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He imagines she is the one to fill the shoes and his Cinderella esue dream But when the harsh city conditions and the crush of societal ineualities take the life of his friend and shake Happy to his soul hell needthan just his unrelenting optimism to hold on to the belief that something better is possibleBorn in in Dihua Village Danfeng County Shaanxi Province Jia Pingwa went on to graduate from Northwestern Universitys Chinese department in He is deputy chair of the China Writers Association Presidium and chair of Writers Association Shaanxi branch Among his best known works are the novelsShaanxi Opera iniang Ruined City Turbulence Old Kiln Village The Lantern Bearer Master of Songs The Pole Flower White Nights Earth Gate Gao Lao Village and In Memory of Wolves He is also the author of several short story collections and novellasPassionate about spreading Chinese literature to English readers Nicky Harman has translated the works of many renowned Chinese authors i.


Happy Dreams

From one of Chinas foremost authors Jia Pingwas Happy Dreams is a powerful depiction of life in industrializing contemporary China in all its humor and pathos as seen through the eyes of Happy Liu a charming and clever rural laborer who leaves his home for the gritty harsh streets of Xian in search of better lifeAfter a disastrous end to a relationship Hawa Happy Liu embarks on a uest to find the recipient of his donated kidney and a life that lives up to his self given moniker Traveling from his rural home in Freshwind to the city of Xian Happy brings only an eternally positive attitude his devoted best friend Wufu and a pair of high heeled womens shoes he hopes to fill with the love of his lifeIn Xian Happy and Wufu find jobs as trash pickers sorting through the citys filth but Happy refuses to be deterred by inauspicious beginnings In his eyes dusty birds become phoenixes the streets become rivers and life is what you make of it When he meets the beautiful Yichun.

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Nto English They include Anni Baobeis The Road of Others Chan Koon Chungs The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver Chen Xiwos Book of Sins Han Dongs A Phone Call from Dalian Collected Poems Jia Pingwas Happy Dreams Dorothy Tses Snow and Shadow Xinrans Letter from an Unknown Chinese Mother Xu Xiaobins Crystal Wedding Xu Zhiyuans Paper Tiger and Yan Ges The Chili Bean Paste ClanHarman has won several awards including the Mao Tai Cup Peoples Literature Chinese English translation prize and the China International Translation Contest Chinese to English section When not translating she promotes contemporary Chinese fiction to the general English language reader through literary events blogs talks a short story project on Paper Republic and with the Writing Chinese project at Leeds University She also mentors new translators teaches summer schools and judges translation competitions Harman resides in the United Kingdom and tweets as the China Fiction Bookclub cfbcuk.

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