an important part in the story And all the characters have their own passions that make them very admirableSo then why the conflict in figuring out a rating Why don t I know if I enjoyed this book or Really enjoyed itA Feeling of DiscomfortIt seems like this excerptuote has been making its way around so I thought I d drop it here too to use it as reference Pepper could have a career as a tween model if she wanted to girls who have a light complexion usually do With her blue eyes and creamy white skin she s the most beautiful ten year old I knowAte Nadine said that I think of Pepper this way because I m a product of colonial mentality When Spain colonized the Philippines they made sure we remember they re better than we are They had this whole tax system where rich white Spaniards paid little We paid even though we did of the work just because we re brown she explained Our American colonizers weren t any better Sure we got rights and education and all that But the mentality remained the same white is beautiful brown is notMy sister tends to sound like a boring history book if you make the mistake of asking her to explain something I just know that my friend s pretty prettier than I ll ever dream to be I don t mind topics like drug use and complex family situations I also don t mind lgbt elements which YES I love both Ate Nadine my bi daughter and my gaybi dads Wendell and Christopher And while I enjoyed that these topics are out in the open in a way that educates us I have to admit that there was something about this book that rubbed me the wrong way and I especially feel this way during moments like the one I uoted aboveIf Sab doesn t understand these concepts of the colonial mentality and colorism and privilege how are middle schoolers going to understand what s in this book is what I ask myselfI felt Gail did a great job at presenting and closing the topic of drugs and the stigma people can carry because of this not just through the use of words but through the whole story However the other topics are less clear cut especially when we are reading from Sab s perspective who I found consistently bashed her best friendjust because she was light skinned It was moments like this where I would suint at Sab because isn t this your best friend Except that I would then remember that one of the themes in this book is this mentalityI feel like the topics of privilege and colorism are incredibly important but there are a lot of grey areas because there is a lot of generalization in advocacy What does it mean to be dark skinned Where does a dark skinned Westerner fall in this spectrum of privileged and disenfranchised Are all white people taking advantage of privilege Are all westerners evil because they are colonizers even though technically the individual wasn t the one who colonized Should we be targeting just individuals or also larger corporations and governmentsWhy should Pepper have to be treated as less by her darker best friend just because she is white and therefore privileged Perhaps this is why I only liked vs Liked Pepper I felt like her primary role was to show us that colorism and privilege existBut perhaps it s discomforting how MFATTB could be an actual representation of what a kid living in the Philippines might be thinking or really any minoritydark skinned individual towards their light skinned counterparts after all we don t live in a void But is it Sab mentions she doesn t really understand what her sister is talking about when Nadine mentions these adult topics that she just knows that my friend s pretty prettier than I ll ever dream to be and yet she can uote her sister from memory I feel it s too coherent to be from constant repetition Perhaps that s what bothered me the most they weren t really Sab s wordsIt s something that I go back and forth with and I feel like this discomfort is a good thing because it creates discussion I want to know what others think I want to learn what I can do to help rid ourselves or at least lessen I feel like we ll never rid ourselves of prejudices of these harmful ways of thinkingI can really see this book being used in a classroom setting

download æ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Gail D. Villanueva

N her 11th birthday With her time running out all she wants is to celebrate her birthday with her entire family But her sister Ate Nadine stopped speaking to their father one year ago and Sab doesn't even know whyIf Sab's going to get Ate Nadine and their father to reconcile she'll have to overcome her fears of her sister's anger of leaving the bubble of her sheltered community. You can either recognize and understand your privilege so you can make our society better or you don t and let things stay the same

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